15+ Games Like Free Cities: City Building Games

Ever dreamt of creating your city or metropolis? Laying your regulations on how to layout city plans. Or the way the traffic will be regulated. Provide them effective solutions. You can accomplish this dream of yours using Games Like Free Cities.

Highly intuitive, easy to play with and create, these games provide a solution to your idea of creating the city of your dreams. Imagine yourself included in the City Planning. You are the one who controls economics, law, and order. Not only for earth citizens, but you can even extend this planning to space.

These games are easy to install and flexible with planning. You can upgrade the existing city plan. Add to your skill sets of management and, most importantly, give wings to your ideas.

Highly intellectual and brain-activating, these games help in developing confidence and acquaintance with your immediate surroundings.

Today’s learners are Future Developers. Learn to amalgamate your ideas with simulations to enhance your planning and finance handling skills. Upgrade the leadership and management qualities.

Many times aspiring Pradhan or local government bodies candidates try to effectively change the loom of the city or town about their area or any student for his research in the development of drainage, a sanitation system has to study and Upgrade the Town/City Plan.

Who does not want to be benefited from the metropolis’s advancement and facilities?

To know more about the solution to the above questions, go on reading. As for you, we have some top picks for City Planning Simulations/Blueprints to learn, play or even upgrade with no cost!

15 Online Games Like Free Cities

1. Toy Box Metropolis

games like free cities Toy Box Metropolis

City Building Game set on the floor of a child’s bedroom. You can build and upgrade a little toy city. The approach is to create a city in one room. It does not involve a strategy. More of a toy only.

All you need is a mouse. Number keys 1-4 are the shortcut keys to build in different modes. Essentially a city has a well-planned layout of buildings. Hence the buildings you create either help you gain or lose points. It’s one of the best games like free Cities.

Features of roads are also available but devoid of any scoring. To excel, you have to conquer all your objective scores by the end of the 10th turn. Building upgrades provide better scores and provide fun animation. It has an easy-breezy user-friendly approach, for beginners hence one of our picks for you.

2. The Final Earth 2

Space lovers alert! Want to inhabit the space colony? Want to design such a map liable to live in space? Colonize the Space? Then get your blueprint done on this game.

It was developed and published by Florian van Strien. This encompasses the primary city-building motive and a collection of Indie games, simulation, and strategy. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows. Free to install.

It has an impressive rating of 4.7/5. Hence we have included it in our list. It can be categorized as a pioneering colony management game. Resources and research help you build the space- city. It is a steady development game from a single exploration game to a giant metropolis, equipped with recent advances in technology.

3. Micropolis Online

Still a player of SimCity?

Here is an old version- Micropolis Online of the prior. It an open-source version of SimCity Classic developed from Maxis. Will Wright and Don Hopkins developed it.

It is essentially an online game where you have to build the city. The overall theme being “Constructivist Education.” It is distributed on the web and made to run on servers. Hence updating is easy.

It even has a Multiplayer Interaction. So if you want to know about the design of the city, then here’s your pick! An easy beginner-level approach is established. Cross-platform features are also available.

4. SimCity 2000

It was the successor to the SimCity Classic. These games like free cities were developed by Will Wright and Fred Haslam of Maxis. It is primarily a building game. Hence a combo of fun and learning.

City leaders alert! Ideal for Single Players. This game has an isometric approach. The game requires the creation of a city, which has residential and industrial areas. Then go on building a framework and collecting taxes. Employ these taxes in Enhancing the city.

Management is what is tested here. To create a symphony of living and balance. The balance between different sectors is a must to ensure an increment in the standard of living.

At the onset of deficit spending, the game is over. The organization of the people to live, earn and settle well is about a player who can learn and enhance.

5. City Creator

It is essentially a platform to create a city online. Ideal for beginners. You are provided with a crew of tools and components. Denise Wilton and Carl Henderson jointly created this city.

All you have to do is manifest the blueprint in your head on the screen. You can assess the features by becoming a member. There are four types of city categories that you caN create.

They are- Meadville, Snodland, Blankton, and any city of your choice. To create your desired setting city, you have to select the Build option.

Just drag and drop the pieces from the palette and arrange them to create your city. There is even a dumper truck facility. This truck can be used to trash in pieces beyond service. You can even share the cities with your friends. Amazing enough and highly comprehensive.

6. Idle City Builder

games like free cities idle city builder

Free Games Like Free Cities for android applications. It has a satisfactory rating of 3.5/5. Want to create your city idealistically? Here’s the pick for you.

The best feature being online and Offline Construction Possibilities. Your city is easy to develop. You can even earn while you’re not operational on your platform. Hence resembling the feature of automation.

You can even send and receive gifts from your friends. Go on using these gifts to grow and customize your city. Hence Highly Interactive and Intuitive. Fun orientated with playing, learning, and earning features.

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7. Kingdom Of Loathing

It was developed and published by Asymmetric Publications. It is essentially a role-playing game. Hence you have to choose the character you want to play. Technically a browser-based multiplayer game.

Fantasy Lovers Alert! The game includes killing monsters, accomplishing quests, gaining skills and stats, and even collecting meat and items. The expeditions involve jokes, wits, or references to different cultures. It is just a parody of games of characters from different platforms.

It just encompasses humor and all possible hilarious situations. Easy to play and relax. Just eat and booze up to relish. Slaying the Demons to accomplish tasks makes it break the monotony.

8. Carnal Souls

It is one of the upcoming games. Hence not well dominant or famous yet. The content of the game is restricted to players- aged 18+. Essentially an open-source game. It is a text-oriented pornographic RPG. RPG stands for role-playing.

Hence to play this game, the user chooses his/her avatar and embarks on the adventure. Being sensitive in content is audience-oriented. We have included it in the list to encompass its budding growth. To get you well acquainted with the forte of the game.

It is being developed on Unity 5, can be played on browsers using Unity’s WebGL build target. Initially, races are present. You can use humans, cats, horses, foxes, etc., any animal of your choice and accomplish the races. You can even play as a centaur, suggesting a powerful character morphing.

9. Trials in Tainted Space

Fenoxo created it. It is essentially a Free Online Role-Playing Game. Hence you can choose your avatar. It is an interactive hentai game.

The plot revolves around a quest for a position. The protagonist – you have to go for planet rushes. Hunt down several special satellites to inherit your prestigious father’s position. The position is of a CEO to your father’s space megacorp. You’ll be battling against your cunning cousin, who has also embarked on the same quest.

The various troops involved are- Amazonian Beauty, Hermaphrodite, etc. After the success of anime, this one is also trying to set its foot firmly. It has sensitive content. Hence age-restricted.

10. Fall Of Eden

It is a game similar to the ‘Corruption of Champions.’ It is entirely text-based. Hence limits your imagination spectrum. But you put in less and receive more.

In simpler versions that means, you do not have to remain so active about imagining. The text given by you as input receives an amazing output. Full-fledged RPG. The game has a large set of characters to choose from.

The plot develops around Goddess Aria, who looks after you, and demon queen Uru, all set to ruin you. You have a magic stone, and you are lost in an unknown world, and you have to survive and make your way home. Get ready to meet monsters, demons waiting to kill you. Your imagination is needed to bring the game to life, as it lacks graphics and details.

11. Gift of Phallius 2

It is part of the Gifts of the Phallius series. The author of the Game is GoblinBoy. The plot is set in the world of Eros. Eros is again in danger.

The characters include- The Captain and Diana, the daughter of Prince Alicia and PC from the first game. The Captain can be named based on your choice. These two can only save the Land of Eros now. The game is based on their adventures.

Now, you have to find the Great Positions to tie up the evil. Hence saving the land. The content of the game is quite adult-oriented. Hence you should play this under age restriction norms.

12. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

Want to dominate the world with Computers? Want to enter and live in a lawless, science fiction-based world? Then here is the top pick for you! It was developed and published by the Cabrera brothers.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows and OS X. This game is essentially a cyberpunk interactive video game. You can purchase it directly from the creator’s website. It is a single-player game.

In the text parser, you have to put the desired actions in the form of text. The plot revolves around a moon -devastating consequences resolution. Protagonist Dogeron ‘Dog’ Kenan helps corporations to courier data using personal cybernetic implants. Due to a deal going wrong, he has become a man of the hour.

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13. Fallen London

It was developed and published by Failbetter Games. Essentially browser-oriented. A single-player game. It is a narrative game. Set in “Fallen London” with gothic overtones.

Its franchise involves – Sunless Sea. Its sequel being Sunless Skies. Originally this game was termed Echo Bazaar. Players are eligible to take any roles they want to play.

They earn by doing trivial professions as they have no source of living expenses. They have to make their notes on the legal and illegal activity of the. There is no lost or won situation. According to which their position in the questline is determined, the statistics are maintained based on their abilities.

14. Anchorhead

Horror lovers assemble! This game like free cities is essentially a combination of horror fiction and weird fiction. Hence Lovecraftian Horror Fiction Game. The works of HP Lovecraft inspire this game. It is one of the most interactive games.

It was developed and published by Michael S. Gentry. Supported by Z machine version 8. Single-player game. Filled with adventure hence captivating.

The game divides into four sections. Loaded with puzzles to move forward. The unnamed female protagonist and her husband, Michael set on an adventure to acquire the mansion in Anchorhead they have inherited.

Beset with challenges from their other family members, it is quite absorbing. It has received great acclaim based on detailing in description and the highly imaginative indulging world of the game.

15. Flexible Survival

Adventure lovers alert! An ultimate game like Free Cities of exploration! The game’s antagonist is the nanite-based virus. Its outbreak occurs in the game, and it even gets mutated. This causes worsening of the condition.

It is one of the prevalent hack and slash games. Having the feature of role-playing combat. You can play it on a web interface. Even compatible with MU* telnet client.

Hence the plot develops on- hunting spots, rivals, infection, and quests. Essentially a survival game, the players are supposed to keep their avatars fed until the military rescues them.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

You might be a bit perplexed by now on what games like free cities to head on to either start with the basics of city planning or become an interplanetary human! Let me help you out. If you want to reach out for space, go for Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure.

Just want to increase your planning or management skills. Go for Idle City Builder, SimCity 2000, Micropolis Online, The Final Earth 2, and Toy Box Metropolis. Other than them, you can upgrade your gaming skills or break the monotony by playing other games from the list above.


Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you think about the Games Like Free Cities mentioned above. Which one appealed to you the most?

What is your preference list? Do you know about some other games which We have not mentioned here, do let me know in the form of a comment below.

Happy City Building!

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