9 Best Games Like Halo That You Can Try (2022)

If you are a fan of the Halo series and want to know more about games like Halo, then you are in the right place. Halo is one of the most popular games in the gaming world, known for its excellent first-person shooter gameplay.

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It’s the strong storyline and multiplayer gameplay is the most beautiful part. The blend of FPS and Sci-Fi action makes this game more exciting and enjoyable.

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Top 9 Games Like Halo That You Can Play

Here we are listing 9 Best science fiction FPS games like Halo for PC, which you must try, so have a look and enjoy them.

1. Killzone

Killzone is a perfect PS3 game like Halo. It has a touch of science fiction and FPS games, which makes this game amazing. This is available on PlayStation. 

The story of the game revolves around the conflict between Helghast and ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance). Helghast are descendants of humans who have failed to colonize and are left on a harsh planet to fend for themselves.

Games Like Halo
Kill Zone

The hostile atmosphere of the planet starts changing and helps these human races. Now, these humans want revenge. This game is considered one of the best FPS games with the most compelling story and graphics with multiplayer mode.

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2. Warframe

You must play Warframe at least once to know what h gem it is. It is a free game like Halo with a combination of FPS and MMO gaming, making it more exciting. The focus of the game is on incredible battles, including hundreds of players at a time, rather than the storyline.

games like halo

The players are given a variety of options to tweak weapons, looks, and armour. In this game, both skill and teamwork are essential to complete all the missions. Warfare is an epic game with MMOFPS gameplay, which will help you play multiplayer mode for a long time. 

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3. Red Faction

Red Faction is a series of games, just like Halo, which is available on different platforms like PlayStation, Mac, Xbox, Windows, and GameCube. This game is a series of Sci-Fi action, which makes it more amazing.

The scene of the game is of Mars in the 21st century. The geometry modifications feature of the game provides a destructible environment, which is the most attractive part of the game. That’s why this is in the list of best games similar to Halo.

games similar to Halo
Red faction

The player can destroy any part of the scene, like breaking the wall instead of using the door. These features give a great feeling while playing. Fans of Halo will love this game due to its excellent FPS gameplay and the beautiful environment of Mars. 

4. TimeShift

TimeShift is another popular game like Halo with FPS and science fiction combination. It is available in Xbox, PlayStation 3, and PC.

TimeShift is a must-play game for those who are searching for the same enjoyment las in Sci-Fi games like Halo. The player plays as a scientist, who, with his colleagues, develops two suits, which helps in time traveling and time manipulation.

The time-traveling suit was stolen by the director of the project to travel in the past to change the future. You, as a scientist, now want to stop him from doing so at any cost.

With the help of suit, all the players can manipulate time, such as slowing it, rewinding it, and stop it to puzzle the situation as per their need. It is one of the best games available, like Halo, with its unique gameplay. 

5. Resistance

Resistance is a fantastic PS3 game series like Halo with a combination of science fiction and dating, horror which makes it super exciting. The storyline of the game is charming.

The game starts in an alternative past where aliens have invaded the Earth. The player of those few humans left on the Earth and fought back aliens. The weapons are a mixture of both conventional and futuristic weaponry, which makes the right combination for fun in the fighting.

Resistance offers multiplayer mode with a large number of players, around sixty at a time in battles. This game can be played both as a single-player and also with multiple players. This game is super amazing and worth playing if you are searching for the games like Halo for pc. 

games like halo for pc

6. Crisis

The crisis is a charming series of FPS known for its impressive combination of graphics and science fiction gameplay like Halo. The story of the game starts around several military protagonists. They have nano suits with great powers like invisibility, speed, strength, and durability.

games like halo

These powers help them exploring the world when they attempt to stop aliens, soldiers, and mercenaries. The original crisis was known for its amazing graphics, but the gameplay was not much good. But now these problems are sorted out in crisis two and crisis 3; among these, crisis 3 is a better one with sorted gameplay mechanics. 

7. Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty is a viral FPS game. It gives a great experience of FPS gaming, which is multiplayer and single-player campaigns. This game is available on PC and major consoles. Call Of Duty series has plenty of games with new releases every year so that you never get short with content.

Recent additions are mainly focused on modern warfare, which gives a variety of different weapons to explore. It might not be very similar to Halo, but it is one of the best FPS games you can try. You must start with the latest one, which provides you large community available for multiplayer mode. 

games like halo
call of duty

8. Dead Space

Dead Space is a science fiction based FPS game like Halo. The dark environment of the game is very relaxed. The environment and space atmosphere is similar to Halo. The player plays the role of Isaac Clarke, who has to fight against necromorphs (reanimated dead human bodies).

games like halo

In this game, you can destroy the body parts of necromorphs to make them useless, which is a unique feature of this game. Dead space 3 offers co-op gameplay so that players can quickly come in and out of friends game. This game is delightful with its beautiful graphics.

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9. StarCraft II

StarCraft ll is last but not the least. This game is similar to Halo Wars in having futuristic RTS experience. This game is well known for its campaign gameplay and amazing features that allow you to chat, connect, and compete with other players.

StarCraft world revolves around three different races; advanced aliens (Protoss), humans (Terran), and a species of alien type creatures (Zerg). The best thing is that you can play as any of the races. Because of these types of features we have included this in this list of best games like halo for pc.

games like halo for pc
Starcraft II

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are the nine best games, like Halo, that you can try. They are full of Sci-Fi action and fantasy genre. These games have the best first-person shooters gameplay with science fiction actions and the environment. The storyline of all these games is exciting and different.

If you are bored with repetitions of Halo but also a fan of Halo series, then these games are for you to try. You must try these games to explore some more fun and features with the conventional idea of Halo. Enjoy these best FPS games with an exciting storyline and excellent graphics.

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