8 Best iPhone Projector Apps for Android & iOS

The top iPhone projector apps are here to assist you in obtaining a theater-like experience in the comfort of your home, thanks to the advancement of technology.

To view a movie on a large screen, give a business presentation, display some internet slides, etc., on a large wall, we all occasionally require a projector at our home, workplace, classroom, and other locations.

However, the cost has always been the first and most important factor that discouraged us from purchasing a projector. Additionally, setting up a projector is not straightforward if we get one.

It requires an area that is ideal for projection and close to the location where the projector will be mounted. To put it briefly, setting up a projector is a disaster.

Because of this, we may utilize a less expensive substitute that we can obtain from the Playstore or Appstore. These solutions are readily available for our projector needs as excellent ready-made software.

Everyone fantasizes about owning a home theatre to recreate the cinematic experience that can only be had at home. A decent screen offers a smooth, color-neutral surface that helps maintain your projector’s brightness and overall picture quality.

For a pleasant, well-saturated image, your projector has to be brighter the bigger your screen. Similar to a typical projector used in classrooms and public spaces, a very strong light passes through a small LCD screen and through a lens to produce an enormously magnified picture of the screen on the wall. 

You can select from the alternatives we have provided for you today, which are included in this well-researched list. We now provide our list of the top iPhone projector applications for 2022.

Top 8 Best iPhone Projector Apps To Use in 2022

#1. Epson iProjection

Epson iProjection
Epson iProjection

A wireless projection app for Chromebooks and Android smartphones is called Epson iProjection. This software makes it simple to wirelessly display documents and photographs to an Epson projector while mirroring your mobile screen.

The best thing is that you can wirelessly mirror the screens of up to 50 devices while also connecting up to 50 devices and managing and displaying material using the moderator function.

It is a really simple application to use; simply scan a QR code to connect your smartphone, and you are ready to go. Even better, you can control the projector and share your view with other connected devices.

It is one of the greatest projection applications for the iPhone. You can use it without difficulty because of its safe, simple user interface and ability to display real-time movies on a screen using your smartphone’s built-in camera.

You may also show files and photographs stored on your Chromebook or Android smartphone as a bonus function. Using this program to stream TV shows and watch 4K videos on the projector is entertaining. One of the greatest in the industry; check this out.

#2. MultiPresenter

MultiPresenter iPhone projector apps

With the help of the application software MultiPresenter, you may use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to show photographs and documents on the receiving devices through wired or wireless LAN.

You may annotate the photos and documents that this program displays with lines and words for group discussions and presentations. Even user guides are available on the MultiPresenter website.

A list of projectors that support MultiPresenter may be found on the App Store, and you can access it using the URL we gave above. Images and videos can be displayed concurrently on several receiving devices.

Please have a look at this app; it is exclusive to iOS and not Android. Multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and others, are supported by this program. For more astonishing details, check them out.

#3. Face Projector Photo frames

Face Projector Photo frames
Face Projector Photo frames

With this app, you can add, remove, center, zoom out, and other editing features to your images while also saving your work and sharing it with social networking applications.

Additionally, you can add text to images, change their color, font, and size, choose eye-catching designs, set your preferred live animation as wallpaper, and pick your preferred HD backdrops.

More than 1,000,000 people have downloaded this program. Overall, this is fantastic software to have on any smartphone, especially an iPhone.

With the excellent “Face Projector photo frames” app on your device, you can make beautiful face projector images very quickly. Check them out for their fantastic features and the fact that they are now free with no hidden costs or in-app purchases.

The best news is that this app is accessible for all of your devices, whether you run iOS or Android. Isn’t it fantastic that you can use it anywhere? Check it out right away because we encourage it for free usage.

#4. ClickShare


By enabling people to engage freely and spontaneously, ClickShare Wireless Presentation and Conferencing technology promote understanding between individuals.

To share any content on your smartphone with everyone in the meeting, simply connect to the conference room using the ClickShare App. After switching to the Base Unit, Wi-Fi may quickly and automatically connect to standalone meeting room settings.

Of course, you can also share your screen in either portrait or landscape mode with approved iPhone projector apps. Through the system shortcut, you can simply control screen sharing from anywhere.

This program also has a safely encrypted screen-sharing mechanism that adds to its appeal. This software allows for interactivity, making it simple to locate and connect to your conference room.

For the finest projection experience, use this app, which is generally compatible and has had more than 100,000 downloads. Use the link as mentioned above to check them out.

#5. Panasonic Wireless Projector

Panasonic Wireless Projector iPhone projector apps
Panasonic Wireless Projector

An application program called Panasonic Wireless Projector enables the wireless projection of screenshots and document files like PDF, JPEG, and PNG from an Android handset.

This program has several functions, including the ability to rotate photographs, flip pages, and zoom in/out. A unique command can wirelessly broadcast a screenshot that was taken on an Android handset using the One Shot Projection function.

You can wirelessly display shot photographs from an Android device with the Camera feature using the app’s multi-live mode, which supports wireless projection from numerous devices.

Additionally, a marker feature enables you to project an image or document while drawing freehand lines on it. This gadget is enjoyable to use and extensively compatible.

You can definitely check out the positive internet evaluations for this program, which has been around for ten years, and use it for free.

#6. HD Video Projector Guide

HD Video Projector Guide
HD Video Projector Guide

To learn all there is to know about projecting videos, download the HD Video Projector Guide app for smartphones and tablets.

This program may be used to learn how to set up projectors so that you can watch movies in a theater-like setting, whether you are projecting the video from your mobile device, Windows PC, laptop, or Mac.

The HD Projector Guide aims to provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to set up the ideal projector for your iPhone.

This also functions as a news platform; you can read articles, news about the most recent technological advancements, and deals on the top projectors on the market, which is advantageous.

It has received over 1,000,000 downloads, making it a highly well-liked and fantastic free program. Check this out since it may help you set up your projector to get a wonderful theater-like experience. 

#7. Projector slender 3D prank

Projector slender 3D prank
Projector slender 3D prank

It is a game simulator comedy software that allows you to utilize your phone as a projector. You may use this to perform practical jokes on your friends and family.

You may pick from a variety of creatures in the game and manage them as needed. This software does not offer a genuine projector; it is solely meant for entertainment purposes.

With this projector, you can have fun while being certain that no one will get hurt. You can use it whenever and wherever you want because it doesn’t need an internet connection.

This application is risk-free, cost-free, and has no additional fees. Apple has also included a new update to this app that shows the Apple Watch app icon. You may check this out if you simply want to trick your pals with a phony projector.

#8. Projector cat 3D prank

Projector cat 3D prank iPhone projector apps
Projector cat 3D prank

Using this, you may play tricky pranks on your friends and family, similar to the projector slender prank app. The game offers a range of species of cats that you may choose from and control as necessary.

This program is only intended for amusement; it does not provide a real projector. You may enjoy yourself while knowing that no one will get wounded with this projector.

Anyone can use it; it is entertaining and really simple to use. However, it only works with iOS. Please be aware, though, that this software simply serves as amusement and does not function as an actual projector.

Given that it is secure and simple to use, you can, without a doubt, give it a try. 

Eleggible’s Final Words 

You now have it. Here are our best selections for iPhone projector apps that will allow you to display your files on a bigger screen. Change your little room into a large theatre by starting to watch your movie on a big wall.

Enjoy the projector’s feel at your home, workplace, and institution. Each of the applications mentioned above has an intuitive user interface and is straightforward.

Please let us know which iPhone projector apps worked the best for you and whether you would suggest them to others in the comments below. We hope this post has helped you understand the situation and been valuable to you.

The time, work, and research that went into creating this post for you is also something we hope you appreciate. Please share your suggestions for subjects where you’d like to see more of our work on our website.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read this post, and we hope you found it helpful and answered your questions. Please keep checking back, as we will provide you with fresh material shortly. Till then!

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