8 Best Free GoPro Editing Software in 2022

Finding the best free GoPro editing software is now easy with this Eleggible’s Guide.

GoPro cameras are widely used nowadays by many folks as their sports companion. For cycling, skiing, trekking, GoPro can be amazing at its place.

But the part where you might get puzzled is video editing. You may have a question about which software can be the best for GoPro editing?

No uncertainties, you are on the right page!

We are conferring about the eight best free GoPro editing software in 2022.

Capturing the video by GoPro and sharing the videos on your social media accounts can be more comfortable now.

You can use one of this software and can edit your video by trimming, re-sizing, managing the speed, and much more.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

All the free GoPro editing software that is included in the above list is incredible in its way. Comparing them will make you understand that some minute changes fall them apart. Every software is at its best according to the requirement. For Mac users, iMovies can be the software for better results.

Other than this, Movie Maker can be at its best for all Windows users with its amazing features. For more professional and advanced video editing package Lightwork and DaVinci Resolve 15 can be at its best. Moreover, GoPro Quik surprisingly stands best for GoPro editing tools as it supports and is an official tool.

Top 8 Free GoPro Editing Software for Beginners

Also, we would discuss each one of the software briefly with their relative pros and cons. So don’t be curious and choose random editing software, be smart, and wisely pick the software with the most amazing features.

Let’s get started.

1. FlexClip

If you are willing to edit your videos more efficiently and conveniently, you are at the perfect choice by having FlexClip. It is more proficient rather than having large package installation for video editing.

You just simply have to Sign in with Google and start with the editing part. It has a massive source of effects and music that you can add to your clip. Also, with this, you will get a manual help card to guide you for your ease.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Rich templates and effects
  • Web-interface that access from different devices


  • It has limited free version
  • Bug with undo button
  • Need upgrade with many of the features
free gopro editing software

2. GoPro Quik

It is one of the GoPro official video editing tools and is claimed as one of the easiest ways to edit and access GoPro video. It picks the most beautiful flashes from your videos and pictures and then puts them together in a choice of 26 video graces.

Hence, it has outstanding features of adding transition, effects, templates, sound, and much more. Likely to the name, it is quick with the work and gives you the final results in a few minutes.


  • Fast and easy process
  • Edit clips in few minutes
  • Many effects and templates
  • Easy to connect with GoPro camera


  • Fonts can’t be edited
  • Limited music for the free version
  • Should go with Plus version for more features
gopro editing software free
GoPro Quick

3. iMovie

It is the Go Pro editing software free that can is specially designed for Mac users. You can edit all your videos from your iPad, iPhone, or Mac book. Several effects, transitions, crop, edit features you can wonder in this software.

The best part is you can start from any device and an end on another, considering only a Mac user. Additionally, you can send your video clip via iMessage over different social media platforms.


  • Accessible to composite clips just by dragging and dropping
  • It is seemly for beginners and novice
  • Produces high resolution of video without quality compromising


  • It only works on Macintosh and not for other platforms
  • Doesn’t have an in-built music library
  • Sharing clips may be time-consuming at a particular time.
go pro editing software

4. Windows Movie Maker

Just like iMovie, this is also the best editing software for GoPro. It is also a specially designed software application for only Windows users. If you are not a Mac user and can’t go for iMovie, then this software takes a stand for you. This software is all about editing that is based on simplicity.

Due to its ease and free to use, it is the most popular software that is practiced widely. It offers you the most fantastic feature of video stabilization that avoids the shabby and shrink moments captured.


  • The excellent video stabilization feature
  • Free to use with ease
  • Offers all the requirement to make a sound clip


  • Since it is specially designed for Windows, but does not supports Windows 10
  • Platform dependent so will not work on another operating system
best editing software for GoPro
Windows Movie Maker

5. Final Cut Pro X

Similar to GoPro Quik Desktop, it is the most efficient software to edit videos and clips smoothly and straightforwardly. It is proclaimed as apple’s signature editing tool and can be fittest for beginners.

The comfortable and user-friendly user interface for beginners. It offers you many tools that are required for the desired results with a suitable crop, cut, transition, and other requirements.


  • It supports 360 footage with adequate quality
  • Constant and steady than other tools
  • Need a quite experienced hand for the betterment of results
  • Professional video editing features


  • No stabilization feature
  • Does not allow third-party plugins
Free gopro editing software
Final Cut Pro X

6. Lightworks

No one would like to spend money on primary video editing tools, but if you are a window users and looking for the best free GoPro video editor, Lightwork is the tool that is praised for you.  It has excellent user-interface and advanced video editing tools that are quite hefty in other software.


  • Quick export of videos
  • Easy, user-friendly interface
  • Advanced timeline editing tools
  • Drag and drop interface


  • The free version has limited attractive features
  • Limited library for test
free GoPro video editor

7. DaVinci Resolve 15

It can be considered as the best free GoPro editing software for the experienced one and offers you its benefits with zero charges. It ranges from professional-level tools and be essential for the newbies.

Several features make it most prominent from others like color effects, grading systems, and others. Most of the professional users are obsessed with this one as it gives outstanding results.


  • Colour correction tools
  • Multi-user cooperation
  • It has high-performance playback device
  • 3D tool effects with 4K support


  • Need an advanced computer for better support
  • Frequent updates
  • Little handy for beginners and newbies
free gopro editing software
DaVinci Resolve 15

8. Filmora Wondershare

Despite this, the software gives you a professional look, but yet it is easy, intuitive software for beginners as well as experienced.

It has screen-recording, split-screen features, video stabilization that will make you crazy and crave to use this software. The free version gives you a watermark that can be a drawback, but the other features are outstanding.


  • It is simple to use and does not require more space
  • You can apply effect and filters
  • It has loads of pre-sets, titles, transitions and effects
  • It is affordable for a lifetime with a license


  • The watermark at the free version – remove watermark if you don’t want to pay for it.
  • No color grading feature
  • Lack of motion tracking
free gopro editing software
Filmora Wondershare

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the above eight free GoPro editing software is proclaiming as the best for GoPro editing. It depends on what you need to get perfect software for editing.

All of them are unique and offer you features for editing. However, certain drawbacks will fall, but yes, the benefits and highlights will make a perfect choice for you.

If you are more confused about which one is the best amongst the 8, what I recommend is; go for the one which amazes you the most or else try them all and then choose wisely. What are you waiting for? Just make a choice and start with your editing and share it on your social media accounts.

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