15 Best Rabbit Alternatives & Sites Like Rabb.it (2022)

Suppose you belong to the one who loves watching television shows and series at home without interruption with Rabbit or Rabb.it sometimes, no worries you are at the best page where you can find the best Rabbit alternatives. Now you might be wondering, why Rabbit alternative?

Is there something wrong with the Rabbit application? Well, you could come to know this in our next segment, so if you want to continue your fun with family and friends by having a movie night. We have got your 15 best rabb.it alternatives and similar sites through which you can go on your entertainment without any interruption. 

All the top 15 alternatives will be listed down; you can go through each of them and find one suitable for you. With the full description and including its excellent features, we have described every alternative. Keep reading this article to find your best shot and entertainment companion.

Is Rabbit Shutting Down?

Since 2013, Rabbit was one of the leading applications for streaming videos and watching movies and was also having 3.5 million viewers over a month. But due to termination of the site, the CEO of Rabbit Amanda Richardson proclaimed the closure of this site.

As it dealt with the upcoming popularity, many of its users have lost faith in this application. The company is totally out of money, and there is no way for the coming up. Rabb.it was just one of several apps and web-based filling stations that agree to do instantaneous group video and text chat with video streaming features.

So let’s check apps like rabbit.

Top 15 Rabbit Alternatives & Websites Like Rabbit in 2022

Here are the top 15 Rabbit alternatives and similar sites that you can view.

Let us catch through each one of them.

1. Two Seven

Two Seven is known as one of Rabbit’s best alternatives as it provides all of the best features compared to Rabbit. It is a video sharing platform where you can share videos and watch movies online with your friends and family.

It compromises you with a real-time familiarity with no potential and provisions multiple, widespread video streaming platforms. Furthermore, it comes with a chrome extension that lets you stream videos any way you want to.


  • It supports multiple streaming platforms and services
  • Intuitive chat features
  • Instant responses and the ability to modify them
  • Have huge community support
Rabbit Alternatives
Two Seven

2. Meta Stream

Meta stream is on the top of the list because of its live sync playback. It offers you the best live streaming video with zero dormancy. Its amazing features, including video-queuing, on-screen chats, Meta stream, are known to the world. However, it does not include Rabbit features like webcam and audio features but can still be an excellent Rabbit option.


  • Supports Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • In time playback of streaming media transversely on numerous websites
  • It offers you public, private, and offline meetings
  • Sustenance for WebRTC patrician connections widely
  • Co-operative broadcasting backlog
  • Intuitive user-interface
rabb.it alternatives
Meta Stream

3. Watch2gether

It is another alternatives to the rabbit as it permits you to watch movies and sync with your friends. You can create your chat room without even signing up without any external charges and free.

Furthermore, you can add your friends to join the chat-room. The videos you can look out for are constrained to sustained platforms, including YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


  • It can create and save the room so that it would remain up to 24 hours.
  • You can form your custom avatar 
  • Get a previewed of all places that you join
  • Has synchronized player for audio and video
  • You can organize your content on a playlist
alternatives to rabbit

4. Netflix Party

It features are similar to Rabbit to the most extent and can be one of the best Rabbit alternatives. Netflix is one of the leading streaming platforms which are widely used by many users. Perhaps it comes with subscription fees but yet has more viewers and excellent playback services.

It provides you the option of group chats and video share where it comes with several GIFS features, stickers, and many more. Providing the best streaming videos, Netflix has proven its superiority.


  • Watch latest videos in 4K and HD quality content
  • Watch multiple shows and movies at a single time
  • It has an interactive interface 
  • Also provides skip the binge session
  • Limits your data usage
Rabbit Alternatives
Netflix Party

5. Parsec

Parsec is not created for video streaming purposes but is an excellent application for video playback and includes Rabbit’s original features. It deals with streaming gaming videos and shares them with your friends. Unlike Rabbit, it is excellent in its game streaming features. It offers you free for its functionality and lives to stream.


  • It comprises low latency over 60 FPS
  • Smooth running interface without any oscillate
  • Multi-player gaming with low lag
  • Precise inputs and remarkable graphics
  • Freeware software application 
Rabbit Alternatives

6. Simulcast

Simulcast is proclaimed as the best rabb.it an alternative platform over the internet where you can watch share and play music together and connect anyone over the internet. The way of functioning of SimulChat is forthright at a track that keeps the movie in synchronization altogether in a phase.

The users can adore many features like making video calls, watching YouTube videos together, watching TV shows videos and movies together, etc., in a reliant way. It also offers you text chatting that is entirely not a feature to its competitors.

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  • It is free of charge and does not include any charges
  • Users can create their private chat-room
  • User-friendly interface with ease of usage
  • Supports private text chats
  • Share videos over your family and friends
rabb.it alternatives

7. Airtime

If you need alternatives to rabbit with perfect features on Smartphones, formerly, Airtime is the best application that you can be dependent on. It has not quite but most of every level-headed feature of Rabbit, like snooping to music, watching YouTube together, and group chatting using GIFs, animated stickers, etc.

It maintenances as many as ten users in a single room, which is an adequate amount for your friends or family to revel in video content together.


  • It has a considerable library resource of media files
  • Comprises with remote broadcast automation
  • Modern usability with upgraded interface
  • Supports over many formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and AAC 
  • Preview tracks and edit metadata in-browser
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
alternatives to rabbit

8. Syncplay

Syncplay is a particular application in the list as it allows you to play downloaded content on your computer. It is accessible for all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can play at all offline media using VLC, Media Player Classic, or MPV, and Syncplay will allow transmission of your playback in a remote private room.

Furthermore, you can share the private room with your friends and family and watch the content together. In numerous methods, Syncplay is comparable to Rabbit but lacks some collaborative features like chat or audio message. 


  • It is platform-independent
  • Bring into line video playback across multiple media players simultaneously
  • Best compatibility over different platforms
  • Can create and share stuff in a private room
Rabbit Alternatives

9. ShareTube

This is also one of the most used rabb.it alternatives. ShareTube is a humble amenity which leases you to watch YouTube videos in an up-front means. You have to make a room and share a YouTube URL over the place to play the content in sync with other associates.

There is also a group chat selection that can carry some grade of collaboration in the middle of the users in your room. It lacks bringing many popular features as compared to Rabbit, but ShareTube is impressive at its performance.


  • Can create a room and join
  • Simple and easy user-interface
  • Shares amazingly trending videos 
  • Is platform-independent
rabb.it alternatives

10. Rave

Rave is another imperturbable brand new alternative to Rabbit that mostly works inordinately if you watch content on your cell phones. Just like Rabbit, you can watch videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Google Drive, and other such video content platforms.

The synchronization playback works exceptionally well without any bugs or malfunctions. Yet it also comes with selections for voice chat, but not video chat, which can be a significant drawback.


  • You can watch videos and listen to music with folks from around the world
  • Can create your own and share in a room
  • Simple to use and user-friendly interface
Rabbit Alternatives

11. AnimeParty

AnimeParty is an ultimate Rabbit alternative that is enthusiastic merely for streaming and watching Anime content together. It is not an essential website which contracts you create a private room, and later you can share the place with folks. You can only find Anime content related to the anime genre from its library and can start watching straight-forwardly.

Additionally, it has a group chat feature, and also sync playback is quite decent, and you would miss foremost disputes while streaming videos. On the straight-way, if you are obsessed with the Anime genre and behold alternatives to rabbit-like a platform, AnimeParty is a rock-hard choice.


  • The excellent website specifically for Anime content
  • Intuitive, simple user-interface 
  • Can create personal room and share content
alternatives to rabbit

12. myCircle.tv

It is undoubtedly among the best websites like rabb.it as it allows you to watch videos together in a seamless manner. It has assimilated various video streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion underneath its gateway.

You can unswervingly play videos on the website, and other members in your room can watch videos in complete sync. Besides that, you can also share URLs from other websites and view video content together. On the obverse, you can have a chat feature with amazing emoji, so that is good.


  • Mutual with various platforms
  • Create and share content in a private room
  • Conversation with multiple people around the globe
  • It supports full screen-viewing
websites like rabb.it

13. Kosmi

Kosmi lets you simulated favorite places to watch movies with friends and family. Deprived of signing up or installing the app, you can create rooms where you get to chat with other members, and also interconnect over microphone and webcam, and carry out the other streaming activities. It is not that popular application but has broad community support.


  • Communicate with friends with micro-phone
  • No need to sign up for surfing on this site
  • Excellent community support
Rabbit Alternatives

14. TogetherTube

TogetherTube is another video distribution platform that helps you enjoy videos with your family, friends, and close ones. It bids a real-time involvement with no inactivity and also supports various standard video streaming platforms.

It offers support for several platforms like SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. The affiliates of a chat room over this application can vote on video and play the video with huge audience requirements.


  • It contains synchronized players over a group
  • Integrated with numerous different platforms
  • Offers a chat room for communication
  • Can demand your requirements through votes
Rabbit Alternatives

15. AndChill

Just like the name mentioned, in the same way, it has its property to chill with our family and friends by watching their favorite movies. AndChill helps you create public and private chat rooms to viewing videos with anyone and anywhere around the globe.

The user interface is simple, and you can share audio and video files with just a click in a few minutes. It uses its exclusive tools to bring over-improved live streaming to many people and with almost zilch expectancy. These are the reasons we have included this in the list of alternatives to rabb.it.


  • Has quick user management techniques
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Improved and enhanced streaming
  • Superior quality
  • Faster often than other sites
alternatives to rabb.it

Eleggible’s Recommendation

Since the entire above list has a description along with it, including individual features, but for your better convenience, we also have one more segment that would help you to choose amongst the best website. All the above sites like a rabbit and are unique in themselves with certain throwbacks.

Still, in the end, we recommend you try amongst Netflix and Meta stream as it provides you the rich quality of support and content that you may like with higher quality and lesser bugs. But eventually, you are a great fan of the Anime genre. Then, AnimeParty can sounds cool to you. Other than that, Twoseven and Watch2gether are other brilliant sites that can be a perfect alternative for Rabbit.


Q1. For what reason did Rabb.it shut down?

A1. The CEO of Rabbit reported in July 2019 that the website will soon stop all activities as the VC financing series flopped in May and the CEO had to close down Rabbit and Let go of the staff as well.

Q2. Is Rabbit streaming legitimate?

A2. Rabbit is of one the MVPs as it might be used by Chrome, Opera, and Firebox, this has a feature that is web-based and includes places like Hulu, Netflix, etc. A real-time feature is definitely not needed with Rabbit.

Q3. Is Meta stream protected to utilize?

A3. The expansion itself doesn’t have the wrong substance, yet the recordings and talk window could open players to questionable content.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These were the list of the 15 best Rabbit Alternatives. If you were a big fan of Rabbit, and are now fond of something similar to it, take our suggestion and go for these websites and applications. Not exact, but it will offer you the same kind of vibe as that of Rabbit.

If you are still confused amongst those, we recommend trying every item from the list, for your better choice. Then what are you guys waiting for? Grab your popcorn and occupy your seat; each of them would entertain you in a unique wat. I hoped you liked this article and it was informative to you.

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