5 Best Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac (2022) 

If you are searching for Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac, then you are in the right place. These days when almost everything is digitalized, works and documents are sent in the form of digital files. But some data need unique apps to open them, which might require money.

Just like that, Microsoft files cannot be open without having Microsoft Project alternative or have a license, which is costly and also cannot share it unless the other person also has that app.

So to solve the problem of opening MPP files without spending money, here comes Microsoft Project Viewer, which will save your money, effort, and time.

Top 5 Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac

Here is a list of 5 Best Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac (2022) which will help you opening and editing both.

So get ready to solve your problem just by reading this article.

1. Project Viewer 365

 Project viewer 365 allows you to open and edit MPP files on your Mac. The best thing is, it is free, which will save you a lot of money.

It allows opening MPP files directly from so many different sources like Google Drive, Sky Drive, URL, Dropbox, mail attachments, and SharePoint. It is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Project, including 2003 2007, 2010, 2013.

Without downloading MPP files, you can open it on your Mac, and if you download it, it will open data from Mac hard drive.

It includes all the MS Project view types like Task Sheet, Grant Chart, and Resource Sheet. You can also print MPP files and convert them into PDF

Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac
Project viewer 365

There are many other features available in the upgrade version of Project Viewer (MPP+) at the rate of $10 per year. Those features included advanced sorting and filtering, customized grid table, ability to generate reports, network diagram views, calendar views, customized timescale, and resources /task usage views. 

2. Seavus Project Viewer

It is one of the newest MS Project Viewers, which is compatible with all the 2013 versions of Microsoft Project, including 2016.

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It allows tracking project plans through various resources like Task Sheet view, Grant Chart view, and Resource Sheet view. Seavus Project Viewer provides collaborative space for the project team that’s too without installation.

When Seavus Project Viewer opens MPP files, it shows the same visuals and formatting styles as in MS Project. It helps you to print project information, review project assignments, and follow the overall project status.

Seavus project viewer

It is available in 11 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Czech.

For an extra $6.99, you can upgrade Seavus Project Viewer to Premium version, which will allow creating and customizing graphical reports.

For $1.99 per month, it can be upgraded to the Team Planner view, which will enable you to see what your team is working on. By spending a few more dollars, you will get to know that Seavus Project Viewer is more than just a project viewer.

3. RationalPlan Project Viewer

RationalPlan Project Viewer is compatible with both Mac and PC, and it is a free Microsoft Project file viewer. Its version 3.16 is mainly for Mac users. This version has a significant increase in resource sheet execution speed.

After it is installed, stored anyone on a shared server can see Microsoft Project file, so there is no need to mail Microsoft Project File anymore.

It also helps the project managers to track progress, plans, managing budgets, analyzing workload, managing team and allocating resources.

Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac
Rational plan projecr viewer

4. MOOS Project Viewer

 It allows you to open, print, and view any MPP file in Mac of all Microsoft Project versions (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019). It is effortless to operate than Microsoft Project. Hence, it loads master-projects and sub-projects automatically. This viewer has a wide timescale range in Grant Chart.

MOOS project viewer

This Project Viewer is an excellent option for project stakeholders to view the project in a dynamic way rather than the static. Is shows various views type like Grant Chart, Task Usage, Resource Usage, Resource Sheet, Team Planner, and Tracking Grant.

5. jxProject

 jxProject is free of cost Microsoft Project viewer for Mac. You can share your project plans with anyone who is on the internet.

The task link types which are supported by jxProject are Start to Finish, Finish to Start, Start to Start, Finish to Finish, and Resource User with positive /negative lag.

It is also provided with functions like full undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, drag, and drop. jxProject is supported by many platforms like Linux, Windows, Solaris. With the user’s ability to enable and disable, it has full-time resource-leveling.

It represents all the schedules for calendars, tasks, and resources. It has no limit to the number of links per task. jxProject is liked by most of its users. 

Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are the 5 Best Microsoft Project Viewer For Mac, which will help you view any MS Project file without making any effort and without spending any money on this. The software not only view MS files but allows you to edit, import and export also.

If you are also having a problem due to the cost of Microsoft Project, then for sure, you can try any of these Microsoft Project Viewers. We hope this article would have helped you find a cost-effective option for viewing MS files in Mac. So enjoy the benefits of this software and recommend to those who need it.

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