How to Fix Apple iPhone 6 Black Screen Error (2022)

Apple is one of the global technology leaders well-known for manufacturing high-quality digital products. But with newer technology come various faults, such as the Apple devices tend to give error after a certain period. A majority of iPhone 6/6s users have reported issues with their devices. Users complain about their iPhone 6 black screens, and they do not know how to fix Apple iPhone 6 Black Screen

Apple has come with loads of powerful devices each year with better features and functionalities. But these are some machines only which will require some maintenance as they will encounter some problems in their future. Today we will be looking at the most popular issue with iPhone 6, which is its black screen that is the screen becomes dead and black and shows nothing.

Generally, this occurs due to some power issues, which take place due to prolonged use of the handset. And since iPhone 6 is quite an old device, this issue is obvious to take place. There are many solutions to solve this issue, and today we will be having a look at some of the possible solutions that might help you to solve your iPhone 6’s black screen. So here are some ways by which you can get rid of the black screen problem raised in the iPhone 6 series.

Important Note: Make sure your iPhone 6 is fully charged and has enough power to operate. Also, ensure that there is no damage to the battery. If not so, connect your iPhone 6 to a charger and allow it to charge for a few minutes or maybe up to an hour, if necessary.

Method 1: Restart or Reboot your iPhone

A fresh start is a solution to most of the problems. There are various reasons for why you should restart your phone at least once a week or two, and it is good for your device in terms like retaining your phone’s memory, running more smoothly, preventing crashes, and prolonged battery life.

There may be some software related problems or issues like some bugs, especially trivial ones, which are often be solved by a simple reboot to the device. Here are the steps by which you can restart your iPhone 6s: 

1. Press and hold the Power button until the red slider shows up.

2. Turn the iPhone off.

3. After a few seconds, hold down the Power button again until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

Fix iPhone 6 Black Screen
Power button

If the restart is successful, then you can try to force quit the app that may be causing the conflict. To force close an app to follow these steps:

1. Go to the Home screen

2. At the Home screen, quickly tap the Home button twice.

3. Swipe upwards on the screen.

4. Close the apps.

Fix iPhone 6 Black Screen
force quit the app

Method 2: Reset your iPhone

Sometimes it is not possible to pinpoint the problem on your phone. It can be frustrating as you search through apps and programs to figure out why your device is not responding properly. If such a problem persists, one handy and effective way is to factory reset your phone, which will return your phone or device to its original state.

Many iPhone 6 users have reported that they got rid of the black screen issue after resetting their iPhone. To hard reset or force restart your iPhone 6s with black or a blank screen, or not responding state; press the Power button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 to 15 seconds and wait until the Apple official logo appears. You can then factory reset your iPhone 6. But make sure to take a backup of your data.

Method to fix iPhone 6 Black Screen
Reset your iPhone

Method 3: Restore your iPhone Through iTunes

If a hard reset doesn’t fix the problem, your next option is to restore your iPhone through the iTunes app via Recovery Mode. To do this, you would need to connect your iPhone to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer (PC or Mac) using your original USB cable/connector. You may need to enter the passcode if prompted to let the server know that this computer can be trusted. Then proceed further and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authentication process.

Method to fix iPhone 6 Black Screen
Connect your iPhone with the USB cable

In case you’re not sure of the password or have forgotten the passcode, use recovery mode to erase your device instead. Refer to Method 2 for the same.

Step 2: While your iPhone is connected, press, and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. Do not release both keys even when the Apple logo appears because we want to boot in Recovery Mode.

Ways to Fix iPhone 6 Black Screen
Recovery Mode

Step 3: You will be prompted with the options to restore or update, select Update. Wait for the iTunes application to reboot, reset, and install a new iOS without erasing your data. It could take more than around 15 minutes for iTunes to download the software (OS) for your iPhone device and once it’s done, your device will exit recovery mode, and you will get your issue solved.

Also solve iTunes is not recognizing your iPhone error if you are getting it.

Fix the screen
Restore iPhone

Method 4: Clear Cache and Data

1. If the black screen occurs whenever you attempt to launch or open an application such as Mail, Safari, or any other built-in iPhone apps you can’t delete, you can try to navigate to Settings-> and then tap the app, and then clear the app’s cache and data. This process will help get rid of corrupted files that might cause the issue.

Fix the screen
Clear Cache and Data

2. If you’re not sure which app is causing your iPhone to become unresponsive or display a black screen, then you can try to reset all settings. This process will reset your iPhone to factory default settings without deleting your data.

To do so, navigate to your iPhone Settings-> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. All your settings and preferences will be reset. This means there arises a need for you to re-enter them after the process.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Hope these methods to Fix Apple iPhone 6 Black Screen would have worked for you. If none of these methods works for your iPhone, then there might be a chance for some hardware failure. Do not try to fix them yourself or using some third parties.

Since Apple’s repair services are expensive and cumbersome, there is a chance that your iPhone could be life long dead. It is better to visit an Apple Store near you where you can report your problem, and they will have it solved for you. Apple is a brand of trust, and it will never let its customers down.

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