11 Best Reddit Alternatives That You Can Use (2022)

Reddit is an interesting American social app. it can be used for many purposes like aggregation, web content rating application and discussion purposes, and many more. in this article, I have listed some of the best Reddit alternatives that one can try.

If we first talk about Reddit then it is one of the best apps for exploring the contents that are trending daily on your mobile phones itself.

Top 11 Reddit Alternatives & Sites Like Reddit

The post is arranged in specific categories like music, games, food, fitness, etc. Now lets us move to some of the alternatives to Reddit:

1. Funny pics

This is one of the best and popular Reddit alternatives app. this will help you get the ultimate funny stuff on the mobile phone itself. There is a huge collection of more than 15000 pictures of funny stuff that you may like from memes, ouns to many other kinds of stuff. If you have created your own memes then you can even share it so that it can go viral. 

Reddit alternatives
Funny pics

2. 9GAG

This is a very popular online social media application. In this the created upload the generated memes or other stuff. They have a million visitors per day, you just have to scroll the memes and you will surely get quite a good laugh.

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It is not just an entertainment app but also it provides you a platform where you can discuss any topic you are interested in.  it has an account on Instagram also with almost 40 million followers. 

9 gags

3. Tumblr

This is considered to be the best alternative to Reddit which is said to be a platform for social networking and microblogging. It was developed by David Karp in 2007. Tumblr allows you to post various post on any content, you can post photos, videos, text, gifs, and also audio. But recently this platform has banned adult content. One of the best features of this app is that it can even allow you to text and chat with other users. This is somewhere better than Reddit.


4. The Useless Web

This as you can tell by its name it contains a collection of a large amount of world’s pointless websites. It has a button that will help you reach other pointless websites so that you can have fun exploring the website anytime. The app has an easy interface making it easier for everyone to use. It does not want any registration before you can access the websites. 

5. iFunny

The app can be said as an exceptional app or tool that will help all the users to get a good quality of funny memes, videos, and pics. It does not have a limit of posting videos, photos, and gifs, etc. The app has more than 10 million users.

It can be said as an application that is just to give you a little happiness. The app iFunny also gives you an option to comment on posts that you like so that you can appreciate the post and its creator. 



It is a photo entertaining application and this is developed by resignation media inc. it provides you with the best content of funny memes, photos, videos, gifs, and much more such content. It can be accessed anywhere in the world that to free of cost.

You can even create and upload your own content and share them with 30 million users. You just have to sign it and that’s it now just access all the funny content. 

The Chive
The chive

7. LOL pics

You must have used this abbreviation LOL which means laugh out loud. This is an amazing Reddit alternative. It will provide you with all the quality content related to various topics there will be photos, videos, gifs cute pics, wtf pics, and much more such content. It will also provide you with a platform where you can even share your own created memes and even vote the post you like.

Lol pics
Lol pics

8. Memedroid

This is another amazing Reddit alternative that you can try. It has a huge collection of funny pictures, memes, videos. This app is also available for both android and iOS users. 

It has an easy interface, simple to use, and allows you to like and share the post that you like. You can even share its post through email, Facebook, and also through text messages. 

Reddit alternatives

9. Stumble upon

This is the most potent websites like Reddit and has quite funny content. You can even search from all the categories then you can easily customize your feed. You can even share your discoveries via Facebook, email, and many other sources.

StumbleUpon works as a social networking application where you can follow your friends and share your discoveries. 

10. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that has been used by many users. it is a straightforward app and has an easy interface. You can easily follow your favorite users and get an update about them.

The best thing about this application that it enables you to edit your photos and videos with advanced filters and creative tools and also combines multiple clips into the one video. 


11. Best vines

This is the last alternative to Reddit that is free and is easily available on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. You can easily share, vote, and upload your content. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to save and share the best vines without having to use any social platform.

Best vines
Best vines

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the sites like Reddit & Reddit alternatives in the list above are best, amazing, and quite popular apps. These will help you to explore funny things and you can even share, vote and do many more things. All the apps have categories in which the content is divided so that you can easily explore according to your interest. Download the apps and give them a try, hope this article was a help. 

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