10 Tips to Create Amazing Videos During Social Distancing

During pandemic times, we all understood the importance of socializing and communicating, but what to do if there’s no way to go out? Internet technologies brought people closer and allowed us to communicate, work, and entertain remotely. Video meetings became an integral part of our lives; many decided to become bloggers or just create a video in their spare time.  

Social media is a vast platform for publishing our video content, and the audience is selective enough since there are many of those wishing to get many views and become popular. You should be creative and use professional video software, but what else can make your footage special? As today we mostly take videos with our smartphones, they turn to be a bit shaky, but you can take advantage of video stabilizers and produce powerful footage. Here you can find ten tips that can enable you to overcome social distancing challenges and create absorbing output. 

create amazing videos social distancing

Plan Your Videos

Planning is an essential stage of video production, so you need to take time and create a script, prepare the location, etc. You should define the purpose of the video, its topic, and its possible duration. Take into account that short videos get more views if compared to long ones. People quickly get bored, and it’ll be difficult to keep their interest and attention for more than ten minutes. Thus, do not be afraid to delete and rearrange frames that do not contain crucial data. Furthermore, when planning a video, consider your target audience and adjust to their needs and preferences. So now you understand that the video goal, script, and storyboard are integral elements of video creation. 

Pay Attention to Quality

Today, we can easily create videos with the help of a computer or smartphone, but it doesn’t mean that making videos is a simple task. Poor video quality is one of the reasons why even creative content remains unviewed. So work on the value of production and spend more time on enhancing the footage. Your audience will appreciate high video quality; thus, consider buying great lenses. It’d be fantastic to shoot video in a quiet area with several locations so that nothing interrupts the video or hampers the sound. If you need more absorbing content for video creation, you can download them from different sites, and here is a guide on how to download an embedded video. Today, there are many video formats like VOB, MP4, AVI, and MOV, so use special converters to avoid losing great content. 

Use Much Light

Lighting makes the video professional and contributes to its quality. Consider that the sun is the main source of light for the video, so choose a time when natural light is soft, like in the morning or in the evening. It’s crucial to avoid shades on the video when the weather is sunny. When shooting indoors, care for the light you will use. It may be natural light from a window or large lamps that should be placed behind the camera. There are different light types to use in the video, like “hard,” “soft,” or flat light.

Choose a Great Editing Tool

When choosing the video software for editing, pay attention to its functionality and interface. Everything must be clear and available for an excellent footage creation. Even poorly shot material can look amazing if edited properly. There are simple tools like Lightworks, FXhome, and Shotcut that provide you with numerous editing options and support different resolutions. If you have issues with VOB files, you can resort to the list of the best VOB file players to convert videos. Video editing tools must also possess such features as the ability to add text, filters, and overlays to video, trip, crop video, change the aspect ratio, scene transitions, and have a library of sound and video.  

Keep Editing Simple

Overwhelming the video with different editing effects may be interesting but not a good idea for viewers. Simple editing looks more professional, so stick to the following rules: clean up background noise, adjust the lighting, cut out pauses and silences. Then you can add suitable background music and smooth transitions. When you jump from one scene to another, make sure that they are identical (both contain action or are without them). 

Imply the Rule of Thirds

Consider that video composition is based on the rule of thirds. It’s possible to make great videos without using this rule when you’re learning. When you master a video-creating activity, try to use it as often as possible to look professional. Firstly, imagine that the filming field can be divided into nine equal rectangles like there’s a 3-by-3 grid. Then make sure that the subject you film is placed on the lines of the grid but not in the middle. Point line intersections are important for video quality, so it’s better to situate principal elements there. 

Be Enthusiastic

Your video can become successful if you choose a topic issue that resonates with the audience. It’ll create a sense of unity and let people see that they’re not alone in facing challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. The video you create should not only describe the situation but show specific actions or tips for dealing with the problem. Support those who need it and make others aware of issues on your videos. 

Fill Video With Energy

If you want to create videos that will engage with your audience, try to show your new side and do not be shy. Your content should excite people, but first of all, you need to like your content. Consider speaking in a loud and clear voice, be energetic, smile, and share positive energy with others. It’d be great to rehearse text you’re going to record to enhance your on-camera presence. 

Personalize Content

There should be a video telling about you – creator, so try to make it interesting and informative. Consider adding family photos, tell about your work, hobbies, and add to the video elements of your everyday life. For example, put a plant on the video background, souvenirs, and not be afraid of being yourself. Every element communicates your personality, so be careful about the frame, make it clean, and do not place distracting objects.

Shoot from Different Angles

It can imbue the video with visual interest and make it look professional. This great technique makes the audience more engaged as you show not only yourself speaking but everything you do, where you go, and how you feel. Change perspective and shoot from different angles to choose the best elements. It’s recommended to shift by at least 45 degrees as smaller shifts won’t create the intended effect.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now you understand that making videos is possible under any circumstances and social distancing is not a problem. With professional video software, you can create amazing output, and these tips will help you master video-creating skills. Be creative, do not be afraid to experiment, and stick to these simple tips that facilitate the process.

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