iPhone Secret Codes Every iPhone User Must Know (2022)

Are you an iPhone user? Do you know all the possible ways to use your iPhone? You might not know some of the coolest iPhone Secret Codes, and you should probably stick reading this article because this article will amaze you a few tricks that an iPhone user should be aware of.

Do you know that there are some secret codes that you can access through your iPhone Trust me; these codes are tricky band will also be helpful for you. In this article, you are going to learn and know much more about iPhone secrets. You can try them to live if you don’t believe it.

List of 10 Best iPhone Secret Codes to Try in 2022

However, you will know the best tricks that you can share with your family and friends. So without any, let us get started.

1. Field Test Mode

Code: *3001#12345#*

By entering the code mentioned above on your dial pad and then placing the green button will let you know about the Field Test, which comprises the information about your SIM card. You can also get information about cellular data and many other related things to your SIM card. This is one of the useless kinds of code that is not used frequently, but you can try this for fun and know about your cellular data and SIM card information.

iPhone Secret Codes

2. Hide Caller ID

Code: *31#mobile number

Are you the one who pranks your friends by calling them anonymously? Then this can be helpful for you to hide your caller ID? If you have a carrier phone that allows you to hide your caller ID, then this code can work well on those cell phones.

You have to dial *31 and without leaving a space, continue dialing the Number of the recipient whom you want to call. In this way, the recipient will not know your caller ID and prank your friends. But this code varies according to different countries, so you have to check that first before proceeding further. Confirm the unique code to your country, and you can move this task just by placing the call button.

3. Check SMS Centre

Code: *#5005*7672#

Do you face any problem with sending on the SMS? Are those SMS aren’t shipped to the recipient? Then you probably check out with the SMS center. Here is the code mentioned through which you can check your SMS center.

All the SMS texts you send are first gone through the SMS center and then to the receiver. Dialing this code on to your dial pad will help you to know the status of your SMS center where you can resolve your problems.

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4. Call Waiting

Code: *#43# (Check Status) 

*43# (Enable Call Waiting)

#43# (Disable Call Waiting)

Are you too busy and do not want someone to interrupt you in between, or are tired to manage multiple calls at a single time? Can call waiting to be one of the best features you can perform? You have to dial the *#43# and touch the call button.

This will check th status of your call waiting. Whereas you can also enable or disable the call waiting service by dialing the code mentioned above. You can also perform this service manually through your phone, but it will be handy for those who do not have a call waiting option.

5. Call Barring

Code: *#33# (Check status) 

*33*pin# (Enable Call Barring)

#33*pin# (Call Barring)

You might be aware of the call barring function. Call barring allows you to terminate your incoming and outgoing calls and messages and o\does, not letting you do so. You have to dial this code and enable your call barring. You can also help and disable the feature with the subcode provided.

It is perfect when you are abroad and don’t want to get disturbed by calls and messages. You can even check your call barring status by dialing *#33# on your dial pad and touch on the calling button to proceed.

6. Call Forwarding

Code: *#21# (Check Status)

*21# (Enable or Disable Call Forwarding)

*21mobilenumber# (Distract Calls to this Number)

If you are the one who doesn’t want to interrupt with calls, then this is something that can help you. Many individuals may be unaware of this feature that you can divert or forward any call if you don’t want to receive it. You have to dial this code on your dial-pad, and you are done with this.

It can divert the calls to voice messages or voice mails and further helps to enable or disable the feature of call forwarding. Other than that, you can even mention a number who can attend your calls once it is diverted.

You have to dial *21 and then dial the mobile immediately after it without any space provided. This will automatically redirect your call and received it by the Number that you have mentioned.

iPhone Secret Codes

7. Calling Line Presentation

Code: *#30#

In some cases, the person to whom you are calling cannot view your Number. Over that time, there may be a possibility that your Calling Line Presentation is facing some problems. You can use the mentioned code and check whether your calling line presentation is enabled or disabled. You can even help or disable your calling line presentation through this.


Code: *#06#

For most people who try every new thing to be used for their cell phones, this mentioned code might be the one you are aware of. But for those who are unaware of this, here is a quick way to do this. You have to dial this code, and you will get information about your IMEI number.

There is also a manual way to check your IMEI number, but dialing this code is more fast and efficient rather than performing the whole task manually. Although this code might be not working on Verizon Wireless, it does works on all other carriers.

iPhone Secret Codes

9. Show Your Number on Caller ID

Code: *82 (monitored by the Number you are calling)

If you are one of those, who call from different numbers or want to remain anonyms, genuinely or purposely, whatever you are desired to. *82 code will help you in that case. This code will allow your Number to show on your Caller ID.

However, this is quite tricky and can be handy for the one who gets your call, and supposedly, the person should know that it is you who is calling. *82 code works mostly on carriers. So if you want to rank your friends or are genuinely stuck somewhere and enjoy the second person to be aware of your call, this is truly informative.

10. Get Local Traffic Information

Code: 511

We all have got Google Maps and other navigation applications to know about the different real-time status of a particular area. However, on your iPhone, you can get real-time traffic information by code 511. This may be sound out-dated to you as we all are connected to the internet, but this can be useful when you are stuck and do not have any internet connection.

For executing this code, you just have to enter the code 511 on your dial pad and hit on the green button, which will redirect you to know about the traffic.

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Is there any code to check your iPhone?

Yes, *3001#12345#* is the code that displays your iPhone’s information when processed successfully. When you enter this code and then press the green call button, this will open a menu containing a detailed report of your phone.

What does *#31 does to your iPhone?

When you enter this code and make a call, this will certainly block your Number for all the outgoing calls. This may not allow us to make a call to anyone from your contacts.

What does *#*#4636#*#* do to your phone?

By entering this code, you can see the test menu, which is generally referred to as Testing Menu Code. This will display all detailed information about your phone, battery, usage, Wi-Fi, and Cmas Test alerts.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We hope that you have gone through iPhone Secret Codes, but have you tried it. If not, then grab your phone and try it now. You will be amazed by these codes. All of these iPhone Secret Codes are highly runnable, and we have tested it at first.

You can also let your friends know about this and be an iPhone expert who can manage his or her work with efficient skills. However, you might have found it informative to some extent. This article was for iPhone users. You can try it whenever and trust me; all of them work successfully. I hope this was informative for you guys and hope you like this article.

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