Pros & Cons of Using SQL Server

SQL Server is one of the top database solutions around, and is harnessed by lots of businesses to take care of their information-wrangling needs.

It also competes against a cavalcade of other platforms, from paid-for rivals to open-source alternatives. This can make it tricky to choose which package to adopt if you are looking to make the leap to a full-blown database system.

To help you out, let’s go through some of the positive and negative aspects of SQL Server so you can make an informed decision.

technology internet computer binary
technology internet computer binary

Pro – Ample version variety

Microsoft, the company behind SQL Server, has the clout and the resources to offer all sorts of variants of this service, which means you can select the one which makes the most sense for your needs.

From the full-blown Enterprise edition to the free Express version, the sheer amount of choice available is impressive.

Con – Potential for performance issues

SQL Server is capable of handling lots of concurrent users and processes, which is part of its appeal. However, when things go wrong, performance can suffer. Issues like blocking and deadlock dilemmas, as well as index fragmentation, and much more besides can cause slowdown and even outright outages.

The good news is that there are lots of monitoring solutions, both officially integrated and of third party origin, which can keep tabs on SQL Server performance, alert you to problems early, and help you troubleshoot all aspects of database administration.

Pro – Support for on-site or cloud-powered databases

Another selling point of SQL Server is that it is just as capable of providing comprehensive database capabilities whether you choose to host it on hardware that you operate in-house, or on a cloud infrastructure that is provided at a remote data center.

This flexibility is useful not just for meeting your operational requirements today, but also for adapting to suit them as they change tomorrow.

Con – Cost

We mentioned that there is a free version of SQL Server, and while this is appropriate for low-level use, if you want to unlock more of the impressive features that this platform provides, then you will need to pay for them.

The top-tier Enterprise edition is very capable, yet will really only be suited to larger companies because of how much is charged for a license. This may or may not be a sticking point, depending on your budget.

Pro – Excellent customer support

If you are a customer of SQL Server then you can rely on a raft of support options provided by Microsoft, as well as a huge community of other users and developers across the internet who are on hand to help out.

In addition to comprehensive documentation, you can benefit from in-person or remote assistance, depending on the package you pick.

Eleggible’s Final Words

SQL Server definitely deserves your attention if you want a database solution that is scalable, cost-effective, and well supported.

There may be a few imperfections, but the pros easily outweigh the cons in most use cases, so don’t be put off by little foibles.

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