Clicks Per 10 Seconds Counter [Detailed Guide]

Gone are those days when you fail to exactly determine how many clicks you can do in a respective time period. Many cps test tools have been launched till now; you can try out any one of them.

With these tools, you can know your clicking potential and be able to clearly analyze how much improvement is needed while clicking.

Gamers really struggle a lot when it comes to making clicks. Almost every game needs massive clicking skills and if you are slow in making clicks, it means you will never get success in the game. Try out the clicks per second test by using a and try enhancing and improving your clicking skill by practicing on that platform.

Guide to Use the CPS test tool

#1. We have attached the cps counter tool link, you can download it on your computer.

#2. Once you have installed it, open it and choose the time frame. Based on that time limit set by you, you will be assessed on that!

#3. On setting the timer, you can start hitting and clicking on the pad.

#4. The completion of the time limit will give you the final result.

#5. The result will tell how many clicks you have done, suppose in 10 seconds, 15 seconds, or 20 seconds. And you can compare your score with the benchmark set by that cps tester tool.

How to Increase the Clicking Speed?

Various solutions and ways are there that help you increase your clicking speed. Below you can check out their details:

#1. Jitter Clicking

This clicking technique involves the vibration of your arms. If you practice clicking following this method, it is assumed that promising improvement will be noticed at your end. Here you have to press the mouse button very fast. In addition, you force your hands in such a manner that you get a vibrating feeling. Vibrating arms will naturally push your fingers to click speedily. Opt for the cps test tool and practice this technique on that platform.

#2. Butterfly Clicking

This method claims to maximize and improve your clicking speed. Here you have to place your two fingers on the mouse button. And then start clicking it alternatively.  It is recommended to use the index finger and the middle finger.

With this technique, you will learn how to register two clicks in 1 second. Getting enough hands-on training and practice, this method promises to offer 15 to 25 clicks per second. So, learn butterfly clicking using the click test tool and get instant results.

#3. Drag Clicking

Forcefully dragging your fingers will certainly improve your clicking skill. Yes, that is what drag-clicking is known for! You drag the fingers across the mouse button and start doing multiple clicks.

You need a lot of practice to learn this technique and here the cps clicker tool will help you out. As a bonus tip, it is suggested to keep on holding the mouse and position the index finger and middle finger right on top of the mouse.

Time to try out the cps test tool and see how best you are in clicking! Stay tuned and in touch with us.

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