How to Fix Skype Can’t Access Sound Card (Easy Guide)

If there is any problem in communication, then you will get a notification if Skype can’t access sound card to resolve this, you should know how to fix Skype can’t access sound card.

Video calling apps are quite essential to make you feel that you are still close to your loved ones.

For every sound-related application, the system needs to communicate with the sound card; the same goes for the skype application.

Therefore we can say the sound card is the ultimate controller of the sound system. Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom, from Sweden and Janus Friis from Denmark.

The first public beta version was released on 29 August 2003, since then it has become a prominent messaging and video calling app. Skype applications need microphones, microphone, and headphone, this hardware will then communicate with the system and the skype application.

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What Causes Skype Error, can’t Access your Sound Card?

There could be myriad reasons for your skype not able to communicate with the system thus showing can’t access sound card, but some of the notorious of these are:

1. System update or window upgrade: This sometimes removes the permission for a skype application to use a microphone and access sound card.

2. Old and outdated sound card: Even if you have an updated window, but you are using an outdated sound card. This increases the chances of facing problems mainly; it will cause access error for skype and other audio related applications.

3. Some corrupt files in the application can also result in some problems, thus not allowing skype to access the sound card.

How can you Fix Skype Can’t Access Sound Card?

If you are getting the notification that fixes skype can’t access the sound card you may be up for a problem but don’t worry we have compiled the solutions which will make your process easier, just read till the end follow step by step:

1. Allow the Skype Permission to Use Microphone

1. Click on the start button then to the setting option which has a gear-like symbol and the setting menu will open.

2. Go to privacy and then to app permission option, select the skype from the dropdown and turn the switch on.

2. For window 8 and Older Versions

1. Click on start button then navigate to control panel.

2. Change the view to category and choose the hardware and sound option. 

3. From the displayed option, select the sound option to navigate to the recording tab located at the left-hand corner and click on the microphone option.

4. Select the properties option, then navigate to the base of your screen and locate the device usage dropdown menu.

3. On the Dropdown Menu, Select the Use of this Device (Enable)

1. Locate the exclusive mode and select the allow option to take the exclusive use of the device.

2. On the same window, locate the Give exclusive mode applications priority checkbox and uncheck the box.

3. Click on Apply to save the changes.

4. Now reopen your skype to see if can’t access sound card persists.

4. Upgrade Window Sound Card Driver

If the above method does not resolve your problem, then the problem might be due to the outdated sound card, you need to update it. You just need to run the system update manually.

1. Click on the start button and select the setting option.

2. Then click on update and Security option 

3. Locate and search for a check for updates and see if any updates are available.

4. Download and install all the updates available 

5. Then reopen skype to see if the error persists.

5. If the Window Update Does Not Fix the Problem, Then Try Updating the Driver

1. Click on the start option.

2. Type the drive manager in the search box and select the option.

3. On the drive, the manager selects the sound, video, and game manager and select the high definition audio and intel display option from the extended menu.

4. On display, the window selects the search automatically option, and the window will find a software update.

5. Now check the skype if the error persists or not.

6. Clean Install Skype

This entails cleaning all the files related to the application then reinstalling a bug-free app.

1. Click on the start option.

2. Then go to settings

3. There go to the app, then apps & features.

4. Locate skype then click on the uninstall option. 

5. Finish uninstallation by click on the pop up uninstall. 

6. After doing this, clear all the associated files from the system. 

7. Later after clearing all the files, you can reinstall the app.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Skype is a prominent messaging and video calling app these days, but this all faces some problem when the sound card cannot communicate it with thus showing can’t access your sound card.

The most common reasons for the same are listed in this article along with their solutions, which are quite easy; all you have to do is follow the steps properly, and this will surely solve your problem.

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