9 Of the Best Offline Messaging Apps to Chat Without Internet

No internet connection?, Worry not just try out these Offline Messaging Apps.

With increasing modernization day by day,  almost every other gadgets and applications requires internet connectivity to operate. And getting a stable internet connection too, comes with a considerable cost.

Besides just using the internet for entertainment purpose, we are in general highly depend on it for other work related aspects too

. And the one most common yet necessary task is, communicating via electronic devices through text messaging apps. But the problem arises when you do not have any internet connection or it is buffering.

Though there can be many reasons for a poor connection which can be fixed but the thing is you cannot entirely rely on such online text messaging apps all the time. You can switch up to many other offline alternatives available.

And therefore to make your task more easy, we have presented offline messaging apps in this article, that you can look forward to. All these applications are absolutely authentic i.e. you can message without wifi, which also helps you to utilize your data for many other useful purposes.

And the features provided too are really commendable hence no compromise is made even if they are offline. They work exactly like that of online ones, or even more advanced than them, along with basic text typing they also provides interactive stickers, gifs, options to send documents, video, etc.

Therefore you can consider these applications to operate exactly the one that you are used to, but the main plus point that these have unlike those, is that these apps can operate at any place with or without any internet connection. All of them comes with their own unique and promising functions, so hurry and go through the detailed list of all these applications provided below and choose the most suitable one.

9 Of The Best Offline Texting & Messaging Apps that Works Without Wifi

Hence, there are numerous offline messaging apps progressing traction right presently. When installed on big smartphones, some of these apps establish a mesh network in distant areas. Hence that way, information sent from one tool can hop over considerable equipment and reach the receiver’s device in times of utter need.

#1 Bridgefy

Bridgefy is one of the best free text offline apps with no WiFi needed. This app is an Offline Messaging Apps that enables a person to transmit and communicate with colleagues, folks, family and friends, including everybody. When a person doesn’t have stable availability to the Internet, the practical way by merely whirling on their Bluetooth device at the question.

The offline messenger Bridgefy utilizes the phone’s Bluetooth radio to ascertain a relationship with different smartphones operating the app by setting it once. Then the app allows everyone to talk through Bridgefy and enable us to connect people living within a 300-feet radius from you But a person is added their contact list on bridgefy.

Offline Messaging Apps

It has this fantastic feature where someone can directly send the message without wifi and create an organization to communicate to people at once. By using bridgefy people can not only send a text, but they can even utilize this app to transport images without a strong internet connection.

Thus, it allows people to use the app even without an account. Still, they can quickly put their verified phone number, which will further speed up the user to discovery. Which also appears with a Broadcast mode that lets people send texts to all other people nearby at the same moment. But only works for the people added to their contact list.

#2 GroupMe

GroupMe allows free offline texting app which provides a simple way of being pertained with the community. Where you can Commence talking instantly to any person over their phone number or email address. All they have to do and Appoint the classification of announcements that they like to obtain and muffle the unwanted additional ones.

It allows chatting wherever effortlessly and over mobile or other devices where communication n our desktop or laptop through groupme.com is easy.


It further indicates outstanding messages, can bring pictures and videos with sending polls for everyone. To vote in there enable people to indicate if they’re accompanying or not. If you hook up your contacts to the request. You can watch who is already utilizing GroupMe including who you can invite to use the request should you need to do so.

It puts concurrently it easier, particularly when attempting to communicate with large denominations besides. If you are not already contacting somebody, then you can entirely scan their QR code. They are augmented to your phone contacts and your group contacts.

It can maintain one for the exclusive group, one for private conversations with somebody or organizations, and makes conversations findable or latched. However, remember it can also shoe specific portrayals for each group which is also susceptible to utilize and exceptionally flexible.

Nonetheless, it has a sidebar to preview chats that display name in each chat so that a person can go by full inscription and possession. In a conventional chat and change to first name only or a nickname in a fresher, less conventional chat.

#3 Rumble

Rumble is an open-source and free message without wifi that promotes people to consider it as an off-the-grid micro-blogging application for populations. It can be of enormous benefit for those who prefer to resist a parliament shutdown or supervision of the Internet.

After ascertaining a relationship over WiFi or Bluetooth, Rumble lets users chat willingly and fraction pictures without using a cellular network. If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to use a secret messaging app, Rumble is a great option that also lets you earn tickets by voting on videos, joining video battles, and even inviting friends to play the game.

Thus, rumble also proves to be a unique video platform that gives rise to the world’s good viral videos to keep people entertained while earning real money. The only downside for some users is that the app hasn’t prevailed updated in a while. Still, it efficiently organizes to get business performed.

#4 Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS intends to give the whole texting experience to every individual borrowing the offline messaging app. It can make the conversation and discussion more leisure with the endless multinational and per-conversation composition options. Is further Secure the information with password safety and have personal discussions on the app without any problem.

It can Postpone the sending of messaging authorizing to edit as well as cancel the messages. Preview the web links on your message over the app to avoid app switching. Creates automated responses for contacts, distinct keywords as well as driving. Holiday modes on the app with an additional Blacklist the spam porters share GIFs in messages with GIPHY support.

Pulse SMS

#5 Two Way: Walkie Talkie

It has a susceptible configuration technique and fulfills the condition of being an offline communication app that swerves your phone into a breathing walkie-talkie. The Two way accomplishes the need for an email account or phone number offers a million channels to select.

Hence enables jogging in the setting with minimal battery usage, With the release of Two Way Walkie Talkie for Android, thus, it is now a cross-platform requisition.

Offline Messaging Apps
Two Way: Walkie Talkie

The app functions on Android, iOS, and in any desktop network browser moreover. To use this app, a person has to tune in to a spontaneous channel and share that with their friends and family. Afterward, all they have to enable a talk button until it’s turns green, hence pushing the button.

They are ready to talk with anybody they like. Hence, people have to coordinate their lives and works in devices to the same frequency. With no need to set up an account without any personal authorization. It is specialized like the real devices where a person listens to all the action on the chosen channel. Then strike the big Speak regulator when it’s their turn to talk.

#6 Brair

Just as Bridgey, Brair is yet another most popular Offline Messaging Apps which can come in use without phone number verification, used for fast forward messaging. People can use Brair only by entering their name after setting a password and then.

It enables them to send quotes, messages without wifi or online cellular connection. It can be of great help when it works as a tremendous Bluetooth offline texting app in hard times.

Offline Messaging Apps

All person has to do is to add new contacts of colleagues, folks, family, and friends. After scanning the QR code on another someone’s device, it excludes the chance of an unidentified someone connecting.

Furthermore, it also furnishes a shareable link to add communications that are not in your biological vicinity. In expansion to messaging, this exact source app lets people establish conferences for asking problems, and establish blog posts without taking off the app.

#7 Fire chat

Fire Chat is a decent offline messaging app that gives rise to usable peer-to-peer messaging and labors with or without data access or the Internet to mail text and images. A person utilized this free messaging app without wifi when on aircraft, social transportation, and congested events, only because it intertwines personal network and secures the messages. Hence there’s no possibility that anyone can interfere with statements.

Offline Messaging Apps
Fire chat

The most significant part about Fire Chat is that it wields both Bluetooth and WiFi radios which construct powerful network support. It is with a range for peer-to-peer messaging is at 200 feet that is a bit shorter than anticipated.

However, suppose there are numerous devices in the area. In that case, its more significant connection encourages the population to establish complex networking to encircle a vaster community effortlessly.

#8 Signal Offline Messenger

This free text and talk apps without wifi is yet one of the best offline messaging apps on demand right now. Instead of utilizing Bluetooth screen networking like Bridgefy, Signal Offline Messenger borrows WiFi-Direct networking.

Thus, The app allows delivering connotations to each other in a range of 100 meters, including statements one-to-one or an organization broadcast.

Offline Messaging Apps
Signal Offline Messenger

The good part is that the Signal message is comfortable. It enables the person to deliver content, audio, picture, and even video messages. It can utilize Signal in spots where it’s difficult to find internet you can send message without wifi easily.

When the data pack runs out while traveling on mobile. Signal offline Messenger can work with a spectrum of 100 meters, with data encrypted when WiFi direct data communicated transpires at 250mbp. Which further renders convinced that all images and video transmits at outstanding speeds without any improvement.

#9 Peer Chat

The next offline messaging app for access on people’s Phone is Peer Chat which is one of the most excellent the supplementary apps available. However, it functioned just as promising as others in my texting. It borrows a similar mesh networking network powered by Bluetooth and WiFi radios to deliver messages to a community.

It supports both peer-to-peerer and institution broadcast messaging, where all data transmission is encrypted, and no data logins. This suggests not only your announcements are safe from cyberpunks but even from the company.

Peer Chat

Eleggible’s Recommendation

The best messaging app for android would be Bridgefy which is offline texting app and messaging app. It enables a person to transmit and communicate with colleagues, folks, family, and friends, including everybody. Even when a person doesn’t have stable availability to the Internet.

Through the effective way by simply whirling on Bluetooth device at the question. It is even favorable for song celebrations, entertainments coliseum and most importantly. For unsophisticated rural communities and the traveling nation, distant abroad, and much more.

The offline messenger Bridgefy utilizes the phone’s Bluetooth radio to ascertain a relationship with different smartphones operating the app by setting it once. Then the app allows everyone to talk through Bridgefy. This enables to connect people living within a 300-feet radius from you But a person adds their contact list on bridgefy.

It has this amazing feature where someone can directly send the messages secured with end-to-end encrypted to a single individual or create an organization to communicate to people. By using bridgefy people can not only send a text. But, they can even utilize this app to transport images without a strong internet connection. Thus it allows people to utilize the app even without an account.

Still, they can easily put their verified phone number which will further speed up the user to discover. Which also appears with a Broadcast mode. That lets people send texts to all other people nearby at the same moment but only works for the people added to their contact list.

Are You Able to Send Messages Without the Internet?

Yes, Anybody can send messages without the Internet by using any of the offline messaging apps mentioned above.

Best Offline Texting Application that Runs Without the Internet?

Bridgefy is the best offline texting app that runs without Internet. This enables a person to transmit and communicate with colleagues, folks, family, and friends, including everybody even when a person doesn’t have availability to the Internet.

Do Apps Work without Internet?

Yes, they are plenty of apps that work efficiently without the Internet.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Each application recommended in this article absolutely ensures you the best experience of offline texting app ever. Every single of them stands out the best on the basis of their individual and unique features, hence rendering different needs of different users.

Coming to that top one offline messaging app that we would like to suggest among these 8 after a deep research and analysis of various applications would be, Bridefy.

It is highly suitable for users living in remote/rural areas or a region with poor internet connection like a concert, while traveling or at stadium, all you have to do is to turn on your Bluetooth and that’s it. With over 5+ million users and having the most pleasant feedbacks you can totally use it without any doubt.

The other applications mentioned too provides excellent services, so in the end it is all up to you as to which one will serve you the right as per your requirements.

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