How to Install Chrome OS on PC Easily

For desktop computer chrome OS is the fastest and people  use it more often than other operating system. But as you know we cannot directly install chrome OS on PC. In this article we have mentioned the ways by which we can install the open source software chromium OS.

This software can be installed by anyone, they can even modify them easily and use them in different ways as they like. Chrome OS are not that resource hungry like the Windows and Mac. The developers have made the changes so that we can install chrome OS on pc. 

Cloud ready OS

It is an open source chromium project that has many developed features. It works just like the chrome OS, one of the best features of cloud ready is that unlike chrome OS it can be installed in more than one hardware without any difficulty. 

Cloud ready was developed by Neverware and is filled with amazing features like they are secured and truth worthy, easy to install and has an excellent documentation. The updates of the features come more often than any other chrome OS.

It is the most famous OS and is quite stable. In this OS your cannot install the android apps. Developers are trying to bring an update for this as well but there is no sign of it till now. 

How to install cloud – ready on PC?

The simple steps that you need to follow for downloading cloud ready is as follows:

1. Firstly, you have to go to the official site of Neverware navigate to the option that says for personal, home use. Then click on it. (Avoid downloading the apps from unofficial website to prevent damage to your desktop)

install chrome OS on pc
Neverware Site

2. Then in the window you can see the download links for windows, Mac and chrome books. For your windows, go to the windows option then download the USB maker app, then install it like you always do for rest of the apps.

3. Depending on your computer you have to choose the bit that is 64 bit or 32 bits. 

4. Connect the USB stick and then click on next. Make sure you have the backup of your data as you can even loose the data in this process. This process will take at least 20 minutes, you will download all the files for cloud ready in this process. Click on the Finish button as the process completes.  

5. Now you can use your USB stick to install the cloud ready OS.

install chrome OS on pc

6. Shutdown the computer you want to install the OS on and boot it from the USB. To accomplish this, you need to change the Boot Order in BIOS.

install chrome OS on pc
Install the OS

7. In the boot order your USB drive should be the first option so that the device use the USB drive to boot. As soon as you boot the device, your cloud ready UI is almost ready for use, just click on the lets go option to start.

install chrome OS on pc
Cloud ready UI is ready

8. You now have to connect to the internet through ethernet cable of the Wi Fi. 

install chrome OS on pc
Connect to network

9. While installing the OS will automatically check for the latest update and install it. then you have to login through your google account. 

install chrome OS on pc
Login through your google account

10. Every time you want to the cloud ready you can directly use it by booting up with the USB drive. You have to keep login, if you don’t want to install the hard drive

11. After the installation part, which is quite easy you have to make sure that every thing is working properly, connect with the internet and then check the Wi Fi, keyboard and everything.

12. However, if everything is fine, you can continue to the next step of installing the Chrome OS. Most computers just work fine and make sure that you have the complete backup of your data in your computer to a cloud account. Can also use an external hard drive, otherwise it will be lost.

13. Now if everything is just fine and you want to install the app. Click on the time option at the lower corner and select install OS toggle, in the setting panel. Then simply click on install cloud ready option.

14. Once the process of installation is complete, turn off the device and remove the USB stick and switch back to device. This way you can install cloud ready OS in your computer.

install chrome OS on pc
Cloud ready OS in your computer

Eleggible’s Final Words

Although we cannot install chrome OS on pc  but is the most trusted and fasted operating system. Therefore cloud ready is generally used as it an amazing. Its installation process might need some technicality but still have many amazing features and work just like the chrome OS.

The steps of installation are quite easy as mentioned in the article. So, download the OS and we hope this article was a help.

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