11 DLL Fixer Software for Windows 10 [2022 List]

How often have you tried opening a recently downloaded app or even a regular program that you use all the time and it just won’t open? Isn’t it exasperating? Maybe you will feel better by the fact that this is a widespread problem and is faced with a significant number of people every day. So hey! At least you are not alone in your misery. Now, why does this strange problem occur? How do we fix it? We offer DLL Fixer Software for you.

Most of the time, when a program does not open, it displays the “missing .dll file” popup box. Now, most users ignore this without understanding it’s meaning and taking it to be some general problem. However, what you should do is the exact opposite- find the best DLL fixing software and sort out the issue. 

DLL stands for dynamic link library. It is a window’s code library containing code and data that can be used by two or more programs at the same time. They essentially help the device run faster and more efficiently.

What is a DLL File Fixer?

In layman’s terms, they are software that helps you to get rid of DLL errors and ensure smoother functioning of your PC. They allow you to access an extensive DLL file library, scan for the missing or corrupted DLL files and get them downloaded easily via an easy “search and click” installation process.

12 Best Free DLL Fixer Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 in 2022

1. CCleaner

Definitely, on top of the list, this software needs no introduction. This is a popular all-in-one PC care tool and one of the best DLL fixers available. Developed by Piriform, this is one of the longest-running system cleaners available and was first launched in 2004. Initially, released for Microsoft Windows only, now it can be used on both Mac and Android.


  •  Identifies the error in the registry and gets them fixed automatically.
  • Clears cache blocks ads, and speeds up the device.
  • Quick installation process
  • Has a long history of regular program updates.
  • A backup file is always created before any changes are made.


  • The download page is confusing and makes it look like the software costs money while it is free.
  • Another program is added to the computer unless denied explicitly by the user.
DLL Fixer Software

2. Glarsysoft Registry Repair

This program intelligently fixes DLL problems and enhances system speed and functioning. It is a safe cleaner tool that helps you to set your registry and optimize your system functioning. Its scanning process is fast and thorough. It is one of the top recommended registry repairs and guarantees 100% cleaning of your PC. 


  • Always backs up the system before making any changes
  • Allows you to restore lost files and view the resulting logs.
  • It fixes hidden or faulty DLL files as well.
  • It does not interfere with other programs on the system. 


  • There is no option available to find a specific DLL file.
  • Sometimes due to background operations, it fails to speed up the device.
DLL Fixer Software
Glarysoft Registry Repair

3. Advanced System Optimizer

Created and marketed by Systweak, this was one of the best and lightest running registry repairs in 2018. It is sold as an all- in- one easy-to-use powerful optimization software for Windows. It helps in cleaning more profound junk files as well.


  • It has a full system scan and fixes.
  • Provides multiple functions like disk defragmentation, cleaning of junk files, and system protector features. 
  • Updates specific drivers that are out of date automatically.
  • Has a system advisor feature that tells you how to improve your device functioning further. 


  • Some settings are flagged as threats.
  • Slightly on the expensive side.
DLL Fixer Software
Advanced System Optimizer

4. DLL Care

The DLL suite has recently changed its name to DLL care with the latest updates and features. It helps to clean up, defragment, and enhance your registry to correct the DLL errors. It has been made available for all the versions of windows and is claimed to speed up all aspects of your system.


  • Let’s you back up and restore so that even if you accidentally delete an important file, you can still recover it.
  • Has an easy setup and a one-click scanning process. 
  • Claims to clean, defragment and optimize your registry all with one click.
  • It has multiple language support.
  • Compatible with all the modern windows versions so can be used by maximum people.
  • Feature to help you speed up the PC starting time.


  • Fails to find a few DLL files
  • Its email support is not fast enough.
DLL Fixer Software
DLL Care

5. DLL Tool

This DLL fixer software’s main target is to solve the existing dll problems in your device instantly. It also helps prevent and correct the dll problems that might occur in the future. It works on Windows XP, Vistas, 7, and 8. 


  • It solves the DLL errors instantly.
  • It makes sure to back up the registry before making changes.


  • There is no option to search for a particular DLL file.
  • The “one-click repair all” option fails to work sometimes.
DLL Fixer Software
DLL Tool

6. Registry Fix

This lets you find and repair the DLL file issues and even fixes the difficult to locate “DLL file missing” problems efficiently. It removes the entry for non-existent applications, cleans up junk, improves corrupted entries, and optimizes the system.


  • Searches for and installs the missing DLL files instantly.
  • It scans your system for trouble and optimizes it.


  • Sadly, it offers no backup or restores feature. What is lost, stays that way!
  •  There is no feature to schedule the scan.
  • It does not support 64- bit Windows.  
Registry Fix

7. DLL Files Fixer

This is the best DLL Fixer Software available for amateurs because of its easy to use interface. It eradicates all registry errors from your system and repairs the design altogether. It works on Windows versions like XP, Vista, 7, 8 also effortlessly.


  • One of the best features is that it auto-scans your PC during system startup.
  • Backs up the system registry before making any changes.


  • Finding a DLL file takes an abnormal amount of time.
  • The free trial has limited features available.
DLL File Fixer

8. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

This fixer software claims to have one of the largest DLL files databases. It finds DLLs directly from the tool and fixes the missing or corrupted file. It also lets you re-register the missing DLL files.


  • Offers many tools to optimize the whole system
  • Can find most missing DLLs instantly.


  • There is no option provided to fix a DLL file manually.
Smart DLL Missing Fixer

9. Speedy PC Pro

This is a simple fixer tool that optimizes your device and repairs the errors within minutes. It is programmed to find specific DLL files that are missing in your system and initiate their quick installation. 


  • All problems are solved rapidly.
  • A lot of other tools are also provided to fix other device problems.
  • Makes sure to backup and restore before initiating changes.


  • No feature is available to search for a particular DLL file manually.
  • The free trial does not provide all the available features. 
Speedy PC Pro

10. Free Windows Registry Repair

This helps you with several windows registry maintenance that saves your system from emergencies. It can quickly download any necessary DLL file and fix system issues. It also detects system startup problems due to all errors and gets them fixed.


  • Scans the registry efficiently and removes any invalid or obsolete files.
  • Helps to optimize the PC functioning. 
  • Backs up the entire registry before changing.
  • Scans the registry automatically at system startup.


  • No feature available to search for ActiveX and COM related errors.
  • Sometimes displays perfectly normal and essential files as errors. 
Free Windows Registry Repair

11. System File Checker

This is an all-in-one and one of the best free DLL file fixers to enhance your system performance. It’s a useful utility tool that checks windows files and repairs the corrupted ones if any. 


  • Fixes DLL errors with a single scan.
  • Helps enhance PC functioning.


  • Slightly complicated to work with hence is difficult for first-timers.
System File Checker

Eleggible’s Recommendation

Suppose you are getting confused about choosing among the facilities as mentioned above. We would advise you to go for CCleaner. It is the most popular and used brand of system cleaners available since 2004 and was rated five stars by CNET editors who called it a “must-have tool”.

It offers features like privacy protection, automatic tuning, and fixing of PC programs, and faster device operation in its free version. The professional version provides additional features like software updates, automatic clearing of history, guarding against junk accumulation, clean up of difficult places, etc. all at affordable prices. Hence, it is easy to use, cheap and efficient.  

Are DLL Files Dangerous?

A DLL file cannot work independently and needs another executable file (.exe) for functioning. So no, a DLL file by itself is not dangerous. However, if a .dll file is hooked to a .exe file that has the potential to cause damage, then it might become hazardous.  

How Do I find a Missing DLL File?

Sometimes due to some internal error, despite being present, a DLL file might go unnoticed and is reported missing. In such circumstances:

  • Try restarting the PC to fix cache problems
  • Try retrieving deleted files in case the DLL file has been accidentally deleting.
  • Reinstall the application that is showing an error.
  • Update your window.

And, if none of these works then try downloading one of the above mentioned DLL file fixers and solving the problem. 

Can a DLL have a Virus?

Yes. A DLL file is just like a regular file and can get infected. This is why you should never download a said DLL file from an online website despite it feeling like an easy solution.

Eleggible’s Final Words

DLL Fixer Software are serious issues and need your immediate attention. If left unresolved, they could cause system crashes or freezes and might even lead to the blue screen of death. Once spotted, getting rid of them should be 1st priority but fixing them manually is an uphill task as finding specific DLLs is complicated over the internet.

Even after being found they come with the added risk of containing malware that could potentially infect your entire system. Also, the downloaded version might not match the one in your operating system and further increase your problem. So, save yourself from a headache and get one of the dll mentioned above DLL Fixer Software to make the process easier, faster, and more efficient.

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