8 Best Receipt Organizer Software to Manage Receipts

In this article, you will get to know about how you can manage your receipts and how you can prepare reports and organize your receipts through software. We have a list of the top 8 receipt organizer software.

Organizing receipts can be a very tough job and boring sometimes. The main thing is how to keep them safely with you. There are many ways how you can organize your receipts. Some of them are you can buy a receipt scanner and save your receipt digitally with you, or you can create folders where you can store them.

But the best option is to use receipt organizer software because these softwares have a feature that can reduce your paperwork and keep track of expenses. Keeping track of your expenses is one of the important jobs of every small business. Also, you won’t lose any opportunity for tax savings if you keep track of expenses and organize your receipts.

There are several ways how you can organize your receipts by organizing them weekly or monthly. Every month you should organize your receipts so that you do not lose them in the future. Now people are shifting towards receipt organizer softwares and saving some more time for other things.

Top 8 Best Receipt Organizer Software to Manage Receipt [2024]

#1. Expensify


Expensify is one of the best and most known software for organizing your receipts. You can use this software for free. If you are using this software for free, then you are only eligible to scan 25 receipts per month. If you are ready to pay, you do not need to worry that much because Expensify’s monthly plan ranges from $4.99 to $9 per month.

This subscription amount is not that big, and it will help you to save time and effort. You can easily organize your receipts with this software. All you need to do is click a snap of your receipt and enter some minor detail about your receipt so that software can you details and put your receipt according to that detail you entered. This software will produce reports by analyzing your expenses. This report will help users to track their expenses. This leads to how a user should manage expenses and where expenses can be reduced easily.

#2. Getdivvy

We always need something which has multipurpose use. Getdivvy offers the same. This software offers receipt scanning and expense management both in this software. But this is not the best part of this software. The best part is that this software is absolutely free to use. Yes, you read it right. It’s free to use.

Still, for free use, there are some limitations, but it is worth giving a look at this software. Also, this software has an app of its own which makes it easy to view and manage your receipts wherever you want. You can easily access and manage your stuff without any problem. You can use the app version of its software to add your receipt and put some details regarding the receipt and let the rest of the work for Getdivvy. This software will handle all your stuff with more information accordingly to the details you provided.

#3. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is one of the known software for receipt organizing. With the help of Quickbook, users can more easily organize their daily tasks thanks to its many features. It supports functions like accounting and profit management. Therefore, this software is a one-stop shop for small-business owners.

With this software, you can upload your scanned images in different formats. This software can generate statements based on the data and details you have provided with it. Also, it can create account receivables too, which can make your expense management super easy. You can create tax categories with this software.

Also, you can manage your books with the help of this software. The price range of this software is distributed in three. The first is the easy start; it starts at $10 per month. The second is essentials which start at $20 per month, and the last third is the plus plan which starts at $30 per month.

#4. Shoeboxed


Suppose you are a freelancer, accountant, or small business who thinks that physical receipts give you so much pain. Then you do not have to bother about it anymore. Shoeboxed receipt organizer software is software specially designed for these people only. You can send a mail full of receipts to a Shoeboxed facility to have them scanned and organized for you.

Also, the software doubles as a receipt scanner and manager. This makes things even better for the user. You can also upload your receipts by scanning them and uploading them with the use of the mobile app of this software. This receipt organizer software is one of the most expensive organizer software. Plans for this software start at a discounted price of $18 per month.

With further upgrades, the plan increases up to $36 and $54 per month, respectively. But it gives you good results and makes your work easy, so it may be worth spending this much amount on this software.

#5. SAP Concur


Large and small businesses can choose from a variety of SAP Concur solutions. Business travelers or organizations managing a high amount of receipts, invoices, and reimbursement requests are the target market for many of SAP’s receipt-organizing products. As a result, the digital receipt organizer for SAP Concur can manage several documents from numerous sources. Unfortunately, compared to many other brands, SAP Concur is less open about its pricing structure.

To obtain a price quote, you must speak with SAP Concur directly and provide details regarding your unique requirements. It is realistic to presume that SAP Concur’s pricing structure is less competitive than some of the other software packages on this list since it is typically created for business travelers and companies. This not only gives you the ability to organize your bills but also empowers you to make statistics decisions and monitor the development of your company over time.

#6. Neat


Neat is one of the top accounting programs when it comes to document organization. Neat scans, uploads, and organizes not only receipts but also invoices, bank statements, and other pertinent documents, thanks to its unequaled capabilities. In order to more correctly track your costs, Neat lets you link your credit cards, bank account, invoices, and bank statements. Additionally, it includes an infinite storage option for your valuable data.

It is one of the top-notch organizations. This software has automatic integration with accounting and tax software. Also, it reconciles financial records, too pretty handy, right. The pricing of this software starts from $29 per month, which is not the cheapest or cheap option in comparison to other software, but it might work best for you if you are an accountant as this software is specially designed for people with a profession as an accountant.

#7. Rydoo


The software known as an all-in-one package is Rydoo. It will help you get through the tiresome expense management process and is time-saving. Rydoo also has extra tools and features that provide a cutting-edge experience when it comes to scanning and uploading your receipts, invoices, or financial records, authorizing expense reports, tracking your costs, developing policies, and other things. Rydoo has an unlimited storage base and is extremely inexpensive. 

The pricing of this software starts from $7 per month. This price is pretty affordable and fits right in the cheap category in comparison with other receipt organizer software. This software also offers simple scanning options, which lets anyone who is new to this can easily scan and upload receipts on this software. Also, this software can be easily synced to other software, which makes it handier. It offers you some receipt editing features which help you to do more productive work.

#8. Auto Entry


AutoEntry has beyond our expectations, says Shelley Lingor, Director of GCT Technology and Accounting. It has contributed to an 80% reduction in processing time for paper documents. With AutoEntry, the information from your bank statements, invoices, and receipts is organized and linked with accounting software for better outcomes.

With this software, anyone can easily scan and upload receipts without facing any problems. Also, this software can be synced with any other accounting software. This software is pretty affordable too. The pricing of this software starts from $12 per month. You can also operate this software on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, which makes this software preferable as this software is available on different operating systems.

Basic editing of your receipts is also available on this software. You can use mobile apps to upload your scanned receipts. Uploading your receipts from your smartphone can make it more handy and straightforward.

What is the Best Way to Organize Receipts?

There are several ways to organize your receipts. Some of these ways you will find fit for you.

1. Make More Cashless Transactions.

Try making more credit and debit card payments or use a business account to carry out transactions. Using a credit card or debit card to double-check information with your paper receipts is a good idea because it’s challenging to keep track of cash transactions. To avoid combining work and personal costs, it’s a good idea to establish a completely separate account and credit card.

2. Buy a Folder to Keep your Receipts Safe and Distinct from Others.

Every year, invest in an accordion folder to store all company receipts. You may arrange your receipts using these affordable, accessible folders by category and year, making it simple to locate a specific item later on. 

3. Always Keep a Track of Your Receipts.

Every month analyze and organize your receipts. This will help you stay on top of your expenditures throughout the year and manage your finances. It will help you to grab tax deduction opportunities easily. We advise you to maintain a digital duplicate of each receipt because paper receipts have a tendency to degrade over time. Taking a photo of each receipt using your phone and uploading it to a central spot afterward is an excellent practice. Numerous smartphone apps and free software platforms are available that provide simple ways to digitize your receipts. The hard copy receipt can be kept in the accordion folder, and you can scan it by snapping a photo with your phone or digitizing it right away.

4. Use Receipt Organizer Software.

You can look for the above-mentioned receipt organizer softwares to go digital with your receipts.

5. Maintain Spreadsheets.

You must compute the proportion of your house that is used for commerce and add that proportion to the tax break. To track your home office expenses for the entire year, make a spreadsheet with all of your receipts. Establish a monthly schedule for updating the spreadsheet. At the end of the tax year, you won’t have to worry about frantically entering and adding up all of your work-from-home expenses. There are more ways to organize your receipts, but it is vital for you to maintain a clear record of your receipts too. 

6. Ask for Digital Receipts.

Now many businesses provide digital receipts and send them to customers’ phones. It’s better to ask them if they send digital receipts to you. Digital receipts can also be generated for cash payments too. Although maintaining a record of your receipts can be a tough job, we would suggest in this situation to opt for receipt organizer software. Although you have to pay monthly fees to use this softwares, you can do your work mind free and easily.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Maintaining receipts can be a very tough job sometimes, and with time need for these digital software will increase. Developers around the world are developing more handy solutions to this problem of managing receipts. However, these software are now offering so many different features.

These features can make your work more accessible, and you can see reports for the expenditure you have made. Also, uploading your receipts with software timely can secure your job of keeping your receipts safely with you. Some softwares offer accounting features within them, and some are compatible with other accounting softwares, which makes your work super smooth.

Also, you have the option to select from much different software you can find a suitable one for you, and also all these softwares offer different pricing and have different individual plans too. Some are more professional softwares, and some are normal. You can get a cheap plan for you if you do not have that much workload of receipts.

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