7 Best Piano Software | Virtual Piano for Windows & Mac

Piano Software, are there to embrace your skill. You don’t have to be compelled to have a massive experience to urge a pleasant, realistic tone.

Gratefully, with technology, fantastic piano tones will be achieved by grabbing in your home, and after all, not cost accounting nearly; the maximum amount as an associate actual acoustic piano. All you should have is, maybe a laptop, a midi keyboard, and a minimum of one VST to urge going.

So if you belong to those folks who are obsessed with music and run out of their wallet for having a keyboard set or a piano, you are not a significant part, we just got something that will help you to be a competitive musician.

Perhaps, we aren’t going to purchase you one but can help you by having a virtual piano keyboard.

Can virtual keyboard work as similar to the original one?

Yes! Why not?

We have found some top, hand-picked Piano software that works identical to that of the original. Not wasting a single while, we have 7 Best Piano Software for Windows and Mac.

Are we excited to know their properties and feature with all brief descriptions?

Don’t move a moment apart, and keep on reading this article further.

Top 7 Virtual Piano Software for Windows & Mac (Free & Paid)

The below-given list has all the best of software with all the descriptions and features.

Check them out!

1. XLN Audio Addictive Keys

You might have heard about XLN Audio Addictive Keys software as it has vast growing popularity. Likewise, to the name, it has incredible features that will amaze you with the addictive tone. To take a breath, It is an outstanding software with its virtual keyboard and realistic sound.

Most importantly, it is not the software for beginners who are new and don’t desire knowledge. Knowing the user interface, no one should be lost finding some function and ends up messing; keeping that in mind, it has a smooth and user-friendly interface.

It offers you with a start-up setting that can be easy for you to understand at the very first view. Coming at the new note, it provides you with mind-blowing editing tools and functions.

The pitch, filter volume tab are some of the necessary edits. Flexible and wide-ranging sound-sculpting tools with high-quality recording and comprehensive microphone perspectives make it way more perfect. Macintosh users can use it with a price ranging from €179 counting VAT.

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  • Boosted Workflows and others
  • Rich library 8000+ samples
  • More than five file formats
  • Addictive trigger ships
  • Advanced export features
Piano Software
XLN Audio Addictive Keys

2. Adobe Audition

There are many virtual keyboards and piano that are trending crazily. But Adobe Audition stands at the top of and is known for its editing suite. It has immeasurably authoritative, intuitive, and lithe DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

From a single cover to multicast streams, it works as enthusiastically from others. Rich source of sound effects and libraries stand on the other side. Also, it supports a wide range of formats and has useful audio restoration features.

It is one of the software that does not require many resources and easy handle kind of tool to adjust several tracks. It is available for both Windows and Mac users starting with the monthly charge of Adobe Audition is $29.99; nevertheless, an Annual Plan paid every month drips to $19.99.


  • Facility to relink files and related term clips using the Files Panel.
  • Conventional export range of video clip
  • Default audio device swapping
  • Multicast streams
  • Platform independent.
Piano Software
Adobe Audition

3. Toontrack EZKeys

Likely to the XLN, ToonTrack has also received a massive heap of good reviews and popularity by its features and other audio tools. This software is just to one side from a shot to create a natural sound with all the resources and best features.

It is the decent sampled piano with a massive selection of MIDI files and flexible chord selectors. EZkeys has a most impressive feature that is questionably its Chord Selector, which helps you make quick alterations to the pitch and sound of any chord meeting in your Song Track.

The pricing of EZKeys is quite high, but generally is one of the best choices for professionals. It costs around £54.95, which is quite expensive but all this won’t go in vain if you want to skilled with this software.


  • Tranquil usage with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop option
  • MIDI File import
  • Use and record much-loved DAW
  • Includes a host of revolutionary and creative songwriting features
Piano Software
Toontrack EZKeys

4. Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys

It is one of the best virtual software that is a -virtual piano that meets the professional criteria and symbolizes the poignant sound that has become the trademark.

It is intended with far-fetched meticulousness and integrating delicate details such as mechanical release noises, a specially developed compassionate echo, and a release system, and even fingers are hitting keys.

This unique instrument brings plenty of buoyant level-headedness. It offers you a smooth user interface providing assimilated credentials of all settings.

Alicia’s Keys is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating System and hence is platform-independent. The charge for having this software is $99.00, which can be proclaimed as beneficial for all users.


  • 12 swiftness layers apiece key
  • Reliable texture with sustain control
  • More than 3000 distinct samples
  • Easy user interface providing cohesive documentation of all settings
  • Upgraded with clean and featuring quality
Piano Software
Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys

5. A73 Piano Station

A73 Piano Station doesn’t feel deficient in amusing options; however, it will have one that creates the applying stand out from the gang.

It’s an interface that’s each aesthetically-pleasing and skilled. It ‘s precisely sort of a real-life competent keyboard, complete with data displays and slider controls.

Of course, the virtual piano software system doesn’t solely look sensible; however, it’s additionally jam-choked with superb options.

There’s a standard six-octave keyboard that not exclusively licenses you to drive out your arty piano bits and pieces for appetizers. One of the foremost helpful options of this piano application is that it permits you to play three completely different instruments at the same time simultaneously.

This implies that you simply won’t need to transfer third-party programs to mix and record your compositions. Also, it provides you the manual guide, which will help you at the very first sight. The best part of having this software is; it is free piano software without costing a single penny.

Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows XP; Vista7, 8. This can be the best piano software for pc free download also available of it that you can find on the internet.


  • Six-octave representative piano keyboard
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Act out 100 plus musical instruments, and not just the piano.
  • Providing multiple customization features
  • Music Genres comprise pop, jazz, blues, rock, classical, and more.
  • Composition up to three prime instruments at the same time.
free piano software
A73 Piano Station

6. Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

It acts as an ideal for all the professional folks who are obsessed with this particular software. You may not be surprised or have that wow look, looking at the user-interface. Yet the other features will drive you incredible.

All you need is a MIDI synthesizer to produce music as the software is not going for the quick music creation. Irrespective of the look, it provides the best sound quality and imports various ports connected to the notes.

It also gives you tools regarding including phasor depth, expression, and modulation that works incredibly. It is the best software for the professional, perhaps becomes handy with some beginners. You can download this free piano software, which is the best deal. 


  • MIDI input and output to network, using an ipMIDI companionable practice
  • Translations to numerous languages
  • MIDI input and output to OS intrinsic drivers (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS)
  • Configurable number of keys and octaves
free piano software
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

7. Spectrasonics Keyscape Virtual Keyboard

It is a brand new Virtual keyboard that has driven all of its users. From the task of cross-sectioning a range of acoustic and electronic sound sources, creating a creatively rewarding virtual instrument stands at its best plays.

It has an enormous resource with 36 preferred accumulator keyboards with different samples and an Omni-sphere interface. To the newest version on Omni-sphere, all of its users were awaited for this upgradation. It also offers you one of you the customization features to modify the tool according to your requirements.

The only thing you need to have this Spectra sonic KeySpace is 70 GB of free space to run the software more fluently. It is a compatible piano program for PC and Macintosh and comes with pricing for $399.00 which is worth for.


  • It has more than 150 patches and 700+ sound sources
  • Omni-sphere synthesis features
  • Largest selection of keyboards of different genres
  • Amazing customization and self-modification features
  • Covers some of the best old-fashioned keys multi-samples you will hear.
  • Infrequent historical instruments add some high, impenetrable tones.
piano program for PC
Spectrasonics Keyscape Virtual Keyboard

Which is the Best Software to Learn Piano?

Before you find the best piano programs for your account, you must have a piece of quite basic knowledge regarding this field. Have you learned any piano lesson, if not; and still wills to grab a software, no worries, you are welcome to have a quick experience that will blow your mind.

Our choice towards the best software to learn is, Alesis QX25. Because it is compatible with both Mac and Windows, it can be great for you to find learning software.

how to learn piano
how to learn piano

It has all of the features that you would anticipate in a robust MIDI controller; Octave buttons for accomplishment the high notes or plunging further as well as pitch bender and modulation wheels.

On the chief of that, it has multiple fader knobs, letting you have more control, and even has drum pads for sequencing. Inclusively, it has a lot of efficacy and will get your teaching lesson at the conclusion.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

As all of the software, as mentioned above, is at its best position. But if you are a total professional Native Instruments Alicia’s Keys and Audio Addictive can be the perfect choice for you. Furthermore, Spectra sonic KeySpace is best for creating Omni-Sphere sound effects.

Whereas Virtual MIDI Keyboard Adobe Audition and Toontrack EZKeys can be the best selection for beginners. But irrespective of the category of superiority, all of the above software is way more helpful. Being pocket-friendly, all of them works well according to their features.

Eleggible’s Final Words

As you have found, the top 7 picks that we’ve explained with the proper description. All of them are best at its shot, but the final choice remains on you, as what can be best for you.

Each of the above has mentioned highlights and drawbacks that will quickly help you find the best tool. Knowing the needs and requirements hope you find the best companion for your hobby and music obsession.

Suppose we have covered all your air doubts and questions regarding the choice for the best virtual piano software this year.

If you are still confused about finding the best, we would instead recommend having the free software for use and has a quick view concerning it.

There can be more good options but you can also try these:

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