4 Best Ways to Cross the Language Barrier

With the current globalization trend, learning a new language or languages can be the difference between making it big or falling short. One decision may be very difficult to make, which language to learn first, what words and phrases to begin with. To help you, to Cross the Language Barrier, here are some easy tips that will come handy.

1. Vocabulary Book

To Cross the Language Barrier to speak in (assuming you are in such a situation) buy a book with the most useful and common phrases of that language and try to remember them. Remembering the phrases becomes important as they are the jumping point to start a conversation.

Not only that the key phrases can help provide you with the much-needed language and ask some basic questions to the natives. These phases will also help you build up our vocabulary. It allows you to communicate in common scenarios even if you are not that well ahead in your academics.

Some common phrases that one should accustom with are – Good morning, how are you, can you show on map, can you write it down, what is the price, thank you, have a good day, etc. Numbers from 1 to 100 is key to remember. It will help you count your money, pay money check balance amount, and such similar things.

Cross the Language Barrier

2. Download an Offline Dictionary

Today many applications offer an offline dictionary. You need to download it to your smartphone or tablet, along with that download the languages you need the words for and you are all good to go.

Just ensure you have a good internet or WIFI connection, and to be on a safer side, download the language file for the language you need, before you start travelling.

Cross the Language Barrier
offline dictionary

3. Travel With a Friend or Hire a Guide

Well if you are one of those who does not like being connected to the world while travelling and wants to be left alone, the second best thing you can do is take a friend along with you, a friend who knows the language of the country or city you are travelling to.

Not only it makes your travel much more fun-filled, but it also reduces your chances of being lonely. If you have run out of luck finding such a friend, you can hire a guide who can not only help yo translate the local language but also show you around. Make sure you bargain well.

Cross the Language Barrier
Travel with someone

4. Use Spokeo

If you meet with a foreigner and want to know more about him, use a phone number search in Spokeo, alternatively, you can do a reverse phone lookup on the internet. Many sites offer you this feature to lookup for name and addresses of people.

Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup is very simple to use, once you enter the number it will return the name of the person who called you (this shows up at the top of the list). Well if you are one of those who wants to know it all, there is a paid feature that Spokeo has to offer. Once you have subscribed to it, you can get access to features like

  • Phone Number: In addition to the number called from you also get alternate numbers including landline numbers for the person who called you. There is a reverse number lookup feature as well.
  • Location History: You will have access to the person’s current location and past location.
  • Email Address: You can find the email addresses this person has been using including the professional email addresses, you can use these email addresses to check the various profiles this person might have created across the social media platforms. A good way to get an insight about a stranger you are inclined to befriend.
  • Court Records: It is dependant on the state the person is from and how the state handles the public record publishing, god forbid but if any criminal records, arrest records if available against the person in concern can also be found (this is good for you as it gives you an early warning signal to stay away).
Cross the Language Barrier

5. Spokeo Reverse Email Lookup

You can also use his or her email id to do an email lookup on social networking sites; this is a stronger online search and safer lookup option. Emails being unique to a person will help to find the right results. This can help you learn about his or her interests, likes and dislikes, the country of origin, languages he or she speaks.

Most people use the same username across social networking sites, and hence if you have managed to find one email id for the person, you can change the www address and lookup for more information (i.e. @yahoo.com or @gmail.com, etc.).

Cross the Language Barrier
Spokeo Reverse Email Lookup

Eleggible’s Final Words

Hope this article has provided you with some insight as to how to Cross the Language Barrier, not only that but also how to be street smart when travelling and keeping off trouble. So if you are one of those readers who has a plan to travel, you will find this interesting and informative for you. What else? Bon Voyage!

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