15 Best Church Management Software [2022 Review]

A Church is God’s home. The prayers, religious activities, cultural programs, fundraising events go hand in hand with the name. Keeping track of all and every church affair is not a cakewalk. We offer church management software for you.

Having some direct control over all the activities is paramount. What if we introduce you to a tool that does everything for you just to deliver the final and easy result in your hand? The answer to this question is ‘The Church Management Software’.

This unique tool will provide a digital solution to all the management level needs and make it easier to keep a close eye on all the internal nitty-gritty. It’s time to bid farewell to the stack of the file and confusing excel sheets.

What is The Church Management Software?

The name says it all. Church Management Software (ChMS)is specially designed for Churches and similar religious groups. ChMS manages, plans, organizes and automates various important day to day tasks and activities in a Church. ChMS effectively oversees the membership databases and aids in maintaining regular communications.

It is a helping hand in establishing transparency in the system. Churches pin their hopes majorly on donations and contribution made by groups/members. So, all the finances and the related activities need to be managed with the utmost precision.

How To Choose the Right Church Management Software?

  • Know your organization. It’s best to have a solid knowledge of how your church operates internally before directly finding a solution.
  • Ask you are proper self questions without making any kinds of assumptions. This will help you to narrow down your exact requirements.
  • Have a vision of how using a particular software tool will impact your staff members and volunteers.
  • After analyzing the pointers above, search for a perfect fit for you. Before zeroing down a choice, compare it with similar available tools in the market. This will assist you in coming up with a very efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • After deciding, know your software very properly to achieve flawless results.

15 Best Church Management Software (2022)

The Church Management Software does that in a very accurate way. This encourages churches to expand their memberships. But with increasing members, the resources and activities also increase, and database management becomes tedious. Church Management Software is a thoughtful tool that will solve most of the problems that occur due to internal and external issues. 

1. Aplos

Aplos is a paid Church Management Software. Also helps with issues that you face in managing contacts, marketing, and donation tracking. It ensures faster fund accounting by keeping a report of every tithe/fund/donations.

Features of Aplos

  • Creating lists and notes is quick and easy. 
  • Scheduling meetings, managing jobs, managing teams and groups is effortless.
  • Tailor-made and customized templates to send personalized emails/messages.
  • Reliable transaction reports of quarterly, monthly, or yearly statements.

Benefits of Aplos

  • Authorities can get information about the required data at a glance. 
  • All the members are aware of their plans and schedules.
  • Precise digital reports and solutions to save your time.


  • $59 per month with 15 days free trial period. 
  •  Add on plans available.

2. Tithe.ly Church Giving

This US-made software creates and manages church ministry events and does many other tasks like a pro. It is available in 45 countries and currently used by 8600+ churches. Tithe.ly has made the transaction-related tasks very comfortable. 

Features of Tithe.ly Church Giving

  • Tithe.ly gives you automated workflows, which makes sure that you perform important tasks on time.
  • Giving/donating becomes hassle-free since you can access it anytime via your phones.
  • Reporting tools generate error-free results.
  • It has a feature that helps children and volunteers to check-in even from different locations.

Benefits of Tithe.ly Church Giving

  • You can track the giving and gifts from any location.
  • Easily schedule volunteer services
  • You can comfortably organize the data and present it in a very easy format.


  • Free option available with no set-up cost
  • Paid version available for $99 per month + $149 set-up cost.

 3. ACS

ACS is a cloud-based platform software that ensures easier management. And keeps track of individual/group contribution details, viewing the history of a member, and organizing fundraising drives. ACS has also smoothened the process of managing information about families and individuals.

Features of ACS

  • All-in-one cloud-based reliable solution.
  • Facilitates tools to enhance the leader-group communications.
  • Allows easy access via apps for android, iOS devices.
  • You can perform verification with the help of ACS background checks.

Benefits of ACS

  • Having a centralized system helps to perform and monitor all the tasks in an efficient way.
  • Dedicated Android and iOS apps ensure greater comfort and accessibility.
  • ACS helps in simplifying activities related to planning and executing a particular event.


  • Get in touch with the ACS team to know about pricing according to your personalized needs.

4. ChMeetings

ChMeetings  has unique features like group SMS, multi-device access, backing up the data daily. This Church Management Software has firewall protection that will keep unauthorized individuals at bay.

Features of ChMeetings

  • Add members to the groups in an effortless way.
  • Accurate results and reports generated from the available data.
  • Additional Data Security due to Firewall Protection
  • Provision to make an online contribution.

Benefits of ChMeetings

  • Easier ways to manage and plan events due to advanced online tools.
  • Accessing via multi-devices ensures greater comfort.
  • Proper expert guidance in case of inquiries/requests


  • Free for up to 100 people.
  • Plans like Small (for $10) , Medium (for $20) , Large (for $30) , Unlimited (for $40) and Diocese (on-demand) also available

5. FellowshipOne

FellowshipOne has made it quicker to obtain membership information and empower the church to spend a major chunk of time on the ministry. You will get the assistance of a very experienced group of people who strive for the church administration’s betterment.

Features of FellowshipOne

  • Access to all the member and staff data in a single place
  • Smart access to the data and info via mobile phones
  • Contribute/give/donate online.
  • Allows members to update their info and adds further smoothness to the workflow.

Benefits of FellowshipOne

  • Having data in a single place makes managing members quicker and easier.
  • Automated tools that aid smoother communications with individuals/groups
  • Highly reliable reports that provide insights on the recent trends


  • Free 30-day trial period. Get in touch with the service provider for further details.

6. Flocknote

Flocknote has a provision of mass church texting that ensures simpler ways to get in touch with many individuals at once. Besides, it has a feature wherein you can track individual contribution and involvement.

Features of Flocknote

  • Feature where the individuals can ‘text-to-join and increase attendance.
  • You can have all the received replied different form communications at a streamlined at a single place.
  • It can filter and delete the duplicate data found in the central operating system.
  • No bar on sending the number of emails or messages.

Benefits of Flocknote

  • You can reach members in a flash.
  • Supports the Spanish Language
  • Has a vast content library that helps you to edit/customize your messages and emails.


  • Free if you are an organization with around 40 people, $8 per month for more than 40 people. On-demand pricing, according to the requirements also available.

7. Churchteams

Churchteams has a distinctive feature where you can view all the info on a dashboard. It also has added benefits like customizable event cards, swift management of gatherings and groups, comfortable facilities for contribution and much more.

Features of Churchteams

  • Easy access to a dashboard that provides a glance at everything at once.
  • Staff members, attendees, and guests can send messages regarding anything form check-ins to registrations.
  • Easy mechanism to create and monitor groups.
  • You can easily automate the recurring tasks.

      Benefits of Churchteams

  • Most of the tasks are automated, helping lift the load from the staff member’s shoulders.
  • Data is stored in very efficient ways to help staff members manage people or/and information.
  • Use of advanced tools for group management that ensure stronger communication and engagement.


  • The initial 30-day trial period is free. Post that, pricing is decided, taking into consideration various factors like the size of an organization.

8. Servant Keeper

The most advance feature of Servant Keeper is reporting. Reporting lets you analyze several church activities. It also has a facility for child check-in and security. It aids attendance management, donors and contribution management and many other important tasks.

Features of Servant Keeper

  • Security check-ins are available for children ministry.
  • Quicker access via phones, laptops, and desktops.
  • You can create/form various groups as per your needs according to defined criteria.
  • Advanced data security tools that ensure a user’s safety.

Benefits of Servant Keeper

  • Ensures safety for children ministry.
  • Very easy to use.
  • All-time access from cross-platform devices without compromising accuracy.


  • It has a one-time license fee of $599. For smaller organizations, it is $299.
  • The local customizable plan is also available, wherein you have to pay $50 for each computer you add.

9. IconCMO

IconCMO allows mass communication, managing groups, sending a larger number of emails/messages, taking attendance, keeping track of contribution records. It ensures smoother communication within the ministry.

Features of IconCMO

  • Allows secured check-ins and outs of children with their photo ids.
  • Swift communications through emails, messages.
  • Has a facility of e-giving, fund management and tracking.
  • Reliable software that has a provision for safe payments.

Benefits of IconCMO

  • Manages the finances of churches easily and efficiently.
  • Auto backs up the data on a timely basis.
  • Makes managing teams easier.


  • 30-day free trial. Post that, you have to pay $35 a month or $385 a year.

 10. Faith Teams

Faith teams is an ideal Church Management software for small to medium scale organizations. It has all the required features such as attendance tracking, volunteer scheduling, automating the guest follow-ups. All such features ensure a stronger relationship between congregants and the church.

Features of Faith Teams

  • Proper scheduling and reminding of volunteers.
  • Analyze data through dashboards in an easy manner.
  • Mass communicates with individuals/groups.
  • Supports e-givings and contributions.

Benefits of Faith Teams

  • Very organized and easy software
  • Saves a lot of time as most of the processes are automated.
  • People management is easier because of the well-structured database.


  • The 30-day free trial followed by $40 per month.

church management software

11. Cloud Church CRM

Since this is a web-based solution, you do not need to worry about any additional hardware cost or server and software maintenance. This ChMS can be accessed very easily through phones, laptops or desktops. 

Features if Cloud Church CRM

  • Supports unlimited people and families.
  • Ensures smooth volunteer management.
  • Has a dashboard that displays info in a structured and easy format.
  • It also supports self-registration.

Benefits of Cloud Church CRM

  • An easy and reliable solution
  • Opensource and free of cost.
  • Supports 25+ languages.


  • This is opensource and free software.

church management software

12. Bitrix24

This is another free solution that is web-based and adds comfort to most church activities. The automated processes help in saving time and building better relationships. It also has several numbers functionalities that are present in many good ChMS.

Features of Bitrix24.

  • Event management is easy and hassle-free.
  • Attendance tracking
  • Has a functionality of pledge management.
  • Supports devices, laptops, and desktops.

Benefits of Bitrix24.

  • Child-check in available
  • Easy accessibility via multiple devices
  • Hassle-free member management.


  • Free

church management software

13. Church Metrics

This web-based application makes sure you have all the church data tracked in a very accurate way. Like many other ChMs, it has a dashboard that helps get an idea of everything at a single glance. This software makes it easier for you, an organization, to make relevant and better decision to ensure growth.

Features of Church Metrics

  • Easy data tracking
  • Run your customized reports.
  • You can review a week or year’s progress to check your growth.
  • Track attendance, giving and salvations.

Benefits of Church Metrics

  • Membership Management
  • An easy and accessible dashboard
  • Manage events.


  • Free

church management software

14. TouchPoint

This is a very flexible tool for managing Church Activities. It helps a user in maintaining records of church membership, people, and families. You will also have additional functionality of pledge management.

Features of Touchpoint

  • Easy editing of member data
  • Generation of reports along with a facility for exports to Excel
  • Auto syncing of data
  • Tailor-made and customized email/messaging service

Benefits of Touchpoint

  • Precise analysis that helps in better decision making
  • Also has a dedicated mobile app which means you can access it through multiple devices.
  • Increased engagement due to seamless communication


  • $1800 annually for around 600 records.

church management software

15. Kindrid

Make better choices for your organization with Kindrid. This software can be integrated with a third-party very comfortably. A user can find bank giving as well as manual deposits. Kindrid also facilitates multi-location tracking.

Features of Kindrid

  • It supports kiosk, text, debit/credit as well as bank givings
  • Generates accurate reports with the help of automated tools.
  • An admin can restrict/give permissions to access the dashboard.
  • Allows email/messages customization.

Benefits of Kindrid

  • It has PC1 Level compliance
  • Saves a lot of time by aiding most of the work with the inbuilt automated processes.
  • Maintains church data in an accurate and structured manner.


  • 30-day free trial period. $30 post free trail if the givers range from 0 to 100.
  • Customized on-demand plans are also available.church management software

Eleggible’s Recommendation

After performing extensive research to find a reliable solution for you, we would suggest you go for Tithe.ly Church Giving. This ChMs allows you a free trial, so you can explore and confirm if you wish to go with their services. If your requirements are minimum, you get to use Tithe.ly Church Giving free.

In case of complex organization requirements, you get a feature to upgrade your membership to pay. You can access all the applications that come under Tithe.ly for $149+$99 only. As listed above, Tithe.ly has some amazing features that will help your organization in many ways. 

Q1. What Are The Features Of A Church Management Software?

The Church Management software automates the day-to-day tasks of churches. It facilitates them with managing memberships, tracking attendance of members, managing various events, track financial accounting, keep a closer eye on donations and givings, manage volunteers and many other important tasks.

Q2. What Are The Advantages Of Church Management Software?

The Church Management software is an automated tool, and hence it saves you from a lot of hassle of manual data tracking. It is a handy tool that aids the growth of an organization by assisting it with better choices.

Q3. What Is The Best Free Church Management Software?

Cloud Church CRM is the best free solution available in 2022.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Lastly, after exhausting every available tool on the internet, we have managed to find a lot of valuable information just to ease the load on your shoulders. We have listed some of the most reliable and accurate solutions available in the market currently. There are many other paid/free options available too. You can try and explore those options too.

In all, we can surely conclude that having Church Management Software for your organization is a blessing. ChMS will keep your process very seamless. No one can point fingers, find loopholes in your workflow if you are already using Church Management Software, and staying ahead of time!

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