11 Best Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps [2024]

Do you consider yourself a real broken screen prankster and believe you have all the possible tactics to prank people around you? Well, you may be wrong, and your pranking game may not be that great if you have not tried the broken screen pranks yet. Today, in this article, we have made our full efforts and introduced the top eleven apps to help you successfully implement your fake broken screen prank.

These fake pranks are surely ruling the pranking world these days. Well, if you have not done this yet, then you should not call yourself a true prankster.

This is because fake cracked phone screen pranks are so trending these days that you cannot afford to miss them. These pranks leave people confused and surprised at the same time when they look at their cracked mobile screen all of a sudden.

You can prank your family and friends, watch their shocked faces, and have fun. Later, when you tell them that it was all a prank, their relieved faces will also be a soothing scene to watch.

These apps are free to use and don’t charge anything. Hence, you can have a good experience of full experimentation with these because you won’t be charged for it.

Using these apps is also very easy, and even a beginner can easily use them. Their features are fabulous and give a real experience to the user.

You can prank anyone by using these apps, and there is hardly any possibility that the person will be able to detect your game. So, without wasting time, let’s go into the article and learn more about these apps.

Top 11 Fake Broken Screen Prank Apps in 2024

#1. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank fake broken screen prank
Broken Screen Prank

Want to make fun of your friends and family by pranking them this weekend by using the fake broken screen of your phone? Go for this amazing app to fool your friends.

Broken Screen Prank allows you to download and install fake broken screen wallpapers to your Smartphone’s home screen. This app has various unique features, such as special cracking effects on touching and shaking the device.

Various kinds of effects, such as fire and electric screen effects, along with unusual breaking sounds, are also available in this app. Enjoy with your kids and family and entertain them with this wonderful fake Broken Screen Prank app.


  • This app is the right match for you if you want real fun.
  • This app looks very realistic, and people will be fooled easily if you use it.
  • The prank looks so real that no one can identify it at first.
  • Many users have left positive reviews about this app and said they successfully fooled their friends and family.


  • The app keeps asking for ratings repeatedly, and you may not be able to use it smoothly.
  • Not just this, many of the users have found that the other features were not opening.
  • Only a broken screen was available from the list of other pranks such as fire pranks. 

#2. Broken Screen Wallpaper 4K


Broken Screen Wallpaper 4K is a super fun app where you will find various extraordinary features to prank your loved ones easily. The different kinds of features include amazing and realistic broken screen wallpapers with many cracking effects.

A wide spectrum of wallpapers is available in the app, and you can choose from them. You can install a particular wallpaper and set it to the home screen of your Smartphone.

You can download this app on your friend’s phones and fool them by putting the broken screen wallpaper on their home screen and giving it back to them, or you can download it on your app and fool your parents by dropping your phone on the ground.

They will think you have dropped and broken the phone, and then you can hear them scolding you. Later on, you can tell them that it was all a prank.


  • The app is nice and has great features.
  • The prank looks real, and fooling people around you is a cakewalk if you use this app.
  • This app offers a very modern and unique pranking technique to its users.


  • The app has so many ads that sometimes using its features is a tough task.
  • The ads pop up now and then and spoil the entire user experience.
  • This app is also very slow to load and generally wastes a lot of time getting loaded.

#3. Broken Screen Prank-Fake Crack


Broken Screen Prank-Fake Crack is another great app for you to prank anyone easily. As the name indicates, Broken Screen Prank-Fake Crack Screen is an adequate app to trick your friends by showing them their fake Smartphone’s broken screen.

The app has various impressive characteristics, including real-looking high-quality broken Screen wallpapers, cracking sounds, and various effects.

The option of setting a timer for various cracking effects is also available within the app. Using this option the screen will crack by itself after a certain period. Numerous effects, such as fire and electric screen effects are also available in the app.


  • The features and graphics of this app will keep you amazed.
  • It shows that the developers have done a great job.
  • Moreover, the app is really easy to use and runs smoothly.
  • You can prank anyone by using this app.


  • The ads displayed in this app are massive and disturb the users now and then.
  • Sometimes, the app automatically closes down the broken screen feature
  • It just hangs with the screen on, and then you have to restart the phone to use it.

#4. Cracked Screen Prank


The Cracked Screen Prank app allows one to apply smashed and shattered fake screen wallpapers to their mobile screens easily to prank everyone.

You can easily trick the people around you with the help of the Cracked Screen Prank app. It is an incredible and leisure application with a combination of tremendous features.

Four types of cracking effects are available in the app using which you can prank anyone. You can touch or wiggle your phone to crack your phone’s screen.

In this app, Cracked Screen Prank, the option of setting a timer for the cracking effect of your screen’s wallpaper is also available. Have fun with this great app pranking everyone around you.


  • This app is very helpful in pranking people around you.
  • The features of this app are so interesting that once you start using them, you will fall in love with them.
  • No one will be capable enough to distinguish between reality and the prank.


  • This app logs out suddenly, and you will have to log in again to use it.
  • This is a very irritating fact about this app because due to this, your continuous and smooth experience may hamper a lot.

#5. Crack Your Screen Prank

This is a completely free-to-use and amusing app to prank people easily. This amazing app assists you in pranking them harmlessly with the great features available to it.

A wide variety of fake broken screen wallpapers are available in this app from which you can choose and install them on your home screen. You can easily download any wallpaper and can apply it.

Other features of this app include cracking effects on shaking or trembling of the screen, setting a timer for the cracking effect, and a great variety of realistic wallpapers. Prank your friends and family with this unique and fun app, and have a great weekend!


  • This app is easy to use, and even new pranksters can use it without much trouble.
  • The UI is also great, and the way this app is designed is also quite impressive.
  • The fact that it is free to use is one of the best features of this app.


  • This has been experienced many times in this app the users have been directed to some other websites while using the app.
  • This kind of scenario disturbs the user, and the prank gets a spoiler too.

#6. Broken Screen Wallpaper

Broken Screen Wallpaper
Broken Screen Wallpaper

The next app on our list is Broken Screen Wallpaper. This app allows you to trick your friends and family members by showing them your fake yet realistic-looking broken screen wallpaper.

The app has a variety of unusual and terrific fake broken screen wallpapers. Hence, you can choose from a variety of thrilling and nice wallpapers.

You can easily download the preferred wallpapers and install them on your home screen. The app is simple and fun to use. The broken Screen Wallpaper app is mainly friendly with all the varieties of Android devices and tablets. Have a great time with this app pranking and tricking your family members.


  • This app is certainly the best in this category in the app market.
  • Though, there are many other similar apps in the market but this app has the potential to defeat almost all of them.
  • It is very simple to use and gives the best results.
  • You must try it at least once to know it’s trustworthiness yourself.


  • This app has only one issue it has many ads.
  • A large number of ads pop up in between and ruin the user experience.
  • There have been some cases where the broken screen was not removed even after the prank was over
  • And the users had to wait for hours to get it fixed.

#7. Broken Screen Realistic Prank


Broken Screen Realistic Prank is the seventh wonderful and engaging app that allows you to fool your peers with fake broken screen wallpapers.

Many Realistic and high-quality broken screen wallpapers are available in this application. You can get a variety of amazing and unique broken screen wallpapers and download them to your app.

Isn’t it just amazing that you are getting all this for free? After downloading and installing a specific wallpaper, you can easily apply it to the home screen of your mobile phone.

The app has a lot of effects that you can utilize to have fun and entertaining moments with your loved ones. Have a great time pranking your peers with this wonderful and amazing app.


  • The UI of the app is great, and the features are also amazing.
  • The app is really easy to use and designed in a simple format.
  • It is free to use and gives great detailing before its actual usage.
  • You can read the instructions well and then try the prank on your family or friends. 


  • This app logs out all of a sudden without giving any prior warning and even hangs in between the operations.
  • This is a serious issue that is under-resolved by the developers.

#8. Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper


Broken Screen Prank Wallpaper is a great app where you can find a variety of high-quality and fake broken screen wallpapers. You will get up to fifteen types of fake broken screen wallpaper styles and phone screen cracking effects on touching and shaking the mobile phone.

Hence, you can see that diversity is a part of this app. You can also set the timer on this app for the cracking and snake on-screen effects. You can also fool your friends with the “Snake-on-screen” feature of the app.

These unique features of this app are responsible for making it a fun app for all of its users. Have fun with this great app by fooling your friends and family.


  • This is an app that deserves all the stars and positive reviews because its features are far more than average and are impressive.
  • You can prank as many people as you want at a given time.
  • The experience is also quite smooth and glitch-free.


  • Sometimes, the app doesn’t even start properly, and it just spoils all the experience.
  • It has often been noticed that the broken screen remains active and the user cannot remove it.
  • This will be a serious problem because you will not be able to use your phone during that time.

#9. Broken Screen Prank

Broken Screen Prank
Broken Screen Prank

Want to prank your friends and family by showing them the broken screen of your new Smartphone? Then Broken Screen Prank is the perfect app for you to fool all of your friends and family.

The high-quality wallpapers of the app and all the effects are realistic and amazing. You will get great wallpapers in the app, and you can install them easily on your Smartphone.

The app includes cracking effects on shaking and touching the device’s screen and options such as setting the timer for cracking effects as well. Entertain yourself this weekend with this amazing app.


  • This app works perfectly and keeps people confused by its pranks.
  • No one can tell that the broken screen they saw was a prank and not real, and you can have real fun while watching all this.
  • This app is a must-have on the bucket list of all pranksters.


  • You will have all good experiences with this app except the humongous amount of unnecessary ads.
  • It will keep hitting your screen, and your main prank of a broken screen will be seriously disturbed.

#10. Broken screen wallpaper HD

Broken Screen Wallpaper
Broken Screen Wallpaper

Screen Wallpaper HD is another app that offers you high-quality broken screen wallpapers to install to your home screens and fool your peers.

This Screen wallpaper has a large variety of broken screen wallpapers from which you can choose the best one for you. You can get up to four thousand wallpapers and apply them to both your home screen and lock screen.

The app is wonderful and completely free to use. You can have fun with the app offline as well. The wallpaper applied to your screen gets downloaded automatically to your gallery. Easily prank everyone around you with this amazing app and its wallpapers.


  • This app gives a very exciting experience to the users.
  • Most of them end up believing that the prank is true.
  • You can fool anyone by using this app and then enjoy the pale and shocked faces.
  • They will have after watching your screen break.
  • Later, you can relax because all of it was a prank.


  • The app doesn’t open sometimes; the other time, it just hangs in between.
  • This may force you to restart your phone all over again.
  • This thing can be irritating and give you a bad experience while using the app.

#11. Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Cracked Screen Wallpaper
Cracked Screen Wallpaper

This is the last app on this list that helps you easily prank your family and classmates with its broken screen fake wallpapers.

The app is free to use and includes a wide variety of unique and entertaining fake broken screen wallpapers. You will find this app wonderful as the wallpapers present in this app are unique and amazing.

The app is straightforward to use and one can easily download any wallpaper and can apply it to their home screen, lock screen, or both. Try using this amazing and fun app this April Fool’s day to prank your colleagues, classmates, or family members by showing them your broken phone screen.


  • This app is very wonderful and realistic.
  • You can fool anyone by using this app.
  • The features are very amazing and diverse.
  • You can explore them and get to know which prank will be best suited for which friend and then use it accordingly.


  • Some of the features are not working properly and lack the smoothness they must run with.
  • The app has so many ads that ruin the experience of the users.
  • These kinds of small issues have contributed to the negative reviews of the app.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Finally, we have come to an end to this article and we are hopeful that you enjoyed reading the same. Our entire focus was on mentioning the best apps that will help you bring out the real pranksters in you.

This article mentions nothing but only the finest top eleven apps that were top-rated in this domain. All the apps are free to use and that is certainly the best part about them. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use them and prank your friends. Their features are so realistic that identifying them is not a doable task.

There are plenty of other apps in the market that claim to deliver the same services with the same quality but those mentioned above are truly the best. They are capable enough of fooling multiple people at the same time. You can also install it on someone else’s mobile and open the broken screen feature.

They will be in shock after watching their phone’s screen break. Later on, you can tell them that it was a prank and you will all laugh together. We would recommend trying them and finding yourself the best out of them.

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