5 Best Modern to Old English Translator & Converter

Are you facing difficulty translating old English to modern English? Then you must use the best Old English translator.

In early ancient times, the English language spoken by the people was a bit different than the one that we speak in today’s world. This type of English language was called Anglo-Saxon English. This language also includes Shakespeare’s words. England and other parts of Germany give birth to this language in the early middle ages.

The nouns, pronouns, sentence formation, and spellings used were totally different. But over a period of time, this English took a turn into a whole different form of English which is popular these days.

It is almost impossible for a person in today’s world to read this old language. It evolved over a period of time as people were facing difficulty in understanding it.

The old novels are still written in this Anglo-Saxon English and if you wish to read them, you need good old English translators. Even students and other employees need such translators for their academic projects and their jobs.

It’s a tedious job to go and check the old dictionaries. There are many word translators available online. But it is always recommended that you should not rely on these translators to translate to old English. These translators are not 100% accurate.

Yes! They are using the correct algorithm to obtain the data from the old English dictionary and Middle English dictionary and convert your text into modern English. But these translators are not properly working when you want to convert a whole lot of articles or a page. These translators are good at converting one or two words at a time.

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5 Best Old English Translator & Converter Tools (2023)

There are a ton of different translators available on the internet. After researching, we have made a list of the best old English to modern English word translators for you.

So without further ado!

let’s check these best old to modern English translators.

#1. Lingojam

This translator primarily utilizes a dictionary for old English words and old English numbers for translation to English.

Lingojam old English translation indeed turned out with this whacking component of changing over the cutting edge English content into old English.

The site is direct, as it just carries out the responsibility of translating your content or content.

Lingojam Old English Translator

Translating English to old English isn’t a simple undertaking. There are numerous old English translators online, which can translate modern English words. Yet this doesn’t bring about precise translations – the translations are frequently nonsensical for some of the words and sentences.

Some of you may be comfortable with the site; however, the individuals who had no idea about the site can unavoidably head into it and give a shot at deciphering a few. The UI is nothing significant level; anybody can utilize that with no guidelines or customization.

Go to the site and begin composing as much as you can into the left box and you will get the result on the right side. To utilize the produced content, utilize the duplicate glue strategy. This site can also help to translate English.

#2. Old English Translator

Translating old English to English with an old English translator is just as simple as translating on Google Translate. Old English Translator is an incredible online translator. It translates Old English to Modern English and the other way around.

To utilize the translator, you should tap on the ‘translator‘ button on the left and type a word into the region to one side of “Word to translate.

Old English Translator
Old English Translator

At that point, click/press the ‘Old English > Modern English‘ button, and the outcomes will, at that point, be shown. It’s a genuinely dependable translator to utilize.

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#3. EOW

Numerous Anglo-Saxon words are ordinarily composed of macrons to show vowel length. It isn’t essential to incorporate these into looking. For a predetermined number of Anglo-Saxon words, EOW can likewise show morphological data.

EOW is an online old English translator that endeavors to translate single words from Modern English to Old English and the other way around.


It, as of now, perceives 5070 Old English words and 5829 Modern English ones. EOW might be utilized to scan for either Anglo-Saxon or present-day English words.

#4. Old English Dictionary

Old English translation with dictionary is also useful when you are doing any professional task, you can consider this application for translating your cutting-edge English words into old English terms.

The Old English dictionary on this site contains loads of Old English vocabulary. Translate Old English words with this Anglo-Saxon dictionary.

This is an Android application that you can get for nothing from the Google Play Store.

Old English Dictionary
Old English Dictionary

After you are finished with the downloading and establishment process, open the application, and select “EN-ANG.” It will assist you in translating the cutting-edge English term into old English.

Then again, it can translate the old English terms to present-day English words. For that, you have to choose “ANG-EN” and afterward begin scanning for words in old English.

The favorable principle position of this application is that you don’t have to turn on your gadget’s Internet association. It works disconnected. In this way, if there is any perplexity in the way to express any word, you can get the voice partner.

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#5. Majstro

Translating Old English becomes easy with Majstro. Majstro in the free Esperanto-English dictionary and numerous other English translations.

It is the middle English to modern English translation online, where you need to enter the expression you need to translate, and it changes over it from old English to present-day English for you.


Its interface likewise has numerous different highlights, for example, Hangman, Multilingual translation word reference, English-German dictionary, Translation of sentences, and so on.

It likewise gives you a choice of a virtual console that has the choice of composing in Latin, Thai, Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Greek.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, these are the top Anglo-Saxon translators available online for free. These translators are error-free and give you the most authentic language translation.

Now you can go on and read that old novel or complete your work without any difficulty.

If you want your Elvish name or Elvish word for your friend then you can also check these accurate Elvish translator reviewed by Eleggible.

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