13 Best & Free Open Source Call Center Software

Are you in search of any useful open source call center software that will solve customers issues, add new customers to your business? 

Then you are at the right place!

Newer businesses and start-ups are growing day by day. As the famous quote says, “The Customer Is The King” and he should surely be treated like one. 

If a company keeps its customers happy, it will surely go a long way. All the queries, complaints and suggestions of customers should be taken on an immediate basis. For that, you need a large amount of manpower. But it can definitely be reduced with the help of a call center CRM software.

A call center software is an automatic helper for your company to assist the customers with ease. It will help you modernize your call center and is one of the most cost-effective methods of assisting customers. 

Open source call center software will manage incoming and outgoing calls with its calling systems. It is an answering service software that will serve the customer and address their grievances, queries, and suggestions automatically.

It will also perform the recording of customer calls, transferring calls to relevant employees and officers, and perform analysis of overall customer reports. 

These software can also be customized according to your business type and can be used as VoIP, medical, and web-based call centers.

13+ Best Open Source Call Center Software & Calling Tool (2022)

Now that you know the importance of these software, you have to choose the right software for your business. 

We will help you through this intimidating process. In this article, we have listed the best and free open source call center software.

#1 Asterisk

Looking for the best free VOIP software which is meant just for communication services, then it’s the right destination for you. It’s absolutely free of cost and highly convenient to use, because of this it is to date the most used call center application with over millions of downloads and still counting. 

Providing you ultimate features to fulfill your needs. You can have access to it from any part of the world, in any language you want to. It powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and is used by SMBs, enterprises, call centers, governments worldwide.



  • You can build your very own custom system just buy a powerful low-cost turnkey system 
  • It even has IP phones, with multiple lines and color displays 
  • Allows you to make as many queues, extensions, deal plans as you want.
  • 6 line business phone systems.


  • Some of its services are chargeable like IP phones and their customization, etc.
  • Implementation can be a bit complex until your program system is compatible.
  • Do not provide email voicemails messages benefits.


Basic – It starts from $0.02 per minute with no setup fees. It allows you to make more dynamic call volume activities. 

Standard – $22.95 for the channel of VoIP Services with fixed phone bills based on a per-channel basis. Allows unlimited inbound and outbound local and long-distance minutes per channel.

Professional – To know the details visit the official site, give your details such as type of industry, etc.

#2 Bitrix24 (Free / $30 – $120 Monthly)

A best suited for small businesses owner as it handles the daily-routine operations gracefully. Accompanied by powerful features like Multichannel CRM, workgroup collaboration, task and project management it is a one-stop program that your call center requires. Besides a computer or laptop, it even has access to a mobile which you can hardly find in any other software, hence no devices ‘ barriers. 

Having modern solutions to all modern problems related to call center systems, it’s probably the best communication channel fix you can ever find.

Bitrix24 call center software for free


  • Allows you to delegate the chit-chat to virtual assistants
  • Comes with perquisites like robocalling, employee extensions, automatic diallers, and much more.
  • Provides you a monthly report and analytics 


  • Not suitable, if you require to work with mass marketing as such functions are not available 
  • Scheduling of automated notifications is a bit complex.
  • The mobile application has not that many features as that of PC.


Basic – Effective collaboration for small businesses and sales executives. Costing monthly $39, access to 5 users with many features like video calls, tasks, and projects, CRM, etc.

Standard – Advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups. Limited to 50 users, charging $79 per month with additional perks other than basics like marketing and administration.

Professional – Maximum sales and business process automation, with unlimited users. It costs $159 a month with add-ons to Standard features.

#3 Elastix (1 Year Free / $145 – $180 Yearly)

Bringing together hosted IP PBX, email, IM,  faxing, and collaborative functionality, it is a top-notch unified communication server to ever exist. Just download this PBX server software from the website and relish the view of a rapidly growing business from its unified communications server. This open-source VOIP PBX software services change as per the growth of your work, as you can opt for the pro version.

The only software that supports unlimited simultaneous calls along with call logging, forwarding on busy or no answering, therefore ensuring the time utility effectively. You can easily customize it as per your requirements.

Elastix ip pbx software


  • Easy to use, a person with minimum or just basic knowledge can easily use it.
  • Customers and support services are there 24/7 
  • Affordable, not overpriced.


  • May not operate efficiently in slow or network error.
  • Does not support mobile platforms, IOS, Android 
  • Lack updates and features for businesses like freelancers.


To know its costing, visit its official website and fill up a form giving your requirements and on that basis, you will be given the price package as per your needs.

#4 CallHippo ($17 – $45 Monthly)

We are so used to mobiles that even for work-related purposes we find them more comfortable to use than regular computers or PC. And if u are among that people then it is a must to have as it provides a virtual phone system for your trade with toll-free phone numbers for over 50+ countries.

It is not just for androids but also accessible to desktops. Serving you with world-class 24*7 support systems that help you to stay connected to your customers. The interface is practical and very easy to learn and administer.

CallHippo open source call center software


  • Convenient to use and quick to set it up.
  • Fully managed in the cloud and users can access the system anytime and anywhere on any device.
  • It leverages a local number.


  • Fax service is not available.
  • Can be expensive if advanced features are selected.
  • Voicemail setup needs separate software for recordings.


Basic (Bronze) – It costs $16 per user and per month with features like voicemail, shared inbox, skill-based call routing

Standard (Silver) – $30 per user monthly provides unlimited incoming calls, IVR, live call, holiday routing, etc.

Professional (Platinum) – $45 per user/month, best suited for SMB sales, support, and marketing teams with unlimited perks.

#5 Vicidial

This is also one of the most useful open source auto dialer software. Its dynamic quality and content are what has made it the most popular open-source contact center till now. Getting 4.7/5 in ratings and awards from Sourceforge, ITexpo, and others has made it the trustable and legit software than others, without any doubt.

No matter what your industry type is, whether it’s banking, IT, Education, or whatnot this opensource call center software works in various types of industries and companies all over the world. You can ever have your own physical server in one of their hosting facilities.



  • Catalyze your campaign revenues and lower acquisition costs.
  • Save your time by sending a pre-recorded message to multiple people
  • Improve agent’s sales capabilities and get more conversions.


  • You may find complications in the beginning, hence a bit complex
  • The interface is that much customizable.
  • Not that much pleasing-to-see web design


Basic (Start-up) – For a minimum of 5 users, the price is $19.99 per user a month. Provides telephony server, IP restrictions, etc.

Standard (Medium) – permits 10 users, costs $17.49 per user monthly with 24*7 support along with other basic features.

Professional (Business) – Per user every month costs $15.99 with many items. For more than 20 users the price varies as per your needs.

#6 Freshcaller

It allows you to record customer’s conversations and messages for future references. Furthermore, it also supports global calls and contextual conversations making it a top-level communication center to opt for. Moreover provides mobile apps for ios and android devices and supports via phone, email, and live chat.

Multiple interactive voice response, call monitoring, auto-receptionist tools, and customer interaction histories are a few of the many great qualities that it includes. Now simply handle your clients as now your phone system is in your pocket, thanks to this outstanding app.



  • There is no hardware, no downloads, and no maintenance cost in operating it.
  • Has a global scope as it offers phone numbers in more than 90 countries.
  • Highly customizable and affordable


  • Customers’ support care services might delay.
  • Restrictions in customizing call flows.
  • A steep learning curve, hence challenging.


Basic – it is absolutely free of cost if you’re just starting ( beginner) with many perks

Standard – for fast growth you can apply for it costing ₹999 with unique features in addition to that of the free one.

Professional – for high performance opt for this ₹2799 package with numerous items 

For Enterprise-grade – support tries out this ₹4999 pack with unlimited features and perquisites.

#7 Avoxi (Free / $19.99 – $39.99 Monthly)

Avoxi’s is a smart VOIP call center software open source code that uses open source innovation. It includes those, that are similar and usefulness that is essentially indistinguishable from the majority of the significant exclusive stages. All at only a small amount of the expense.

Avoxi free robocall software

The significant advantage here is that Smart Queue is a virtual arrangement. You don’t need to stress over redesigns and support. The majority of that is taken care of by the Avoxi group. Moreover, Smart Queue is worked to be completely versatile with your call focus. It enables you to include new clients effectively and increment the efficiency of your current ones immediately.

You can use VoIP telephone administration innovation with AVOXI. This contact center software can help you to meet explicit business needs like scaling here and there your client assistance necessities. You can likewise get a virtual telephone number with the goal that you can advance a call starting with one area then onto the next. It meets the universal calling tool needs of call focuses alongside inns, visit administrators, and different undertakings with a worldwide nearness.

#8 GOautodial (30 Day Free / $19 – $24 Monthly)

GOautodial is another completely highlighted and straightforward open dialer software, consider focus arrangement that incorporates various propelled. This software for call centers provides a free auto dialer online service which you can use with just your web browser like chrome for 30 days.

Its cheap predictive dialer features dials works as an agent and connects people from the person who can answer their question.

This virtual call center software includes in one easy bundle and can be joined with different arrangements. JustGoCloud, for instance, is an on-request consider focus stage that accompanies a prescient dialer, inbound ACD and IVR, and considerably more.

GOautodial open dialer software

JustGoVoIP enables you to take your efficiency to the following level, offering VoIP administrations intended for conditions with high traffic volume. Indeed, even Go Support ensures that somebody is always accessible to get you the assistance you need when you need it the most.

It is ultimately included and compelling call focuses programming, which can deal with inbound, outbound, and mixed calls with effectiveness. It’s stacked with numerous helpful highlights for authoritative arrangement and control, reportage, call recording abilities, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s a multi-channel contact focus application with both voice and non-voice functionalities.

#9 OrecX (Free)

OrecX is a free and open-source calling tool, which accompanies an ultimately included business variant. Utilizing this open-source programming, you can oversee Cloud, VoIP, and TDM call recording at a substantially lower cost. It guarantees necessary arrangements with simple upkeep and is conveyed worldwide crosswise over 200 nations. Additionally, you can rest assured of no-cost restrictions and customization. With the goal that you can upgrade the procedures at your call focus according to your business needs.

OrecX free call center software

This answering service software is an entirely open-source sound/consider very famous recorder. Truth be told, its center code is utilized by a ton of business VoIP suppliers. It is to offer a more profound cluster of administrations to their very own customers consistently. One of the real benefits here is that the framework is particular and cross-stage. Taking into account both the chronicle and recovery of sound streams in almost any way that you may require. We investigated OrecX’s answers and were dazzled by their usefulness.

All metadata from chronicles can be effectively put away in practically any standard database. The recovery of caught streams is entirely Web-based, implying that you can access what you’ve recorded from the gadget or area on planet Earth with a functioning Internet association – gave a Web program is available. OrecX likewise incorporates a novel latent chronicle technique. This technique enables you to record VoIP RTP sessions just by inactively tuning in to organize bundles.

#10 ICTDialer (Custom Pricing)

The ICTDialer is a call center CRM software manufactured by utilizing Drupal. ICT Innovations bolster it. The ICTDialer can start hundred of calls all the while utilizing VoIP, FoIP, or PSTN. ICTDialer is an open-source, bound together autodialer. That can be scaled in a manner that enables it to shoot truly many synchronous calls utilizing any innovation you need – from VoIP to FoIP to PSTN and past.

ICTDialer voip open source call center software

Faxes, messages, and even voice accounts can be sent to not just gatherings of contacts relying upon what you’re attempting to achieve, yet besides distinctive individuals also. Yet, the most significant thing of all is that the majority of your battles can be used for sending these kinds of messages in mass. It enables you to arrive at the highest number of individuals most quickly conceivable.

The ICTDialer has some genuinely cool highlights which are missing in other autodialer programming programs. Which includes the capacity to arrange planning to consequently have the program run when you explicit a period of day or day of the week. What’s more, bringing in contacts is exceptionally simple with ICTDialer as you can transfer and whole.csv spreadsheet to the contact administrator. ICTDialer accompanies a discussions board where you can get help setting up the autodialer and help with cutting edge highlights.

#11 Fenero (Free / $249 – $999 Monthly)

Fenero is a delightful, forward-looking contact center software fueled by the merchant’s patent-pending blockchain innovation. On the off chance that doesn’t as of now help it stand apart from the group. Fenero additionally has its arrangement of digital money (called Qubicle Tokens) to reward call focus operators or clients. Fenero additionally has worked in CRM and promoting computerization apparatuses.

Fenero call center crm software

The free form accompanies every single accessible element and boundless client, making it a vigorous and versatile free choice. What’s more, with its very own cryptographic money. It has worked in a framework for remunerating clients who take an interest in overviews or specialists who perform well.

In another hand, Fenero client care is, to a great extent, restricted to self-administration alternatives in the free form. This arrangement is likewise not worked for any out-of-the-crate incorporations.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So now it’s your turn to choose from the above free calling tools and open source call center software according to your business type. 

Make sure you study your business needs properly before choosing any. Analyze your customer needs and compare them to the features offered by each call center software. 

Customers will always show their loyalty if they are treated rightly. Hence, don’t think much before investing in one such open source call center software. It will be an investment with high returns for sure!

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