How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

Today we are going to discuss “How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service.” To start woth one of the most reported problems at the Adobe center is of – integrity breaches. Irrespective of the fact that you are a Windows or Mac user this is one of the most annoying popup problems you would have encountered.

Analysing the amazing package of Adobe, which expands the horizon of designing , creating , photoshopping and illustration to higher levels, it is loaded with these seamless apps , having advanced features, creeps in the possibility of piracy. As the apps can be handled beyond the platform even if you do not have an account to assess them.

Thus to ensure non piracy of the platform’s privacy this Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service came into light. It just eliminates the unauthorized access to Adobe’s premium software features. The Adobe software which is not linked to any account , hence pirated copies are disabled by this software.

Amazing enough no to ensure that you are using a legitimate version with no worries of the system getting bugged.

We have looked for many options for image editing and compositing. Trust us this was the best discovery. One of the widely used and reliable software, Adobe ensures that we are not being trapped in the net of piracy. But sometimes the service really busts me out of our patience. With or without error , the notifications and corresponding delays are simply unacceptable .

Hence in this guide we tried to cover all the service oriented, irrespective of legitimate  software usage irritated users and budding designers to disable the issue. Go on reading to discover.

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What is Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service?

how to disable adobe genuine software integrity service

As the name suggests integrity refers to the honest, moral strong principles. Hence this service promises to deliver the standard software. A software which is devoid of piracy.

Adobe has found its application in many document related purposes. Hence to ensure that users have an access to the genuine software this policy is employed. The policy ensures to provide an authentic version of Adobe.

What if you get notified that your Adobe software has been modified or hacked? Well this key feature makes this policy popular. The verification process can also be viewed which may be running in their activity monitor or even at task manager.

Steps to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service:

Sometimes it may happen that the policy does not allow you to access the Adobe software. Apparently due to its self detecting breaches of protocol, hence use the following step:

  • Using task manager to remove its instance.

Or you can even go for the following alternatives:

  • Removal of policy via CMD- you can run CMD as the administrator and type to delete sc delete AGSservice and press enter .
  • While CMD runs as an administrator you can remove adobe updater startup utility hence disabling the service.

1. Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Via Services

Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Via Services:

  • Search for Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service.
  • Right click on the service to open the context menu to pick the “Properties ” from the list.

Then you will be able to see a new popup window. Window for Startup Type field. Under the general tab go for the disable option to disable the service.

2. Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Via Task Manager

how to disable adobe genuine software integrity service Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Via Task Manager

To disable the Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Via Task Manager follow the following steps:The shortcut key to open task manager is – Ctrl+Alt+Del.Look for the processes tab to find Adobe Genuine integrity service.

Once you navigate through file location , you will see an AdobeGCclient file. Delete that file and return to Task Manager and hit End task. Restart your computer to check if the problem is gone.

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3. Remove Via Command Prompt

Search for Command Prompt in Windows search. Once it is displayed select it. This will display an option to make its run as an administrator.

In the command prompt type sc delete AGSservice. Press enter . This will ensure the disabling of the service.

4. Remove Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on MAC

how to disable adobe genuine software integrity service finder app

For Mac systems open the Finder app. In the navigation bar, choose the Go option. Choose the ‘Go to folder’ option.

Pick the application support option. Look for adobe and click it to reach Adobe GCCClient. Delete it to move it to trash and ensure disabling of the service.

What are the common Error when Disabling these Program

The primary error that may occur is loss of genuinity. The sole purpose of the service is to ensure that a non pirated version is provided to the customer. Once this service is disabled it would lead to alarming consequences.

The pirated software will not be able to yield the best of service. The free version of Adobe has limited features. But the premium enables the users to expand the software to even photoshop skills.

Hence If you disable this service and pay for premium you would be at major loss. Hence bugs may also creep in, the safety of the software is lost. No notifications will be displayed to warn you.

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How Do I Disable Adobe Authenticator?

To disable the Adobe authenticator follow the following steps:

  1. Search for app settings for your system.
  2. Go to manage your Google account.
  3. Click on security.
  4. Sign in to Google.
  5. Tap turn off and confirm that too.

Can Adobe Really Disable My Software?

No Adobe itself cannot disable the software. It would just notify you that a pirated or non-authentic version is running but not disable it.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now let’s actually communicate . What did you gather up till now? In this guide I tried to cover disabling the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service as easily as possible. Just a quick fix for you all!

Now it’s your turn, tell me by leaving a comment below about the method you wish to try first!

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