6 Reasons to Adopt Power BI for Business Intelligence

Data analytics is a pivotal role in the digital age. With the exponential increase in the data produced by Internet users daily, it has become essential to skim through the data to understand the behavior and patterns.

The Big Data market is estimated to generate $68.9 billion in revenue by 2025. It has become necessary for businesses to consume the data and apply the information to improve their business.

For that applying Power, BI is necessary. But, you might have this question, “what does Microsoft Power BI do?To answer your question, Power BI gives you the ability to analyze the data, make it visually powerful, and augment your understanding.

The charts and visual data enable you to make quicker and synchronous decisions.  Check out why businesses should adopt Power BI and how it helps. 

Top Reasons to Adopt Power BI 

Business Intelligence is a critical aspect. You want to ensure you have complete shop floor visibility and customer understanding. For example, with the help of analytics, Netflix could retain better without spending money.

They know their customers, can study their patterns, and develop insights that help with personalization. 

Reason#1: Power of Data in your Hands

You can connect Microsoft’s Power BI to multiple databases and access the information. For example, if you have an in-house ERP, a CRM, and other tools, you can connect it to Power BI.

The tool would access the data and construct it into a structured and organized format giving you its analysis. You can call for scheduled or incremental updates, depending on how often you want to see the insights for the business.

Power BI’s functionality extends beyond just connecting to databases; it also offers powerful reporting capabilities through tools like Power BI Report Builder‘ which is a standalone tool that helps users create, edit, and manage paginated reports with ease. This allows you to create visually appealing reports with interactive elements, providing even deeper insights into your data. By using Report Builder in conjunction with Power BI’s data analysis capabilities, you can ensure that your organization benefits from comprehensive and accessible information, driving better decision-making.

With this accessibility, you can look at the data to know how you are faring.  Say a few customers have moved away from business, and you will get immediate insights into them, thus helping you plan the next steps. 

Reason #2: Intuitive Interface

Using the tool is easy and intuitive. You don’t need an extra understanding of the underlying technology or Big Data to get insights and charts customized to meet your needs. 

For example, if you need a sales report for the entire year, you can drag-n-drop a few things to customize the dashboard data. There are a lot of advanced features available with this tool, which can be overwhelming. However, the support team waiting to help you ensures you don’t face complexities. 

Reason#3: Cloud-based Services

As the PowerBI tool is cloud-based, access to the data becomes mobile. You can get data from anywhere at any given time. At the same time, it reduces the cost and efforts of storing and retrieving the data.

That’s not the only good part about being cloud-based. It removes all the bandwidth issues you may face if it were a physical tool.

For example, if you had to download the system onto a device, it occupies the extra space and eventually goes slow.

Owing to cloud storage, it becomes easy and efficient to access and retrieve data. 

Reason#4: Visual Extraction

Imagine reading through data and explanations to note that the shop floor activities are causing losses. Wouldn’t that delay the decision-making for your business? 

However, when you access reports via Power BI, you get a visual representation of the data. Whether you want to track the maintenance of your machines or need to know the sales data, everything is pictorially displayed.

You can scan through the charts, know which machine is ruptured and beyond repair, and eventually decide to buy a new one. There are plenty of use cases where visual extraction can help businesses. 

Reason#5: Translates Data in Real-time

You can enjoy the data that travels in real-time across all systems on your Power BI dashboard. The tool takes the word immediate almost literally. You can access the data changes and check if something is not functioning.

For example, if you are a manufacturer and a batch process is not working, the data will be displayed in the Power BI reports. You can take immediate action and see if the change made a difference. 

Reason #6: Device-agnostic Tool

You don’t need to have a specific device to access the data power of Power BI. It is device agnostic. You can download it to your desktop, mobile, or tablet and view the magic. As it has been built for all types of resolutions, you will receive the same experience.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Your business gets unlimited opportunities with Power BI. It is a visual tool that gives you a glimpse into all your business activities.

With the help of charts and graphs, you can automate admin processes and make quicker decisions.  It integrates with all systems, making it easier for you to access data from your existing systems. 

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