10 Fake iPhone Text Message Generator Tools [2024]

The idea of pranking your friends and family members to have some fun is always awesome as it allows you to escape everyday boredom and experience some excitement and refreshment with these fake iPhone text message generator.

If you want to know how to send fake text messages from your iPhone. You must have noticed for sure that there are several screenshots of text messages that surface on the web. These screenshots include text messages where people use a fake iPhone text message generator to send fake messages by using their iPhones.

There is utmost ease while creating these message threads if you use specific sites and apps to prank people with smartness. The job of these sites or apps is to basically play with the overall structure of the message threads and then work a little bit with the UI on the iPhone.

By doing this, you will be able to custom text messages that are being sent to your friends. Plenty of fake text generators iPhone are out there. However, you have to be very sure that you don’t just go with any random fake text generator out there.

Hence, you will be required to be very careful while selecting the right one for your use. Many scammers may commit fraud with your money or put malware in their fake iPhone texting template generator to scam you.

Top 10 Best Fake Text Message iPhone Generator [2024]

We have tried to list the most popular fake text message iPhone generator in this article.

The fake text generators that we have mentioned below are very safe and at the same time, easy to use.

#1. iOS7Text


iOS7Text is the right match for you to generate perfect fake texts from your iPhone. It is indeed a brilliant way to generate fake text messages and prank the people around you. It has an amazing user interface. This is a very legible app as it is widely tried and tested by multiple users. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use iOS7Text as it is entirely free to use. It offers its users an amazing set of even customizable features.

Hence, you can make it easily adjustable to match your needs. To make the game look even more genuine, there is a battery percentage icon on the top of the screenshot. See, how fun it is going to be when all your friends will believe in your fake message screenshot.

This app is a one-stop solution to all those irrelevant ads that pop up and get on the users’ nerves on the other fake text generators as they are mostly avoided in iOS7Text. Once you are done setting up the messages that you want to show off to people, you can simply download the screenshot and share it with your friends to fool them.

#2. iOS8text


If you want to make your fake messages look genuine and realistic then you have landed on the right spot my friend. iOS8text is all that you need right now so that you can generate fake messages that no contact of yours will be able to identify.

iOS8text is an amazing fake iPhone text message generator that even allows its users to fix which network they want to show at the top of their fake messages. This cool trick will prevent your fake message from getting detected by close people who very well know which network you use for your device.

See how smart this app is! iOS8text also makes you adjust any name to your conversation and indicate that any person is chatting with you. Even the message time can be adjusted accordingly to fix your game.

There are standard blue and green colors available for texting but you can even pick up the grey color can also be used to make it look more realistic. No one will be able to catch you, and anyone will fall for your prank by using iOS8text.

#3. iPhone Fake Text

iPhone Fake Text

iPhone Fake Text is another fake message generator that was launched in 2012. It is a great generator to use when you are getting the wild ideas of pranking someone with your fake texts and having some fun. Iphonefaketext has a very clean user interface and the cherry on top is that it has minimal ads.

Now isn’t that an amazing thing? For the time being, it is using Google AdSense to make money. Still, there will be no effect on your user experience because of it.

You will notice a large text box on the right of the home page and a text box to its right. All you need to do is to type your message and click send, so simple it is. In the next step, you will see your message on the right side. You can now create and share an iPhone Fake text message conversation generator online with Iphonefaketext. It is undoubtedly the most advanced text SMS creator you can ever get.

It can do wonders with just the basic information like the contact’s name, date and time, receive or send sections, and the desired messages. In the next step, you can simply download it, and share it with your friends and family.

#4. I Fake Text Message

I Fake Text Message

I Fake text message is another option for creating fake text messages from an iPhone. This fake message generator allows you to freely choose from the unlimited options available for creating these false texts. However, there are only a handful of features that it will offer you to create fake conversations.

You have to first enter the basic details such as your contact’s name, message timings, mobile network, and the desired content or text. After this data filling, your message will be generated automatically according to the information and instructions provided by you and you will be able to view the result.

I fake text message iPhone  is popular for having a very straightforward user interface and is extremely easy to use. Even a newbie won’t suffer any problems using it. You literally won’t need to do anything additional or go for any other options to create the required fake message. If you are a new player and want to set foot in the prankster world, you might consider this place the perfect starting point for you.

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#5. Foxsash iOS

Foxsash iOS

Foxsash is another excellent option for you to create a fake iPhone message screenshot to prank your friends and family. Firstly, you will have to change the iOS device version you are using and fix it into the version you want the screenshot to show.

You can make a few other parallel settings to do customization which may include the name of the people involved in the message, the operator, the timing of sending and receiving messages, the name of the contact, and the message you want to save. 

Foxsash also allows you to get a slide to change the battery percentage from the phone and to turn the percentage values ​​on or off. This customization helps the user to make the message look more realistic and give it more life than before. There is a bunch of emojis as well which the website provides to add more flavor to the messages.

#6. Simitator


The Simitator is just the right match for all the pranksters out there. It includes all the features of a fake iPhone text message generator you could ever imagine. The features that it includes are amazing, and they will help to generate fake conversations following any information that you enter. Let’s say you want to enhance your Facebook status by showing off your pranking skills. This site is right for you.

 Let’s take an example where you want to brag in front of your friends that your Facebook status has gained 5000 likes on it. They wouldn’t believe it for sure, and then this website will come to your rescue as it will help you to produce a false image of false popularity in your fake Facebook profile by creating fake screenshots with it. With this website, you can create any text you wish.

#7. Smiley Private Texting SMS

Smiley private texting SMS is another excellent text generator app for iPhone users. It is just the perfect app you can get. You can send unlimited messages using this application. You do not have to make any special efforts while using this application. Simply download it and start generating fake messages.

Smiley SMS text generator private gives instant fake messaging service with which you can enjoy the immediate reaction of people to your prank. So don’t waste time and start your pranking game now.

#8. iMessage Fake Chat

iMessage Fake Chat

This iPhone fake text generator is probably the most sophisticated platform in this arena. iMessage Fake Chat is known for its specialties such as its straightforward use. The website is presented in a very user-friendly way, and it has clear instructions on how to use it easily. It makes it usable for even a person who has just started to use it.

Not just this iMessage fake number, you can even manually change the battery options, connection restrictions, phone settings, and more. Also, you can drag and drop messages to the appropriate locations directly in the preview.

How will anyone be able to detect that your messages are fake after such great details? The fake messages that you have created can also be deleted from the preview interface, making it easy to organize multiple photos and you can also make a fake iPhone notes generator.

#9. Fakeimess


Fakeimess is an extremely popular and widely used fake text generator. It can be used to generate awesome fake text messages to fool people. It very smartly simulates real-time chat conversations so that no one can distinguish between what is real and what is fake.

Fakeimess has an extremely amazing set of features that allow its users to even adjust the delivery status of their messages. It has such amazing features that can fix even the most minute details like whether the person you are texting is online or not, typing or not, or is away for a while.

This makes your fake messages look even more real. You can also fix the background of your messages and you can very quickly switch between the status of being sent or received. Even the sharpest changes can take place with just a few clicks on our Generator without any special settings.

All you need to do is to set your desired options and you will immediately get a fake iMessage number to Chat to download as an image. No one will be able to identify between a real chat and a fake iMessage ios 15 chat because the app does its work so neatly.

#10. iPhone Text Clone [Discontinued]

iPhone Text Clone is a very smart fake text generator to prank your friends and family. However, this fake iPhone ios 15 text message generator is only available to users if they have upgraded to the latest version of the iPhone. If they have the update, users can install it and start using it easily.

It works very well and has great compatibility with new versions and iOS 15  and 17 features. Moreover, this website offers a unique feature in which you can use a different contact name. In place of this, other websites just offer you a blurring option to hide your name.

It allows easy customization and allows the use of complex information to create fraudulent authentic documents. You can even add photos to your message by using this iPhone text clone. When you are done editing, you can finally create an image and start sharing screenshots with your friends.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We have mentioned a few of the best apps and fake iPhone text message generator websites above that will cater to your needs in the best possible manner. They are straightforward to use, and they will help you out in pranking your free and family members without the fear of getting traced by them.

You can create fake messages in any manner you wish to, and you will remain entirely undetectable. These sites generate messages that look exactly like the messages sent on iPhones. These messages can be used to create funny message threads. You may try a few of them to find out which suits you the best.

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