How to remove Google Search Bar from Android [2024]

Google has the inducement to keep stoners locked into their technical environment. Thus, the only reason the Google Search bar is set on the home web of every denomination new Android device often leads to people’s annoyance and lack of choice. Hence people always look to remove the search bar’s utilization, which is only accepting the phone space, hiding, or providing less importance to the other apps.

Google expects its Attendant employment to be prosperous. So, they’ve put the slight microphone exemplar on their Search bar with the possibility that people will utilize it and then give appreciation to its effective arrangement. Still, many people don’t prefer it, even though Remove Google Search Bar from Android is frequently relatively manageable on most phones, if not precisely understandable.

Google Chrome pursues to stimulate its employment via Android in whatever direction reasonable. Remembering a Google Account is crucial for using an Android smartphone. Hence the Google search bar is another means to facilitate its technology, and thus, the business craves more and more people to utilize Google services exclusively for all their necessities.

Therefore, the Google search bar is also an undertaking to motivate users to get used to Google Assistant. However, for occasional Google stoners, the deportation would prevail much disgrace. People might not utilize the abrupt investigation bar or the Google Assistant under such circumstances or cases. All the exploration bars do occupy the domain on the device’s home screen and cover almost 1/3rd the area of the screen, which is unfair and outrageous.

People often formulate the intention of as vastly screen area as feasible on their Android home screen, while contrary mostly only searches wielded to irritate people. Hence, the persistent Google search bar, which uses up the whole top row of the device’s home screen, pertains to a substantial proportion of Android users out there.

The most widespread explanation is substantial on-screen estate: that pub assumes room that could improve intention by exhibiting app icons or devotees of people using the snazzy wallpaper.

How to Remove the Google Search Bar Directly Through a Home Screen with a Step?

Removing the Google Search bar isn’t hard. Still, the process differs from gadget to gadget, extensively of duration, people only desire to long-press the bar itself, and an alternative to reduce or protect it will jump up. Moreover, it notes that the following steps are not accessible on LG handsets and Samsung.

For instance, people only have to eliminate the different home screen widgets as on the Xperia Sony. Nonetheless, this technique won’t function. If getting a bar person can Come around the Home screen and press on the open area in the network, select Widgets from the accessible options with the final step of scrolling down to search for Google Widget.

The easiest way would be to.

Step 1 – Unlock Settings, then clear Apps.

Step 2 – In every apps list, discover a Google app or almost Google, dab it, and assign disable Or persons can Reboot their phone, and the Search bar will be gone.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

In another case, If people need to eliminate this Google search fence from the lodging screen of the Android device, accordingly stroke and clasp this Google investigation bar, and then they would give the option “Remove from the home,” assign it. Now the Google search bar is eliminated.

1. Samsung

Step 1 – Dab and click on the Google Search bar.

Step 2 – A popup should then enable you to eliminate it.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

In the case of retrieving the Search bar:

Step 1 – Dab and fasten a vacant space on the home screen.

Step 2 – Dab Widgets in the card that appears.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

Step 3 – Guide to the Google App folder and wipe it.

Step 4 – Pull and lower the Search bar from inside the folder to sufficient space on one side of the home screens.

2. Sony

Step 1 – Dab and clench the home screen, and then a recent menu will occur.

Step 2 – At the prime of the screen, the Google Search bar will be available. Then Tap and clasp it, and a choice to eliminate will appear.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

Step 1 – Dab your home switch or rescue key.

Step 2 – The Google Search bar must now be concealed and invisible.

3. Huawei

Step 1 – Move to the lodging screen and hold down then on the Google Search widget.

Step 2 – Pull the device up to the exterior of the web and over the Remove icon and story.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

Step 3 – It will vanish from the home screen once people disclose it.

4. iPhone

Step 1 – People can’t eliminate the investigation bar from the attention search page, That would defeat the goal of the examination page. Just do not admit it if people do not like to utilize it and remove Spotlight Search from an iPhone.

How to Remove the Google Search Bar by Disabling the Google app with Steps?

Turning off the Google search bar is certainly vastly simpler on the home screen. You have to smudge the Menu button, accordingly slide the menu up, and then press the 3-dot triangle) to Turn off the choice for ‘Search bar’. A person can eliminate Google to propose the Search bar go missing for that person, retain to go through the procedure mentioned below.

Step 1 – A person has to go to your Settings.

Step 2 – Then click on Google App.

Remove Google Search Bar from Android

Step 3 – Further, he has to swipe to the “ALL” tab.

Step 4 – And finally preferred “Google Search.”

Step 5 – Click “Disable.”

A person has to restart the device immediately, and the Search bar takes off. However, accomplishing so will mutilate one of the most helpful Android features – Google Now. Nevertheless, there are different methods to attain the same result without losing the smart assistant. If, after pursuing the steps overhead, a person can even find a grey bar rather than a Google search bar, start up your phone again, furthermore, With this technique.

However, A person won’t manipulate the area once earmarked for the search bar. And if a person wants to get the great out of their Android home screen, they can opt for just about the Play Store and download the launchers they prefer extensively. This app allows a person to change the direction of how the home screen glances and how they interact with it.

And If people prefer the most popular relationship for another Android launcher, search situations, and discover another way to Remove Google Search Bar from Android. Once a person impaired Google search for the Nexus Five and found out that immobilizing Google search won’t allow the phone booth to perform the following:

Step 1 – Hang your phone on (holdup for the loading animation)

Step 2 – And then Call yourself with another phone number and reply to the call

Step 3 – Later Put your Nexus Five on the speaker

Step 4 – Tap the go-around arrow (left bottom)

Step 5 – Unlock the web and unlock your location’s app via the notification center.

Step 6 – Get on to apps scroll down to the “disabled” record and encourage the Google search app again

Step 7 – Now hold for the news that you require to update Google search, remodel it, and you have your phone back!

Whereas Most policies appear with the Google search bar on the prime of your home screen per default. However, maximum custom ROMs allow you to eliminate the disturbing Google Search bar by barely deleting it like you would delete any other residence screen widget. Pretty positively.

Use the Custom Launcher to Remove the Google Search Bar with Steps.

A custom launcher enables us to add new widgets, apply evolutions, earn differences in the interface, add themes, shortcuts, etc. There are a lot of launchers available on the PlayStation Store. Some of the decent launchers are Nova Launcher and Google Now Launcher to are compatible with the Android version of the phone

1. NOVA launcher

Nova Launcher is the governor of Android launchers. It comes with characteristics a lot—the top way to customize the smartphone. To amazed companions, bewilder the young and protect significant seconds, repeatedly simultaneously. The sheer amount of alternatives can be deterring, so various are often overlooked.

Nova Launcher is frequently illustrated as the assassin app for customizing Android, and in the environments, you’ll find a tropical of alternatives to fine-tune your understanding. Not only that, but it offers excellent accomplishment. If you expect to try out Nova Launcher for free, it’s susceptible sufficiently to yank from Google’s Play Store.

However, the experimental menu, the scrolling exposure, hero customization, and High Mode are accessible on the app’s free interpretation. For the rest, we will need the paid app, understood by Nova Launcher Prime. The available and reimbursed version of Nova Launcher now gives Sesame Shortcut, which will need to ascertain a different app, which then integrates with the launcher to memorize to create helpful shortcuts within apps.

To remove the Google search bar, a person has to go to your Nova settings

Step 1 – Then go to the Desktop

Step 1 – Then Persistent Search Bar and that’s it.

Google Experience Launcher (GEL) in injunction for the Google detail to be accessible for undermining. This is particularly true for a user of stock Android, which remembers a narrative of showing signs of omissions and problems when this technique is r.

2. Install Google Search Bar Destroyer

To get commenced, general to the Download section in your Xposed Installer app and examine for Google Search Bar Destroyer, then tap the top conclusion. From there, swipe over to the Versions caption, punch the “Download” button, and press “Install” when prompted. When that’s finalized, prepare to convince Dinged to activate the module and reboot so that your modifications will assume the outcome.

3. Use custom ROM with steps.

Just like a custom launcher, a custom ROM is authorized to have precise control of practically all fractions of the phone. Of course, this encompasses the proficiency to eliminate the Google search bar effortlessly. The only downside to this, which you shouldn’t already understand, compels you to utilize an entrenched device.

Unfortunately, rooting your equipment expects a lot of risk-taking, and a person opts to perform this for the sake of excellent addition to their screen space. By comparison, they are better off not accepting too numerous risks with that small reward; nevertheless, it is profitable to eliminate the Google search bar.

Here I’m Mentioning a Few of the Custom ROM, which Can Remove the Google Search Bar

1. LineageOS

This is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding custom ROMs. LineageOS goals to give the same knowledge as an OEM does, i.e., Stability, Security, and Speed for all of its devices, which is boosted officially by the and attends a strict set of ordinances asserted in its charter. The quotation code of both the ROM as well as devices is entirely open-source.

2. OmniROM

OmniROM is also an incredibly famous Custom ROM that prospers to achieve inventions while conserving strength and has prevailed able to do so flawlessly. Open delta and the OmniSwitch are some of the most prominent features of the OmniROM out there that are established on Android Pie and are broadcasted and accessible to download for authorized devices.

3. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is a former and one of the most popular and unique intentions among users. Not only for peace, but Paranoid Android is also furthermore outstanding for its different features formulated in-house. However, after the discharge of AOSPA based on Android KitKat, improvement has calmed down considerably a lot of times. Still, Paranoid Android has been a popular Custom ROM and is prominent among users.

4. Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix OS has existed since Android 4.0. While performing no concession over the volume of customizations, Resurrection is a real community favorite Custom ROM. All means of features you can imagine and want in an OS with strength, OTA, neighborhood support, and enormous stuff are loaded into this Custom ROM.

5. AOSP Extended

It offers a selected volume of characteristics from numerous Custom ROMs while maintaining strength in mind. It originates those numerous characteristics from outstanding Custom ROMs. Hence, There is nonetheless a significant volume of incredible Custom ROMs for your device’s XDA forum.

How Do I Bring the Google Search Bar to Take Off My Home Screen?

In the circumstance, that you expect to discard this Google search bar from the home screen of your Android device. Then pat and clench this Google search bar, and then you’ll find the option “Remove from the home screen,” assign it. Now the Google search bar is eliminated.

How Do I Remove the Google Search Bar from my Taskbar?

To eliminate it, right-click an empty region on the taskbar and get on to Scan on the menu. And there you remember the choice to undermine it or barely show the search icon.

How Do I Hide the Search Bar?

Unlock Settings, then clear Apps. In the All apps list, discover Google app, or just Google, dab it, and assign disable. Reboot your phone, and the Search bar takes off.


Hence, by following the steps and techniques mentioned above, one can easily remove the Google Search Bar. Even if you are utilizing a Google device such as a Pixel Nexus or utilizing another Android device.

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