11 Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook Online (Free)

This article will teach you about the best drawing apps for Chromebooks. Also, you will get to know about things related to Chromebooks. We will also discuss why Chromebook is a good option if you are an artist.

People around the world are showing interest in digital arts. Around the world are investing millions of dollars daily in these digital arts. Digital artist sells their artwork as NFTs or auctions them online. But irrespective of this, people prefer digital art options because of less costly and effective in today’s world. 

Chromebooks, Ipads and more can fulfil your requirements for digital art. But in this article, we are discussing Chromebooks. A Chromebook is one of the cheap and reasonable options for starting your digital art journey. 

Also, Chromebook is compatible with different types of stylus, which makes it better for artists. There are so many apps that work brilliantly with Chromebook. Other apps offer additional features and options, which work great with Chromebooks.

Some art apps are heavy, but Chromebook handles these apps so easily. We have a list of some best drawing apps that we have mentioned below, and all of these apps work great with Chromebook.

Top 11 Best Drawing Apps for Chromebook Online in 2022

#1. Sketchbook

Download – Android

Sketchbook is one of the most famous applications for digital drawing. This application is used by both professionals and beginners. Recently only this application is now available on Chromebooks because of Android support.

Sketchbook offers you a full-screen drawing experience with multiple tools and layers. There is a problem with latency with some drawing apps for chromebook, but when it comes to the sketchbook, the touchscreen latency is not at all noticeable if it’s there.

You also get the option to use an active stylus, and this app also supports palm rejection too. Also, this app has a lot of brush options which will definitely enhance your drawings or creations. This app is absolutely free to download and offers a significant number of good features in accessible mode.

#2. Adobe Capture: Illustrator

Download – Android

Adobe Illustrator is a very famous application in the market of drawing apps. It is readily available for download on Chromebooks through play store. This application lets you work on multiple projects at the same time, and also you can combine these numerous projects together and make a single best creation out of it.

There are several options available with them which include pen tips with adjustable size, opacity and colour. This helps you to work better on low areas of your drawings.

Also, it offers layers and different blend options, which come out to be essential for digital artwork. Also, you can combine this app with other Adobe drawing apps for Chromebook to enhance your creativity to the next level and see the wonders happening to your art.

#3. Concepts

Download – Android

Concepts is one of the best digital drawing apps available in the market. This application is compatible with Android 7.0 and up, Chrome OS. Concepts is compatible with different stylus pens.

This application offers different types of brushes, pencils, and pens. All these brushes, pencils and pens respond to velocity, tilt and pressure. This app has different paper options, which makes your drawing look more authentic and pleasing.

You can also use the infinite layering option, which you can use as much as you want. Although this app is free to use in the free version, there are limited basic features only. But if you purchase a subscription, you will get to use all features. Also, this app has a very simple user interface that is easy to understand.

#4. Aggie

Download – Android

Aggie.io was developed by the famous Magma Studio group, which is known for building an online art collaboration platform. Aggie.io is the accessible version of that same platform.

This is a browser-based animation and drawing app which lets you create a new canvas and draw together with your friends online. If you are not a fan of collaborations, you always have the option to go for an individual mode where only you will be able to draw your artwork.

This app offers a great variety of tools; other than from tools. You get multiple layer options which are essential for artworks and detailings. The platform provides no latency issue while drawing and have excellent compatibility with Chromebook.

#5. ArtFlow

Download – Android

If you are a beginner in the world of digital art and looking for a great option to start with on your drawing apps for Chromebook. Then ArtFlow is one of the best options to pick from, especially for beginners.

Also, this app offers a significant number of tools, brushes and features. These features are a good fit for beginners and are easy to understand and use. This app provides you zero latency, and this app is so light, which makes it run smooth on your Chromebook.

You also get support for the tilt feature, which significantly helps you while controlling a line width and rotation with some brushes. In our view, this is an excellent app to give a kick to your digital art journey.

#6. Sumo

Download – Android

Sumo Paint is one of the super fast and easy-to-use drawing applications on Chromebooks. This app is known for its speed and bug-free behaviour. This is a browser-based drawing application which means you need to be online every time in order to use it.

But this puts less load on your Chromebooks because of their availability online. Also, if you are a beginner and want to showcase your skills within a few clicks, then this app is suitable for you.

You can turn your photos into digital artwork within a few clicks. Apart from this, you can use brushes, pencils, pens and crayons to draw stuff and paint on photos. This application turns out to be one of the best applications for beginners and professionals both.

#7. Krita

Download – Android

Looking for a proper professional application for your digital art. Then Krita can be your pick. This application is known as a professional app for drawing and sketching.

Also, this application is an entirely free and open-source application. If you download this application from play store, then you might need to make some in-app purchases to get access to all features, but there are many options available on how you can avoid paying any penny.

This app is also suitable for creating comics of your own as it offers a significant number of powerful tools. These applications give tough competition to desktop apps.

If you think that this application might lag or bug while used on Chromebook, then you are wrong here. This application is now entirely optimised for Chromebooks and is compatible with all features too. 

#8. Infinite Painter

Download – Android

Infinite Painter is one of the best apps which works smooth and best on Chromebooks. Infinite Painter is the basic drawing apps for Chromebooks that offers low latency, and the handling of the canvas is much better because of free panning from all sides.

Also, it provides excellent touch input. Also, Infinite Painter brings more than 160 presets of natural brushes and also you can create new brushes options according to yourself.

This application also offers necessary basic features which are required for basic detail drawings. Also, it supports layers and blend modes and has geometrical tools like protractor ellipse and much more.

Moving on further, if we talk about pricing for this app. This app is free to use, but also it includes some in-app purchases to unlock some of its features. This app may not be a pick of a professional person, but it definitely can be a good option for beginners.

#9. ibis Paint X

Download – Android

If you are looking for something which has the best and wide range of powerful options or features, then ibis Paint X is the excellent option to go with. This application is now completely compatible with Chromebooks now and offers a great experience on the same.

Ibis Paint X offers more than 800 fonts, 381 brushes, 71 filters and many more tons of options and features. Moving on with this application, it provides stable pen strokes, which makes your experience so much smoother and more accurate.

Also, you can learn some new drawing techniques with this application only. Ibis Paint X has zero latency which is excellent for the best experience while drawing. This app is free to use, and most of the features are free to use only. But to use this application to its full potential then, you have to purchase this app.

#10. ArtRage

Download – Android

ArtRage is one of the realistic drawing apps for chromebook. Digital artists can create authentic artwork using this application. This application works smoothly on Chromebooks and is suitable for creating brilliant creations.

This app has a significant number of features to offer. Some of these are essential tools for painting and some of the exclusive features which give your painting a realistic touch to it.

You can manually update and make a preset of your tools in this app. You can set the thickness and smoothness of your tools and pencils. This app also offers layers and blend modes essential for digital creations.

You can try different brushes, pencils, and colour palettes for your drawings and make them look good by using them accordingly and creating a mix of colours in the colour palette can be an excellent option to make your drawing look better.

#11. Chrome Canvas

Download – Android

Chrome Canvas is an essential app among all the drawing apps for chromebooks which we have put on our list. But it does not mean this app is useless or does not have something to do about.

This app is suitable for beginners, and it is the best option for kids. Kids can create small artworks with Chrome Canvas as it is an essential app and offers limited brush options and features which do not confuse kids about what to use and what not to.

This app usually comes pre-installed on Chromebooks. This app can perform all of its operations offline, so there is no need to worry if your kid is using this app with the internet off. Your kids can learn basics from this app quickly, and later if they find digital art interesting, you can switch to others.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These were our best picks for drawing apps for Chromebook. These are essential apps to start your journey in digital art. Chromebook is a very good and useful device, but to create an outstanding outcome from it, you need these apps too.

Also, you can earn money to buy selling your creations online as artwork or NFTs, which works best for you. You can also turn your hobby into a passion with this. Also, the subscription cost of these apps is not that high.

You will start to feel wonders about your Chromebook once you begin creating your own drawings. With time more and more apps are joining with Chromebook compatibility because Chromebook is becoming a preference among digital creators.

Digital artwork does save time and money at the same time and gives you the opportunity to connect all over the world. You can easily join and connect with other digital creators. Also, you can join the Chromebook community and specific app community to get better ideas and more. 

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