How Do I Text Someone When I’m Outside of the United Kingdom?

Outside your country and want to send a message to one of your colleagues or employees? cNumber gives you the ease to buy virtual numbers for cross-country communication purposes. Before getting into the depths, let’s walk down to see what exactly a virtual SMS number is and how the same can help you connect with your customers/prospects with ease.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A dedicated virtual SMS number is one that gives you the ease to send/receive text messages with ease. Whether you wish to connect with the customers while traveling to a different place or keep your employees updated on a particular project, the virtual number will facilitate all.

What’s best about having a virtual number is that it is cheaper than other ways of sending messages. Meaning that the cost incurred in purchasing a virtual number and leveraging it to send messages is apparently less than the total amount charged when sending international messages. 

There is an array of service providers that offer virtual SMS numbers. Each has its own set of plans and you can pick one that fits your interest best. 

But is having a virtual number the only way to send messages?

Factually, that’s not right. 

Areas Codes To Send Messages

Suppose that you have a team of professionals working from the Liverpool office. Now, you wish to send them a message, pertinent to the ongoing web development project. Now, calling them isn’t tough as all you need to do is type in their country code and place the call. 

For example, if you call your colleague, all you need to do is add 0151 as the prefix and then dial the number. Check this post for 0151 area code by cNumber. 

But do you know that the same can be done for sending messages?

Let’s understand this through an example. Suppose that you wish to send a message to someone in the United Kingdom. Consider the phone number to be something like “0151 822227” as registered to be the UK number. To connect or send a message, you would require two different things.

  • Calling code of UK, and
  • The exit code of the country your number is registered to.

Here, the calling code of the UK is “44” and the exit code of the USA is “011”. So, the final number is “011 44 0151 822227” and this is the destination number.

Type your message and send it to the above number. In case, the message doesn’t pass, replace the 011 with a ‘+’, and your job is done. This way you can easily send international messages to anyone in the UK even if you aren’t calling from there.

Even though this sounds easy, there lies a problem. Every time you are calling from a different number, you will have to know about the exit code of the country. Also, typing in such a number is a bit tedious. Imagine sending such messages to 100s of people.

Yes, that’s why having a virtual number seems better. 

Why Choose a Virtual Phone Number?

Having a virtual phone number for your business simplifies communication and makes it easier for you to call or send messages even when you aren’t in the UK. The first and most important reason being that virtual numbers are cheap and come with a monthly subscription plan. All you need to do is pay for the plan and no additional charges are levied on any calls/messages you make.

In addition to the above, Virtual Phone Numbers give you the added advantage of receiving messages directly in the mailbox. This way you can be sure that you will never miss a message. Not to forget that these numbers have the provision of sending more than one message at the same time. This lowers the cost and time, boosting productivity

Eleggible’s Final Words

Whether you are a young startup or a decade old organization, reimagining your business norms is never limited. If you are looking to expand your business overseas and seeking ways to normalize the communication channel, opting for a virtual phone number for 0151 area code and more would be the smartest move. Get in touch with the experts at cNumber and they will help you decide and implement the right number.

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