10 Best Freelance Jobs You Can Do While Studying

If you’re a student or recent graduate with an interest in freelancing, then this article is for you. There are many ways to make money while studying, and we’ve compiled the top 10 freelance jobs that you can do from your bedroom. From creating video blogs to writing blog posts, there’s something here for everyone!!

Top 10 Freelance Jobs You Can Do While Studying

#1 Become an Assignment Writer

One of the most popular freelance jobs for students is to become an assignment writer. This involves writing essays and papers for students who cannot do so themselves. If you have strong writing skills and a good knowledge of academic conventions, then this could be the perfect freelance job for you! Many people have chosen assignment writing as a career because it offers a lot of money. Most UK essay writing companies charge their clients around £12-£18 per page.

#2 Graphic Designer

If you’re into graphic design and have a passion for creating images or logos, then this could be the perfect freelance job for you! Many people choose to become graphic designers because there’s no need to deal with demanding clients or long working hours. Graphic design is a profession that can be done from anywhere globally, and there are hundreds of online jobs available for it. If a graphic designer claims that he finds difficulty finding work, I would recommend that he look deeper because this field has the highest remote work ratio on freelancing sites.

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Freelance Jobs You Can Do While Studying
Freelance Jobs You Can Do While Studying

#3 Become an Online Tutor/Teacher

If you’re a student trying to earn money while studying, then becoming an online teacher is one of the top freelance jobs for students. Online teaching gives you flexibility and freedom because there are no set schedules or classes that need to be taken. You can work as much or as little as you want and teach students of all ages! Many platforms offer online teaching jobs, so be sure to do your research before choosing one. Mainly this job offers $8-$18 per hour.

#4 Content Writer

If you’re a student who loves to write, becoming a content writer is the perfect freelance job for you! Content writers are in high demand because website owners always look for people to write their blog posts or articles. If you have enough knowledge about a specific field, then it’s likely that there will be an online job available for you! Writing blogs is one of the most popular freelance jobs on sites like Upwork and Freelancer. Writing content is a never-ending career because everyone’s striving to produce higher quality material. This job pays according to the number of words produced. Depending on the situation, it ranges from $0.01 and $0.04 per word.

#5 Become a Social Media Marketer

Every kid or adult is a master in using social media, so why not use it to earn money? Yes! Every company is going digital, even if it is physically present or not. As a result, the most important need for company owners is to make their product visible to the appropriate audience. Social media is, therefore, the ideal platform for social media marketers, and here they come into play. Social media marketers are the people who work to make products visible on social networks. This is done by publishing posts, commenting and sharing information about these products with their followers. The more popular they become, the higher your salary becomes.

The typical hourly wage for social media marketers is $12 to $20, and because digital presence is becoming important, this sector is heating up.

#6 Online Marketer

Online marketers work to make a product visible on the Internet. They carry out different tasks such as SEO, SEM and SMM. In this way, they increase their visibility among potential customers online. These professionals also monitor whether everything is going well or not concerning the marketing campaign that has been set up for these products. Because everyone is in a race to outdo their competition and rise to the top, many company owners pay substantial funds to their internet marketers.

They have a typical hourly wage of $12 to $18, although many earn more depending on their expertise and talent in this area.

#7 Virtual Assistant

Almost any student can become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant provides professional support services to clients remotely through the use of technology. This means that they can do their work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection! As a virtual assistant, you could be doing anything from social media management to customer service to accounting.

This job is excellent for students because it’s not a full-time commitment and can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection! The average hourly pay ranges from $15 to $40 per hour, depending on your expertise level.

#8 Resume Writer

The need for resumes has been increasing exponentially in recent years. As a result, resume writers are in high demand! If you’re an expert in resume writing and have a knack for helping people present their best selves, then this is the perfect freelance job for you. Many online platforms offer freelance resume writing jobs, so be sure to do your research before signing up with one.

Resume writers have a typical hourly wage of $25 to $50 depending on their work!

#9 Video Editor

When you post videos online, they must look unique and professional. But not everyone has the time or expertise to edit a video that looks amazing. If this sounds like something that interests you, consider becoming a video editor, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Video editors have a typical hourly wage of $15 to $25, depending on their expertise level!

#10 Start your Own YouTube Channel

Many successful YouTubers make money every single month by posting videos online that they create themselves. This is another great freelance job idea for you because it requires little to no experience. The only thing that matters is your passion for creating videos online! Many people work as bloggers now because after you have a certain number of followers and views, there is no longer any way to prevent you from making a lot of money.

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