7 Best Sound (Audio) Headphone Equalizer Software Windows

In layman’s terms, an ‘equalizer’ is a device that can adjust the output to the range of frequency we desire. Hence equalizing the output to our expectations. That’s where headphone equalizer software comes in handy. Consider a situation where a budding guitarist wants to upload his new video on any platform, has really good skills at playing, records his track, and listens to it.

Apart from the musical track, he can even hear the noise of switching of strings, of his intervening, not loud but irking breaths. With these noises, his track cannot fathom the success he would have dreamt of unless he could use the equalizer to tune the symphony of pure music and dampen off the noise.

Not only for music, in many electronic circuits, but the equalizer’s employment is also a mass scale to cut out the undesired frequency range.

The wonders of advancement in technology have accorded us with the following best equalizer to rescue us from imperfections in the audio:

  • FXSound – Enhancing sound quality, volume clarity, and bass of the PC.
  • Boom 3D – Pro audio enhancement.
  • Equalizer APO – Open source graphical equalizer.
  • Viper4Windows – Default/ preset nostalgic, output-based sound provider.
  • SoundPimp Audio Enhancer – Surround technology with high-definition stereo.
  • Realtek HD Audio Manager – To control sound play on Windows computers.
  • RealTime Equalizer – Refine, control and perfect the sound.

Top 7 Sound Headphone Equalizer Software for Windows [2024]

The process of equalizing is one of the vital processes involved in the proper functioning of the headphones, where the out-of-tune noises can be either wiped off or blended in to create a smooth track. Hence we have listed for you the 7 best equalizers for headphones:

#1. FXSound

headphone equalizer software FXSound

It is a Windows application and is a widely used headphone eq software. It immediately improves the sound quality. For its installation purpose, a driver is fixed to the PC.

This enables the channelization of audio to the headphones via it. All you need is to download the application on your PC. Connect the device and enjoy the audio or music.

The high resolution of the sound without the usage of big expensive speakers allures the audience. It’s easy to use, and non-complex working paves the way for hassle-free installation and usage.

Hence its best-regarded merit is the optimization of the sound quality it provides. Based on the good reviews by the users, it is a must to install for enjoying the streaming on laptops, PCs, etc.

The deliverance of promising results is what adds to the frequent installation of the software. So for better sound stimulus to ears, this headphone equalizer software is an easy and must option. It can be made to run in the background. Thus the user can play and work at the same time. You can upgrade to a successive upper, new version.

The installation for Windows is free, but one can upgrade to FXSound Pro $19.99 per year plan. The default system is non-customizable with limited features, but the pro involves pro features like – preset design based on a user’s listening records. Followed by their creation and even saving in the system.


  • The layout is good and easy to use with top-notch quality of steam. Enables users to reach up to their areas of interest.


  • This sound equalizer may lose compatibility with some Flash and Windows versions. Possesses an outdated look with limited features.

#2. Boom 3D

One of the widely used Windows audio equalizer software due to its feature of 3D effect on all sorts of media content. True to its name, it imparts a 3-D- multi-channel on any platform.

The impressive virtual sound surround experience adds a great feature record. It was primarily developed for gaming applications to give unreal amazing effects. Although we have reviewed some of the best gaming headphones that are worth checking.

Based on the user reviews, the pointer on the scale moves to satisfactory performance. Hence we included it in our list of one of the must-haves.

The interface is extremely user-friendly hence easily comprehensible. Consequently applicable to many other applications. It has been regarded as one of the best immersive experiences.

One just has to install the software and experience the sublime-sounding effect worth listening to.UI supports easy navigation with adjustable settings. With relaxation to enjoy audio on perspective grounds.

Thereby enabling you to dive deep into audio, surrounded by it. HD58X Jubilees ensures a better experience for the software. All movies in 3-D can be enjoyed at relatively lower rates.

Ensures crispness and top-notch clarity. The application has different installation rates for different systems and Windows. The other features include:

  • Easy to use and efficient management.
  • Available for all-ios and Android devices.


  • Best sound amplifier at the moment.
  • Excellent set of effects.
  • All content playing is possible.


  • No offline streaming option.
  • Not too compatible with a free trial version.
  • A bit crowded for beginners.

#3. Equalizer APO

One of the most widely used headphone equalizer software for Windows. The versions involve- 7,8,8.1 and 10. This equalizer is regarded as one of the most reliable and strongest equalizers used.

APO stands for audio processing object. It is one of the most striking launches of the year 2024. APO encompasses many features of predecessors.

The latest version of this application is of 2022 launched Equalizer APO 64-bit. The download results of this particular application are immensely high; hence it is highly recommended.

The attributes of customization and fully featured free sound make it dominant. The application uses API hence is incompatible with ASIO and WASAPI-based systems.

This equalizer can be easily installed and harnessed for supreme audio. By far one of the most powerful tools. The version has the following capability, which ensures its booming appreciation and usage:

  • Countless filters
  • 3D sound surrounds the feature of 3D boom software giving immersive sound quality to the system.
  • Major installation motivation: low CPU usage.
  • It is free to install and easy to use.


  • Free and customizable
  • Modular GUI
  • Multi-channel compatibility


  • GUI- Graphic User Interface. The software lacks the user acquaintance graphic interface/connection option; hence filters are to be regulated by applying the TXT file.
  • Hence it’s one of the best versions available by far.

#4. Viper4Windows

headphone equalizer software Viper4Windows

As the name suggests, Viper for Windows, this application has been constructed for Windows-based applications. It is interesting to note that initially, the computers were aloof of sound.

Thanks to this default/ preset software the system has got some sound. It is evident from the errors we sometimes try to omit but eventually end up making.

They are related well to the computer buzz. The clicks of the mouse, the pop-up messages for saving files, etc., are major evidence of it being a nostalgic part of the system.

Hence it majorly incorporates the general audio notes of the system along with the computer or PC being connected over a network, also, during web connection.

It has been regarded as the Freeware of the PC. As this application is pre-installed, or its new versions can be installed.

Works well with Windows – 7,8,8.1,10. Since it’s pre-installed and somewhat irksome during certain situations, it can be easily installed for Windows 32/64 bit. Installation and access are easy and user-friendly.

The main features include:

  • The system can regulate the driver for a particular output.
  • Easy theme setting modifications are allocated to the user.
  • It possesses its audio part processing algorithms, which helps inefficient working of the system to respond to different outputs.
  • Completely free, with the newest version being- ViPER4Windows 1.0.5.


  • Zero restrictions from windows
  • Exercisable theme settings modifications


  • Being native, it lacks the 3-D surround feature.
  • Not much resolution is clear as compared to the successor.

#5. SoundPimp Audio Enhancer

Until now, we focused on many equalizer programs for Windows, but an enhancer acts as a cherry on top of the equalizing process—the one that enhances the performance.

The enhancer just upgrades the performance of the equalizer. Suitable for many artists serious about their top-notch sound outcome.

Nonetheless, it’s a recommendable application. It does not need to be installed. Just for enhancing purposes, one can try it out—the real audiophile stuff.

This Supports Windows/Mac/Linux. It is one of the benchmarks of extremely reliable equalizers. Promising deliverance of high performance adds to its merit.

With compatibility with various audio platforms like- MP3, FLAC, etc., this is one of the most desirable enhancers.

The main features involve:

  • Does not consume much space of the CPU or RAM.
  • 3-D sound surrounds.
  • The skirmish/crosstalks of all the computer sounds are chalked off by it.

But it is not free. To experience the extra good sound quality, the $52 but free lite version is free to install.


  • Memory hassle-free low usage.
  • Extremely enhanced sound quality.
  • Assurance of symphony between two or more speakers by cutting off the interlinked talks, hence pure sound with no noise elements.


  • Loudspeaker and not earphones or headset.

#6. Realtek HD Audio Manager

An open-source PC sound equalizer. Easy customization over ten band equalization settings makes it approachable.

The frequency ranges from 31kdB -16kdB. There are several features of the software that enable its widespread craze. It encompasses the incorporation of pop, jazz, etc., for display purposes.

Moreover, Karaoke is also available. Hence it’s an ideal setting for music lovers. The effects are also gifted to the users for their satisfactory usage of the software.

The environment of – sewer pipes, forest, and underwater are available with the software. They help in enhancing the users with new features to dazzle their songs with. It can be installed for Windows 10.

The main features involve:

  • The virtual surround sound enables the transmission of surround sound as a stereo output.
  • Provides Quadraphonic mode.


  • Room correction function to ensure implementation of desired audio.
  • For the 5.1 speaker mode, the option for switching centre and base management is provided.


  • In case of missing or not up to the mark functioning, the manager needs to be reinstalled or updated as unless the manager is corrupt or non-updated, the system will not function well.

#7. RealTime Equalizer

headphone equalizer software real time equalizer

It is one of the best audio controller software. As of 300, separate channels can be accessed to look in for the sound. It allows the user to separate the sound, which requires equalization.

The settings tuned in by the user can be saved as presets. Easy to use and user-friendly. None of the files involves the incorporation of any computer harm-imposing files. The many equalizers can be displayed simultaneously.

It can function by itself. Also can be made to work with a compatible software like WinAMP. Regarded as a headphone equalizer software for processing music files, it finds its application in many professional areas.

Configurations can be made over and over again as per the will of the user. The forte is a fine and powerful application. The installation is easy if not already present. 1.2 MB of free space is needed.

The features involve:

  • Effective stand-alone options
  • Compatible coupling options.
  • Efficient memory occupancy.
  • Effective and enhanced sound quality.


  • Spatial resurrection provided.
  • Equalize MP3, WAV format.
  • Flexible change of channels and addition of new tracks.


  • Little crowded for beginners with too many options- almost 300 audio channels.

Eleggible’s Final Words

To deliver a top-notch performance, Eleggible suggests you go for award-winning Boom 3D. After a close fight with Soundpimp Audio Enhancer and Equalizer APO.

The sole reason is to incorporate features of 3D boom and many other attributes that help enhance the sound quality.

But this can vary from user to user as, for a surreal experience, one can opt for Soundpimp enhancer while for professional purposes, one can go for Equalizer APO. Still, if someone demands an amalgamation of surrealism and professionalism, one should go for Boom 3D.

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