How to Find Out if Someone Has Criminal Record?

You never want to get yourself into a relationship with a person with Criminal Record. Not only in a relationship, but there are many other instances where you need to know about a person’s background. The best example is when a company is hiring a new team member to its office.

It is quite essential to know about a person before we deal with them in any way. However, we are not that advanced to scan a person with our eyes and see whether they have similar records or not. Hence, you require a practical solution that can help you get someone’s criminal records within a few seconds.

In this article, we will discuss a platform that offers services to do background research on someone. Additionally, we will cover what is included in a criminal background check through public information. So let’s start and know how you can do a background check on someone.

What is Background Check (or Criminal Background Check)?

A criminal background check is a process to find out about someone’s past activities related to the law’s disrespect. Additionally, it informs you about the degree of offense that they have committed in their life. Hence, it provides complete research on a person to help you know them better.

A background check consists of all the public information through multiple sources. Hence, it would help if you had a solution that can gather this information from credible and accurate quotations. Usually, these background checks are done through different agencies. Police agencies can give you the results related to the law offense while other agencies handle other cases.

That is why it is crucial to use a platform that gathers information from all the sources and allows you to search for it on a single platform. The best thing is you can access all these records without any justification as it is public information. Every citizen has the right to know who they are dealing with,

There can be various reasons to do a background check on a person. Experts recommend performing a criminal background check before you get into any deal with someone. Employees can do a criminal background check before hiring someone for their office. Similarly, you can do a background check before meeting an old friend.

Here is an excellent application to do a background check on someone.

1. CocoFinder


CocoFinder is a platform that allows you to search for all kinds of information about a person. You can search for people with their name or perform a background check on someone you know on this platform. There are many other services like Reverse phone and address lookup services that help you complete research on someone.

That is why we recommend this application for doing background checks. All you need to do is open its background check feature and enter the details of the person. It will gather and show all their records from credible sources. 

Additionally, there are many other features to do a background check on a person. You can use the address or phone lookup and White pages to gather more information about a person as well.

What does Background Check Include?

A criminal background check includes every record of a person related to some illegal activities. It is a series of events from the time of the arrest to the court judgments and other activities. Users can access all this information by doing a criminal background check of a person.

CocoFinder gathers all the criminal activities of a person and delivers it through its Background check feature. Here are some of the types of information that you can get from this platform.

Arrest Records: An arrest record is the first thing that is recorded after a crime. Hence, it helps you understand what type of crime was committed.

Court Orders: It helps you check how the court handled the case. You can also check the court documents of the person.

Mugshots: These are the pictures taken by the police at the time of the arrest.

Police Records: These are the records when someone complains about a particular person. A police record does not necessarily mean that it leads to a conviction.

How to perform a Complete Criminal Background Check With CocoFinder

Criminal Record

Using CocoFinder means you don’t need to visit any information center to get someone’s criminal record. All you have to do is visit its website and click on the Background Check option. It will redirect you to a clean web page to enter someone’s name to get their records. 

To improve your search results, you can add the State name in your search query. Additionally, you can select the city from the next tab to avoid looking for them through the searching results.

Once you find the person, click on their profile, and it’ll show all the criminal records related to that person. Background check records include Arrest records and mugshots of a person.

Is it Legal to use CocoFinder?

CocoFinder’s platform offers a collection of public information for remote access. The data retrieved from this platform is credible and comes from authentic sources. Hence, all the data is legal for research purposes. However, you can not use the retrieved information for illegal purposes.

Hence, using this website is entirely legal and safe. You can visit the website and search for any data you want. Additionally, there is no registration required that makes it the best source to get public information.

You can check its privacy policy to learn more about how this website works.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Getting Criminal Record is way more comfortable now. Many platforms give you direct access to the Criminal records of people. You can search for people’s names to get all types of background data related to them. Using CocoFinder is the easiest way to do a criminal background check online.

There is no need to create an account on this platform to access all the features without any registration process. Additionally, the website is entirely free to get access to someone’s records. 

It has a state-based filter to narrow down your search results. Choosing the state or the city of that person will show you some targeted effects to help you find the person conveniently.

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