12 Phonetic Name Spelling Generator [Free]

Phonetic spelling generator allows valuable skills people to avoid mistakes. It also allows people to understand the correct pronunciation of simple and complex words. It is a practice of breaking the terms into smaller chunks of the alphabet.

If you are searching for how to phonetically spell my name? This technique makes understanding correct pronunciation easy for people. This practice results in the omission of mistakes while speaking. It does not give an alternative or different way of spelling the word.

This practice makes it easy for the user to understand the correct way of pronouncing the word. A phonetic spelling generator is often helpful for those people who are new to some language and are afraid of committing mistakes. This practice encourages them to understand the language better from a new perspective.

How Do You Spell a Word Phonetically?

The practice of phonetic spelling is an excellent skill to adapt. It gives users the confidence to use hard-to-say words. It eliminates the feeling of self-awareness of saying the words wrong.

Spelling your name phonetically using phonetics is helpful for people involved in public speaking. Pronouncing the word right becomes a necessity in cases of public speeches and in front of a mass crowd. This activity helps people do justice to the pronunciation.

These names can be the titles of event names, graduation ceremonies, and news readings. The phonetic spelling of the name for the graduation generator comes into play in domains like medical terminology.

This industry comes with tricky names for drugs that are hard to pronounce and difficult to write. There are chances of errors while typing the spelling without using this technique. Phonetic spelling proves to be a sound-based pronunciation guide for people.

Generating phonetic spellings is easy with a set of steps. The technique includes typing the name by breaking it down into syllables. Dashes mark the separate syllables. It was then capitalizing those syllables that might need an emphasis while pronouncing.

The final step includes the addition of a few extra syllables. Adding these syllables enhances the word’s correct pronunciation. It doesn’t matter if those syllables do not exist in the spelling of the name.

This practice works with the addition of a familiar yet rhyming word too. Adding a similar-sounding word makes interpreting the character a bit easier. It is by saying a word that sounds like the name.

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What is in IPA Transcription?

The IPA transcription is a way of writing the correct pronunciation of complex words. The copying mechanism uses the various quality of speeches. These attributes represent the sounding part of speech.

IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet. The IPA is a set of syllables inspired by the Latin script. This system’s characters are enough to define the correct pronunciation of words. 

The idea of the development of this system was an alphabetic system. This system is a generalized description of speech sounds in written form. The IPA is valid for international students, translators, and linguists. This IPA analysis tutorial helps write the phonetic and phonemic typing of almost any language.

The symbols in IPA comprise one or more elements. These elements consist of two basic units, letters, and diacritics. These two units work hand in hand to give more sense and precision to the word.

The IPA was last amended in 2005. Currently, the IPA has 107 segmental letters, 44 diacritics, and four extra-lexical marks.

12 Phonetic Name Spelling Generator [2024]

#1. Tophonetics

tophonetics how to phonetically spell my name

ToPhonetic is a free online browser phonetics tutorial phonetic name spelling generator website. This website aims at generating phonetic spellings of words, paragraphs, and even names.

The website is professional-looking with various attributes to ease the interface for working. The web page extends its services to multiple languages. The language set involves English, Espanola, French, Portuguese, and many more.

It also lets users switch between the British accent and the American accent. It has a category of choices for transcription. The first one enables users to get only the transcription of the text.

The second one lets people receive the transcription with the text in English side by side. The last one allows users to see the transcription line by line with the English text. The browser site also has an attribute of adding parenthesis.

#2. Easy pronunciation


Easy Pronunciation is an advanced phonetic-creating website tool. It comes with a vision to save the time of users eager to learn new languages. The website allows users to put the actual spelling of the text in various languages. Later, it generates the phonetic spelling of the given English text.

The app lets its customers change between different accents. The accent set consists of American English, British English, and Australian English. The website also extends its service to allow users to convert text into two phonetic types.

The two phonetic types are IPA-based phonetics and phonetics tutorials for native English speakers. The app has a two-tier pricing structure with basic and premium packages. Both packages let users translate transcripts to English text for phonetics for 10,000 characters.

The difference in the packs lies in the video recording by translators. The basic package comes for 8.99$ monthly, 44.99$ yearly, or 53.99% for a lifetime. The premium package comes at the cost of 11.99$ monthly and 59.99$ for the whole year.

The website allows users to upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel their membership. The changes are doable anytime under the seven-day money-back guarantee.

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#3. Brondsted

brondsted phonetic spelling generator

Bronsted is a simple website for the browser for an automatic phonetic pronunciation of a name generator. The language set consists of English, German, and Dutch.  The website outputs the transcribed set of phonetic spellings in various formats.

The output formats can be IPA (International Phonetic Alphabets) and SAMPA. The developers have created the website with a vivid vision. It outputs the transcriptions that are eligible for speech recognition technology.

The website only allows transcribing the texts to a limited level. The website has a character limit of 40 without signing up. There are a few plans for students and commercial users.

Prices of online transcriber licenses vary for students with authentic university mail. Yet, students should use the licensed account for personal and non-commercial use.

The time-bound approval for student use costs 20Euro for six months. The same license costs 30 euros for one year. For people without university email, it costs 30 euros for six months and 40 euros for a year. Charges for commercial use are negotiable with the creators.

#4. English Tools


English tools are a collection of many valuable tools. This cluster offers various tools for a better understanding of English and other languages. 

The tool of focus is the English to IPA phonetic translator tool. The translator is a free browser website to generates the IPA-based phonetic spellings of large chunks of English text in no time.

This service aims to pave the way for new English language learners. Users need to put the translated transcript in English in the dialogue box. The tool showcases the output transcriptions along the text. There are four types of settings for the arrangement.

The first is to show the IPA transcriptions only. The second one is transcriptions after the English text. The other one is the transcriptions before the reader. It shows the transcriptions word by word after the text.

The app lures users to try and stick to the website with its attractive interface. It offers its services in more than 30 languages. The website is free for its customers to use and thus doesn’t have any pricing structure.

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#5. Upodn


Upodn is a user-friendly and helpful website for phonetic text. The website is quite helpful in translating English text into various phonetic representations.

The website has no price system, and using it does not cost anything. The user interface of the website seems to be professional and simple. Yet, the website contains a bundle of advertisements, making it seem not easy to scroll and use.

There is a space on the website where you may paste the object text. It demonstrates various conditions to consider when selecting a suitable phonetic system.

The website outputs the translated text into various phonetic systems. The systems include Shavian, IPA, SAMPA, and American phonetics.

Also, it helps highlight the terms worthy of emphasis in the transcription. These highlights make the output data more efficient. Thus, helping users in getting the best out of the text.

#6. Photransedit

photransedit phonetic spelling generator

Photransedit is a free collection of applications that work online and offline. The group helps users save a great deal of time while working on English transcriptions.

One of the tools offered by this website is text to phonetic spelling generator. This subsite works efficiently to create phonetic spellings of English text. Users must paste the text that needs transcription in a dialogue box on the site. 

The website has a simple interface with no charges for the transcriptional service. The most significant length of the text can be 500 characters.

It gives a choice of choosing the type of pronunciation. There are two options from which users can make a choice. There are two options from which users can make a choice. The first is the received pronunciation, while the other is the general American.

Users can copy the outputs of the transcriptions to the IPA editor. It also offers various attributes on the site. These attributes enhance the presentation of the phonetic version of the text.

#7. Phonetizer

phonetizer audio transcription word

Phonetizer is a simple online website that works as an online phonetic spelling generator. The site aims to provide the phonetic spellings of a large piece of text without cost. The interface of the website seems pretty simple and modest.

It doesn’t have a lot of buttons and sections that make the website professional. The website gives users a choice of three accents. First being the British, the second being the American, and the third being transliteration.

It lets its customers choose the fate of the output transcription. The users can either select to receive the written phonetics or audio transcription word form.

The website has two panels. In the first one, the user must input the object text in English. The other panel showcases and presents the phonetic transcription of the given text.

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#8. My name is


My Name Is” looks more like a campaign than a free browser website for the phonetic spelling generator of the name. This website has the vital goal of transcribing the names of people.

It changes the titles into their phonetic spellings to prevent wrong pronunciations of the characters. According to the website, 73% of people get their names mispronounced. This mistake makes the icebreaking point awkward and hurts the individual.

The working of the phonetic spelling generator names website is quite simple. It lets users enter their names in the dialogue box. The algorithm then converts the text name into phonetic name spelling.

The users can download the “my name is” tag along with the correct pronunciation of their name. Users can share this tag on various platforms of their own will.

This website is an attribute of a campaign against racial discrimination. Keeping this in mind, the developers have made this accessible for people to use.

The website has a clean, professional interface with a dark theme. The website does not contain any form of ads, Thus making it look official and authentic.

#9. Ipa-reader

ipa-reader phonetic spelling generator

IPAreader is a website with both a novel concept and a variety of original writing pieces. The internet is flowing with other websites that function as generators.

Yet, this website is unique and does not provide phonetic spellings or names for the content. This website accepts the character’s input in English. Then the website speaks it out with an accent. It also utilizes phonetics with the IPA approach.

The website claims users would better grasp the name by listening to it. Phonetic spelling generator names avoid converting it to its phonetic form and reading it using an IPA chart. The website is a product of open-source building and thus is free of cost for people to use.

#10. Glotdojo


Glotdojo is a free website that works for the good of those who yearn to learn a new language but are afraid of making mistakes in front of people. The website is quite simple in design and thus has a pretty professional interface.

The website has a single dialogue box that receives the English text. This text works as the input data that changes into phonetic alphabets. The site then works on the object data and produces an output of phonetic spellings of the given text. The tools offered by Enjoy are free and easy to use; it also lets users upload English text in the form of files.

The website shows a range of features along with the changed text. The options are visible after finishing the translational process. It gives a choice of phonetic form to appear line by line with English text or to appear in phonemic script. It also lets users choose between the IPA system of phonetic respelling.

#11. Cryptii

cryptii phonetic spelling generator

Cryptii is a unique platform. This web browser site is an open-source project by MIT. It aims at providing a free encoding and decoding medium for messages.

This site works well for messages capable of receiving encryption. Encryption of messages takes place before sending for security reasons.  This encryption and decryption platform differs from our list of phonetic spelling generators.

It lets users hide their message in the form of strings of some random alphabet. The encryption takes place by securing the provided message. This website encrypts the given message using some features present on the site. 

The interface of this website is quite simple and attractive for users. The background is well-lit, and the user interface is quite appealing. The website also offers modular conversion for the messages. The site does this change in the operating browser without servers and networks.

The website is a legitimate platform to secure the message with accuracy. The site can encrypt the signal with more than 32 types of encodings. As the website proves to be an excellent open-source project, it is free.

#12. Typeit


Typeit is a free website on the browser and a desktop app. It functions well for typing in the IPA-based phonetic spellings of text. The use of this website enhances the chances of healthy pronunciation of strange and complex words.

The app works as a keyboard instead of a phonetic spelling generator. Generators usually produce the words’ phonetic meaning by pasting the website’s content. This website works uniquely. This lets users type the words by themselves.

It works on the principle of mass correction. It claims that users must select the full IPA mode to get high accuracy in the transcription. The website is completely free to use for transcription purposes.

The website is completely free to use for transcription purposes. It lets users copy and paste the output from the dialogue box to the destination. It extends its service to a wide range of languages. This feature makes it versatile for use by people of different ethnicities.

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Eleggible’s Final Words 

Through this article, we have tried to incorporate the findings of phonetic spelling generators. We have also added a small list of apps that are pretty helpful in generating those. We have also tried to explain the working principle of text to phonetic convertors.

This essay also clarifies the mechanism of generators involved in doing so. This piece of text also talks about the IPA. IPA stands for the International Phonetic Alphabet which is useful in these conversions.

This report throws light on the uses of transcribing the text into phonetic spellings. The conversion of text into phonetics is quite an important task. It facilitates a better understanding of the pronunciation of complex words. It prevents a mistake in doing so.

The apps discussed in the report are some of the best apps. We have researched these apps thoroughly. We have gathered the knowledge available on the web for the same.

This article aims at providing the features and attributes of the apps efficiently. This sorting will surely help our readers choose the best-suited one for them.

We hope this article brings out the best one for our readers. We have done nothing but attempt to serve the best ones on the platter for our readers.

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