How to Get Microsoft Word for Free (Easy Guide)

If you hear from someone that you can get Microsoft Word for free, it stills sound like a dream. It is such an awesome app and staple in school, office environment. Even though it is of such use, still it cost you each year. Even today, we keep finding new features of the word.

Therefore, it will always be the king even after the processor develops to the next level. You all will be happy to know that we have discovered new ways to use this amazing app for free.

Here are some of the ways/ tricks by which you can get free Microsoft Word.

1. Word Mobile

Platforms on which it can be used windows 8 and 10 and price: it is free of cost. For a long time office has provided us with apps using which we can view/ open any DOCX file even if we have not paid for the full version of office. You all must be knowing the app; it is word viewer. It has retired a few years back but doesn’t worry a new app named word mobile has replaced it. 

Word mobile can be downloaded in any desktop, window, tablet, etc. but the problem is if you install it in a desktop, the phone then you cannot edit any documents you can only open it in the app and read it. To install the app, go to Microsoft store and search for word mobile.

Microsoft Word for free
Word Mobile

2. Microsoft for Android and iOS

Platforms on which it can be used are Android and iOS and of course free of cost. The Redmond giant has separated it into individual apps so that you can get a full version of the app without getting the excel, PowerPoint, and others.

There has been a problem with most apps that are not able to show the graphs and document correctly, but this app represents the document very well, you can smoothly scroll down to view the documents.

To use the Microsoft word for free on your Android and iOS, you can install the Microsoft word app. This full editing is supported so you can use the realistic version of the word on your mobile. You can pin the documents in the home screen for easy access open files from various sources like google drive, one drive, etc.

Microsoft Word for free
Microsoft for android and iOS

3. Use the Android App for Chromebook

This is one of the best methods to get word on chrome OS. If you have a Chromebook that runs the android app, go to play store and download the same Microsoft word for Android. It will work as if you are using a table and it will work fine with the keyboard. But the point is it is the android version, not the proper desktop one. 

Microsoft Word for free
Use the android app for Chromebook

4. Office Online

Platforms on which it can be used window, mac, Linux and free of cost. If you have a strong internet connection then you don’t have to download Microsoft Word, you can use the app online by free office online.

You can easily access the documents through a web browser on any computer. It is an easy step to cloud computing for anyone who is already hooked in the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Microsoft Word for free
Office online

5. Office 365

the platform on which it can be used window, mac, android, iOS, and window tablets. It has a free trial and paid subscription starting at $6.99 per month.

It is useful when you temporarily need a full version of the word installed on your PC. A few years ago buying Microsoft was a one time job but cost a lot. Nowadays, Microsoft has embraced the subscription model, which increases the price but makes a lot of sense if you are using office on multiple computers for your whole family.

If you want the package, the office 365 home package is available for $9.99 per month. It applies for five users which means you can install it in 5 computers, 5 PC, five tablets if you want to go for a cheaper option that is also available at $6.99 per month. But it supports only one user for storage and skype minute and offline installation on one phone, one computer, and one tablet. 

Microsoft Word for free
Office 365

6. Get Office 365 Education for Free

Office 365 education is available for free for teachers and students, which include office online (word, excel, PowerPoint, one-note) and Microsoft team they also get unlimited personal cloud storage. For getting this advantage, you should need to be a full time or part-time faculty or student with a valid school email id.

Microsoft Word for free
Get office 365 education for free

7. Get Microsoft Team for Free

You can also sign up for Microsoft Teams for free if you often collaborate with other people. This will include the word, excel, PowerPoint and one-note, etc. in these premium plans are starting with 3.80 euros per month. 

Microsoft Word for free
Get Microsoft team for free

8. Free Office Alternative

If you need more functionality than Microsoft word gives you for free and you don’t want to pay for it also. Then you can use various alternatives: one of the recommendations is a libre office which is a full suite that is regularly updated and allow you to save and open documents in Microsoft format. If you don’t like the libre office you can check other alternatives such as WPS Office, free office and google docs, etc. 

Microsoft Word for free
WPS Office

9. Microsoft Home use Program Discount

We know this is not completely free, but you can get 30% on your subscription in office 365 through employer via Microsoft’s Home use program for either a 365 home or 365 personal subscriptions. You can check your eligibility by entering you cooperate email address.  

Microsoft Word for free
Microsoft home use program discount

Eleggible’s Final Words

The use of Microsoft word will keep on increasing even after all other processes keeps on updating. The subscription can be a little expensive then these ways in which you can access Microsoft word for free will be helpful for you.

Some are free temporarily, but still, they would help if you want it immediately. You can also use the other alternatives if you don’t want to use office which is mention above.

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