How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone [Detailed Guide]

This article will teach us how to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone. We have covered almost everything you wanted to know, and this article may help you understand HEIC. We have got you covered with steps to do the process.

Before we move further into our article, we must know about HEIC. 

So, HEIC is a file format name. HEIC is Apple’s version of the HEIF, which stands for High-Efficiency Image File format. The main aim of this format is to save your pictures containing more minor data while maintaining high resolution. 

Now, we need to understand what JPG is too. So that we can compare both relatively. JPG is a virtual image format used for digital photos. It contains compressed image data and details. This image format is one of the most famous for sharing images and other files in JPG format among mobile and PC users. 

While moving on further in this topic, we need to understand a simple thing here: iPhones, by default, save camera photos in their compressed format, which is HEIC file format, not in JPEG or JPG, because people get confused about why their pictures or images are not in JPG format.

When they tried to find the format of their photos, it came out to be in Apple’s format, which is HEIC and certainly less popular than JPG. Before the release of iOS 11, Apple also used the same JPG format for photos, but after this update, it replaced JPG with its format of HEIC.

There are many reasons why people cannot view JPG photos on their iPhone because the iPhone does not support JPG format files anymore. But you can view and download JPG or JPEG files on iPhones easily. You only have to go to your gallery on your iPhone, which is named a photos app on your iPhone. Then tap photos from the upper left corner. Then you can search your jpg photo by its name, or by using filters, you can find your jpg file. 

We got to learn much about all this HEIC and JPG in iPhones. So, now the question is, which one is better? JPG or HEIC. After researching the same, we learned that HEIC is far better than JPG.

This is because the HEIC file size is smaller than JPG, which eventually takes less storage on your device. HEIC is usually half the size of JPG, so in the matter of file size, HEIC gets a lead. 

If we talk about quality, HEIC has better image quality than JPEG files, which makes HEIC far better than JPG—moving forward with the nature of HEIC and JPG. HEIC can hold multiple images in a single file only. For example, live photos, animations, burst shots, and many more. On the other side of this conversation, we have JPG, which can hold only a single file. That’s somehow HEIC wins this race. 

We will share how you change the format of your image, how you can transfer to Mac or PC settings to Automatic, and How you can convert HEIC photos to JPG or JPEG file format using the files App only.

How to Change iPhone Image Format to JPG

You’re mistaken here if you think it’s hard to go through this process. Iphones have the absolute most ideal choices to make this interaction simple, and we’re hanging around for your assistance. We take care of the multitude of steps for this interaction. In the event that you lean toward the JPG design, you can set this configuration as your default design on your iPhone. After this, every one of your pictures will be saved in JPG design as it were.

Step#1 – Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step#2 – Find the Camera and then click on it.

Step#3 – On the camera settings page, click on Formats.

Step#4 – Click on Most Compatible.

There you go!

How to Change iPhone Settings to Automatic

You can also do another thing, which changes your image format only while transferring images to your Mac or PC. For that, too, we have covered you with three little steps. Let’s see what steps these are.

Step#1 – Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step#2 – Find the Photos App and then click on it.

Step#3 – In the Transfer to Mac or PC section, click on Automatic.

And, it’s done.

How to Convert HEIC Photos to JPG using the Files App

With the files App, you can easily convert your HEIC photos to JPG format. We will be guiding you through the below-mentioned steps. It’s a simple and easy process.

Step#1 – Go to the Photos app and select all the photos you want to convert.

Step#2 – After selecting photos, click on the Share icon, then Copy photos.

Step#3 – Now, Open the Files App and select a place for your photos.

Step#4 – You can create a folder so that it will be easy to find. For This, Click on Three-dots inside a circle and create a new folder. (Optional Step)

Step#5 – Long Press on your screen and click on Paste.

Step#6 – Open the image which you just pasted. Now click on the share icon, and from here, you get two option which saves image in your Photos App in JPG format, and the second one is to share this image in JPG format to other apps.

How to Change HEIC to JPG on iPhone Using Online Converter

Suppose you are unable to follow the process mentioned above. No problem, we have something for you in this situation too. HEICtoJPEG is a tool that can convert your HEIC files to JPG or JPEG format without any trouble. Remember, you can upload up to 5 images only in the accessible version of this tool.

Step#1 – Go to this link on your iPhone or wherever you have to convert your photos from HEIC to JPG.

Step#2 – Now, you will get an option to upload photos to convert them. Select up to 5 photos at a time. 

Step#3 – Upload these photos on this website, then click on convert.

Step#4 – Simply click on download; now, your photos are converted from HEIC to JPG format.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We got to find out about so much, isn’t that so? Yet, we think like saving the difficulty of changing over or changing configurations from HEIC to JPG. It’s smarter to just set your settings to JPG. You can absolutely do this, yet we would propose on the off chance that quality matters for yourself and you don’t send or share photographs an excessive amount to your PCs or Mac, then you ought to partake in the excellence of HEIC as it takes less space and offers great quality in contrast with standard JPG picture records. It offers different documents in a solitary record as it were.

In any case, our old organization of JPG lingers a long way behind. What’s more, indeed, we really do have the choice to change over completely to the JPG arrangement, and it is a simple cycle, so nothing remains to be stressed over. We would recommend utilizing HEIC design rather than JPG. HEIC is one of the most phenomenal arrangements of picture documents. Along these lines, indeed, it is valuable.

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