How to Convert Image to Text in Word on PC

In today’s digital age, the demand for streamlining documentation processes is higher than ever. Be it a scanned book page, a screenshot from a website, or a photo of notes from a meeting – you might often find yourself needing to extract text from images. But how exactly can you convert an image to text and then edit it in Word on your PC? Dive in, and we’ll unpack the best techniques to achieve this.

Using Built-in Word Features

Word’s Image-to-Text Feature Word, Microsoft’s famed word processing tool, has become incredibly sophisticated over the years. Among its myriad of features, it includes a nifty image-to-text capability.

  • Start by opening Word and navigating to the “Insert” tab.
  • Click on “Pictures” to import your image.
  • Once the image is inserted, right-click on it and choose the “Copy Text from Picture” option. This will extract the text and save it to your clipboard.
  • Now, just paste the clipboard content onto your document, and you’re set!

Use Microsoft OneNote Although not directly a Word feature, Microsoft OneNote is part of the Office suite and integrates seamlessly with Word.

  • Open OneNote and insert your image.
  • Right-click on the image, and select “Copy Text from Picture“.
  • Paste the extracted text into your Word document. The precision of the conversion might vary based on the image’s quality.

Leveraging Online Tools A Comprehensive Solution For those who might not have access to Word or prefer an online tool, offers an efficient solution to convert an image to text.

  • Navigate to the website and upload your image.
  • Select the input and output languages.
  • Click on “Convert” and wait for the magic. Once done, you can easily download the converted text in Word format.


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Can handle bulk conversions.
  • No need for software installations.

Google Drive’s OCR Functionality Google Drive, renowned for its collaborative capabilities, hides an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.

  • Upload your image to Google Drive.
  • Right-click the image and open it with Google Docs.
  • The text will automatically be extracted below the image. You can then copy and paste it into Word.

Ensuring Accurate Conversions

  1. Image Quality is Paramount Regardless of the method you choose, remember that image clarity is key. Always use high-resolution images. Blurred or low-light images can lead to inaccuracies during the conversion process.
  2. Review and Edit Post conversion, always review the text for errors. OCR technologies, while advanced, aren’t flawless. Especially when dealing with complex fonts or handwritten content, manual revisions might be needed.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Extracting text from images and getting it into Word is no longer the domain of just tech experts. With the methods outlined above, anyone can efficiently convert images to editable text. Whether you rely on Word’s built-in tools, use the comprehensive OnlineOCR service, or any other method, remember that the quality of the original image and post-conversion review are critical steps to ensure accuracy.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, these image-to-text conversion methods empower users, enabling them to repurpose content, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. As technology continues to progress, the barriers between different media types are becoming increasingly blurred, making such tools and techniques indispensable.

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