13 Best Online Games Like Animal Jam [2022 List]

Do you love playing games like Animal Jam? Have you been wondering if there are other games like Animal Jam? Animal Jam which is an online game that enables the player to explore the wonderful world which is loaded with different environment settings, facts, mysteries, games, and much more.

Undoubtedly, Animal Jam is the perfect platform for young children to learn and explore the environment even in the COVID times without going out from the safety of their home. 

Moreover, they can even customize their animal avatar accordingly as they want. Hence, this impressive feature attracts players. Furthermore, games related to animal jam provide similar features likewise Animal Jam. Therefore, players would be able to customize their avatars, explore the world, chat, and play games in most of these similar games like Animal Jam.

Top 13 Games Like Animal Jam Similar Games (2022)

There are plenty of games like Animal Jam available in the virtual world that players can play after downloading them on their systems. Nonetheless, in this section, we will talk about downloadable games like Animal Jam for kids as well as their families.

1. Littlest Pet Shop

Available for iOS as well as Android devices, Littlest Pet Shop is a mobile game for kids. As it is a game like Animal Jam, therefore, players are expected to collect pet animals in this game similar to Animal Jam. Further, players can build houses for their pets so that they can live here. Like one has to create the den in Animal Jam.

Why play?

You can have a crazy adventure with pets in this game. Additionally, if you want to educate your kid about pet animals, then, this one can be your preference.

Games Like Animal Jam
Littlest Pet Shop

2. My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim

As evident by the name, this one is also one of the exceptional games related to animal jam. Players need first to choose the animal or their avatar before they can start playing.

Further, they can rescue the other animals in the zoo. Kids can explore lots and lots of environmental settings in this game like Animal Jam.

Why play?

Instead of getting depended on 2D picture books, introduce your kid to wild animals in a 3D model with this marvelous adventure game.

Games Like Animal Jam
My Wild Pet- Online Animal Sim

3. Play Wild

Play wild is games like aj. If someone is talking about online games like animal jam and Play Wild is omitted then my friend you are missing a lot.

It’s the situation as if you haven’t played Play Wild then, where have you been till now? Play wild is very much similar to Animal Jam and is loved by plenty of gamers. Further, it is available on various platforms.

Why play?

You can play it on your iOS as well as Android. Further, Macbook as well as windows. So, if you were in search of that kind of a game then, you must play this one indeed.

Games Like Animal Jam
Play Wild

4. Webkinz

Webkinz is a sort of alternative to fun games like animal jam. There is a very fun-filled and fantastic world for kids in this game. They can explore and discover a lot in this game. Players can even decorate their rooms and even clothes in Webkinz.

Why play?

Your kid can learn some great life values and skills such as love, caring along with having fun by playing this game of Webkinz. Then, why don’t play it?

Games Like Animal Jam

5. Baby Shark RUN

A single-player, arcade video game for Android users. Baby Shark RUN is the best game, like Animal Jam for kids. You can precisely get an incredible experience along with the adventure of the underwater world. This game is full of curiosities in which baby shark, the main character of the game, loves to explore the ocean.

Why play?

Baby Shark ~Doo Doo Doo Doo ~

I am sure you have got to see those lines of bubbles in the water while reading that “Doo Doo Doo Doo”. If not then, where have you been in your childhood?  Call back your imaginations and fantasies of going underwater with Baby Shark RUN.

Games Like Animal Jam
Baby Shark RUN

6. Fantasy Forest Story

Fantasy forest story offers lots of in-game environmental settings to its players. Players can breed, explore, and even unlock exclusive animals in this game.

Further, the players win prizes and rewards along with the rarest animals after winning. Start your exploration by downloading the game from here:

Why play?

Players can win individual as well as community prizes by playing the Fantasy Forest Story game by Fantom.

Games Like Animal Jam
Fantasy Forest Story

7. Petra’s Planet

Lastly, Petra’s Planet is one more mobile game like Animal Jam that players love. This game can be used for educational as well as socialization and exploration purposes.

Why play?

Suppose you want your kid to have familiarities and knowledge of different cultures available all across the world along with how people leave them. Then, Petra’s Planet game is what you should give them.

Games Like Animal Jam
Petra’s Planet

8. Fantage

An online game like Animal Jam or maybe more online. Fantage is a massively multiplayer online game or MMORPG where you can play games in the virtual world. 

Similar to Animal Jam, players can customize their avatars in Fantage also. Further, there are different kinds of environment settings to increase joy and exploration.

Why play?

You can connect and enjoy the fun of this game with people all around the world just by sitting at your home. If you want to engage your kid in something adventurous but, with safety, then, here is the way — Fantage.


9. Poptropica

Developed by the well-known Pearson Education, Poptropica is a well-designed game for kids. There are various in-game islands for kids to play. They can even connect to other kids playing this game virtually. Therefore, it provides the opportunity for social interaction too. 

Furthermore, these in-game island games have some finishing goals. One can team-up with other players to reach the goal. Points reward kids in these games by which they can redeem in-game items.

You can always play Poptropica on different platforms such as Macbook, iOS, Android, windows, and whatnot. Further, it has a single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode.

Why play?

The immense glory of Poptropica is that the well-known Pearson education develops it. Further, it is full of educational as well as enjoyable materials.


10. Roblox

A multiplayer RPG, the Roblox is a collection of hundreds and thousands of games developed by the community developers for kids and even their parents.

It is one of the best similar games like Animal Jam. One can easily play this game with their family. Further, you can even design your own game, especially for yourself and your kid.

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Why play?

Suppose you want to provide the new world experience to your kid where women too can do everything that a man can do. Then, there is the game. The wonder woman is the character here that goes on adventures.


11. Neopets

One more best game like Animal Jam is Neopets. As the name can guess, the game includes animals that you can take care of as pets. 

So, in this game, the player has to adopt the pet animals or pets and take care of them. The pets in this game are so appealing and eye-catching that kids will surely love it. 

Why play?

The game is all in all based on adopting and taking care of pets. Therefore, if you and your kid are pet lovers or even if you are not, you must give it a try for once.


12. Wizard 101

If you and your kid loves great graphics and saving the town with wizards, kind of games then, this one is definitely for you. In this game, players are supposed to save the town from the evil minds and collecting magic cards as well.

Players are wizards in this game and can contact other wizards in the game. Specifically, it is a multiplayer game. Moreover, you can play it on Mac as well as Windows.

Why play?

You can easily play “save the world” and do adventures in this game. Imagine yourself as a wizard doing wonders. Isn’t it amazing?

Games Like Animal Jam
Wizard 101

13. Club Penguin Island

A three-dimensional game developed by Disney incredibly for kids, Club Penguin, is the best of the best games like animal jam for playing. There are tons of cute, at the same time, customizable penguins in the game.

Why play?

The best part is that Club Penguin Island is monitored 24×7 by experts. Therefore, parents can easily relax and do their chores without worrying about their kids.

Games Like Animal Jam
Club Penguin Island

Eleggible’s Recommendation

So, after knowing about these 13 best games like Animal Jam, having a question of which one is precisely the best of the best amongst them is expected. Therefore, we will answer this question. But, firstly, tell me, did you like these games?

Yes, you might have liked one or two more than others because that particular game has included something that you specifically like in the game. Hence, there is the answer. The one that you enjoy playing is games related to animal jam

Eleggible’s Final Words

After considering all things, these are the 13 best online games like Animal Jam. We hope this well-researched and explained list of games would help you find the best game for yourself. From penguins to the baby shark, from wild animals to pets, from wizards to wonder women. These games are perfectly designed for every kind of taste and like.

So, whether you and your kid want to have an experience of the underwater or whether just forest or zoo. You can safely have all sorts of experiences just by sitting at your home with these beautiful games. Above all, the Best is what suits you and what you find the best.

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