9 Best Games Like Wizard101 Ranked In 2022

Wizard101 is an Action-Adventure, MMORPG, and Fantasy-based computer game created and distributed by Kingslsle Entertainment. The game is in a mystical school called Ravenwood Academy. We offer Games like Wizard101 for you.

Players of any age set off on a great mission to save Wizard City from underhanded powers and gather the sorcery cards from dueling their adversaries in the game world. During the game, players can expect Witchcraft and Wizardry to make sure about the winding, the Virtual World of the game, and fight foes by projecting spells by utilizing a Turn-based battle framework like collectible games.

In the Games like Wizard101 Fictional universe contains 13 particular conditions, and each has its various territories, foes, and Cities. For example, the game spotlights on Duels, two groups of up to 4 players or NPC adversaries take a go-to project the spell.

The game allows you to communicate with other online players, make new companions, visit with them, mess around together, fight against foes, and inundate yourself in different profitable exercises.

The elegantly composed story, tremendous and profoundly ultra-visual, addictive and very captivating interactivity, and the best mechanics make the game charming to play.

Top 9 Games Like Wizard101 & It’s Alternatives

Games like Wizard101 also offer a protected online framework that empowers the player to deal with their youngster’s activities under thirteen years. So, lets into these:

1. RuneScape

RuneScape is a 3D Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Fantasy, and program-based computer game created and distributed by Jagex. The game happens in the World of Gielinor. An archaic dream domain separated into different realms, Regions, and Cities.

The game gives you a chance to investigate the tremendous, fantastic, and incredible Open World. Every zone and the city comprise different Monsters, Resources, and Quests in the game. The players can choose and tweak their symbols as they need.

Games like Wizard101


  • The game does not follow a straight story game. Instead, players can set their objectives and goals. The player can likewise choose to battle against NPC Monsters and journeys.
  • To procure experience focuses, players need to overcome beasts, foes, and their managers to finish testing journeys. So on and can utilize their acquired experience focuses on upgrading their character powers.
  • You can interface with other online players through exchanging, visiting, and have the option to have smaller than expected games and can take influence in different exercises.
  • RuneScape offers the best mechanics, addictive and very captivating ongoing interaction, and incredible designs.

2. Elseworlds Online

Elsword Online conveys an expertise-based activity pressed MMORPG experience. The computer game is allowed to play and uses a 2.5D side-looking over UI. Elsword Online is loads with highlights that you will anticipate from a cutting-edge MMORPG, including PvP, organizations, visit frameworks, and expertise-based battle.


  • In the game, you will collaborate with different players to free stages from the game’s story.
  • The game’s narrative happens in the place where there is Elrios, which pulls in force from the El Stone.
  • One day the El Stone strangely vanishes, and a few swashbucklers go looking for the otherworldly stone.
  • This storyline is fundamental and sends you on an epic experience without showing any exhausted presentation or cut scenes.
  • Elsword Online offers an ability-based battle framework that will allow you to battle against the enemy progressively.

3. Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a Fantastic Browser-based, Action-Adventure, and MMORPG computer game created by X-Legend and distributed by Aeria Games. There are five playable races, for example, Human, Urson, Halfkin, Anuran, and Zumi. The story follows the personality of Crystal Child detain inside a precious blue stone.


  • A character lost his memory, a youngster attempting to escape the precious stone by collaborating with objects, investigating the areas, and settling different missions that NPCs proposal, other online players, and conditions.
  • The game allows you to turn into various hero organizations by giving fifty gold currencies that you can gather by slaughtering the foes, finishing the journeys by utilizing your capacities and abilities.
  • The interactivity highlights both the PvP and PvE battle occasions, communication with other online players, and items.
  • Eden Eternal offers the best mechanics, elegantly composed story, addictive ongoing interaction, and impressive visuals. Eden Eternal is a casual game to play and appreciate.

4. Luvinia

Luvinia is an Anime-based Fantasy and Massively Multiplayer Online computer game that happens in the entertaining world. In addition, the game backs multiplayer mode, and it allows you to pick your virtual symbol from accessible and hop into the world brimming with different players from everywhere on the Earth.

The game also highlights three playable character classes, and 12 sub-classes are there to ensure the gigantic measure of customization between playable characters.


  • It appears simple to play yet challenging to dominate. The PvP mode will set parts in opposition to one another, and the last standing player will always guarantee all prizes.
  • In the game, the player’s definitive undertaking is to build his position to open extra substance to turn into the expert.
  • Tremendous World, Several Kingdoms, Six Playable Nations, and Character Classes are center highlights.

5. MapleStory

MapleStory is a Massively Multiplayer Online and Role-playing computer game created by Wizet for PC. The game also plays from a side-scroll viewpoint, and the player controls his virtual character on a 2D plane.

Besides, the world is loads with awful beasts who are attacking individuals to run over them. You chose as a legend, and your definitive objective is to explore the world, battle against foes, and procure focuses to turn into the expert.


  • While playing the game, you can cooperate with NPCs and different parts in an assortment of ways, including exchanging and talking.
  • The Black Mage is the game’s primary rival, who was caught numerous years back by a few legends.
  • Various sorts of playable characters are accessible, and everyone has novel capacities and abilities that you can utilize while playing the game.

6. Adventure Quest World

Adventure Quest Worlds (or AQWorlds) is a program-based MMORPG computer game. It also happens in a predictable game world and highlights multiplayer experience, rather than offering a solitary player centered insight. There are numerous serves accessible, and the game requests that you before beginning pick the closest worker to you for a better gaming experience.

Games like Wizard101


  • A couple of these workers utilize restricted talk choices that free it up to more youthful players or gamers who are just longing to play without help from anyone else without others’ impedance.
  • Toward the start of your experience, you need to pick one of 4 accessible classes, for example, mage, fighter, a healer just as a rebel.
  • Every single one of these classes accompanies their capacities (both dynamic and detached) that you will open and improve over the long haul.

7. LaTale

LaTale draws consideration intensely from some other 2D side-looking over computer games and gives you a big dream MMORPG world. Also, the interactivity in LaTale is amazingly like other MMORPGs, where gamers are investigating the game world in a 2D side-looking over way just as dealing with their character utilizing mouse and console interfaces.

Games like Wizard101


  • Players can venture to every part of the world to finish experiences for the different NPCs, achieving levels, spending ability, and improving gear.
  • LaTale is not endeavoring to rethink the MMO space and focuses on blending the absolute best components that the class needs to give in to a solitary game.
  • In the game, players can create the primary money in LaTale, by and large, known as Ely for vanquishing beasts, completing journeys, and selling their things (to merchants or different players).
  • The top-notch cash of the game is Astros that permits players to get to a few premium stuff.

8. Mabinogi

Mabinogi presents a lovely cast of anime characters and gives you excellent MMORPG interactivity. Besides, It has numerous noticeable highlights, and it permits you to pick one of the multiple playable characters; everyone has unique abilities and capacities. Utilizing the customization highlight, only the player can change his character’s presence with numerous adornments and things.

Games like Wizard101


  • There are diverse character classes, for example, Elf, Human, and Giant. The game rewards the player with focuses for each vanquished adversary, and he can utilize it to open additional substance to uncover privileged insights.
  • A few small games are there, and everyone expects you to fight against foes, acquire focuses, and disentangle secrets to turn into the expert.
  • With battle abilities, character classes, and point by point illustrations, Mabinogi is a spectacular game to play and appreciate.

9. Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter is a 2015 Anime-based Mass effect game Online computer game created by X-Legend for PC. The game also highlights Multiplayer on the web, and it happens in the lovely reality where you need to control your #1 character from accessible and begin exploring the world. Besides, there are loads of testing missions, and everyone requires the fruition of targets.

Games like Wizard101


  • The game presents worked in regulator uphold, which implies you can utilize a gamepad to play.
  • Begin investigating the universe of Wyveria, where an exciting animal has governed over the world for quite a while.
  • Four playable character classes are accessible Cleric, Mage, Mercenary, and that is just the beginning.
  • Everyone has a one-of-a-kind play style and capacities to use during the ongoing interaction.
  • During the interactivity, the player joins the fight to defeat foes for focuses.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

There are a few games like wizard101 you can investigate. Besides, If you love Wizard101, you may have played the game to the most significant levels, and you might want to explore different choices accessible out there. The multiplayer impacts made online may make you love the game.

There are additionally a few other Games like Wizard101 that offer similar results. It also has arrived to investigate the few games accessible online after which you will effectively murder your weariness.

In addition, the Wizard101, you will participate in a game where you should join wizardly and black magic. It is a game loaded with experiences that you will continue to investigate. Besides, there are a few procedures that are used in the game that make it stick out. In the battle framework, you will appreciate it a ton. The way that you will project spells makes the game extremely energizing.

Which is the Best Must-play Game Alike Wizard101 You Should not Miss?

RuneScape is the best of all.

Is Wizard101 Shutting Down, If Yes then Why?

Of course not, any claims regarding the issue will be spreading by internet trolls.

Is Pirate101 Better than Wizard101 comparing their Features?

Wizard 101 has more features and players as compare to pirate101.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Lastly, The above are the best games like wizard101 you can attempt. They will open you to something few you should grass. The few things you will gain from the tournament will cause you to appreciate the play climate.

These Games like Wizard101 also plan in such a manner you will encounter not many contrasts from the Wizard101. You need to attempt the game, and it will not ever allow you to down.

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