11 Of The Best Ringtone Apps for Android & iPhone

There are ample ringtone apps available in the market for Android and iPhone users. But, to choose among them which is the best ringtone app for you is a hectic task, which we have done for you.

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How to change your ringtone?

How to set/change a song as a ringtone on Android/iPhone?

We have filtered out some best free ringtone apps for you. You can choose the type of ringtone you like by analyzing the features and options of ringtones available.

There are some apps for free ringtones in your android or iPhone which are the most basic ringtones. But, it’s not always that you like them but if you want to create your custom music and ringtone according to the mood, likes, dislikes, genres, or latest trend or to stand out in the crowd.

Top 11 Free Ringtone Apps for Android & iPhone to Download (2022)

It is best to download the ringtones from an open-source that is either accessible, contains ads, or in-app purchases, and avoid unknown or unrecognized sources that can cause harm.

We have listed only genuine sources below. Keep in mind your safety and security from any malicious start, so you can download your favorite ringtones for your phone. 

So, go dive in and try out these best ringtone apps for yourself.

#1 ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones apps for free ringtones
ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

Download Size – 37 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Zedge is a good ringtone app. It provides you with millions of ringtones, live HD wallpapers, ringtone, alarm, and notification sounds for free.

The app gets updated with the latest trending ringtones and wallpapers from time to time. You can download them in the quality you like the most. Buy its pro version for more options and a better experience.

The thing which it lags is that it has too many pop-ups ads that break the user experience. There should be a limit on ads to improve the user experience.

#2 Pi Music Player – MP3 Player & YouTube Music

Pi Music Player - MP3 Player & YouTube Music
Pi Music Player – MP3 Player & YouTube Music

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Pi Music consists of features like a ringtone cutter which will help you customize the ringtone according to your need.

It has its sharing feature known as Pi Power Share, themes, Youtube music videos, Floating Video Player, Power saver mode, Audiobooks, and Podcasts.

It has over 50+ million downloads with a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store, making this ringtone app the most used and trusted.

There is a limit on customizing the ringtone according to how you want it. It drains your battery, and sometimes it stops while using the app.

#3 Ringtone Maker – MP3 Cutter

Ringtone Maker - MP3 Cutter apps for free ringtones
Ringtone Maker – MP3 Cutter

Download Size – 5.4 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

This is the best ringtone maker app for both android and iOS users which helps you to customize, clip, and edit files stored in your phone.

You can also record a sound with the help of karaoke recording app and make a ringtone from it and also record or edit a movie clip sound in your phones and make a new ringtone for yourself. It has an in-built browser that helps you find files on your device.

Ringtone maker supports all types of files MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A.

The features have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the user. You can select the best part of any song from between. Then trim and cut the desired position and make it your ringtone.

The new update removed the microphone ability. Sometimes the app does not allow some songs for editing.

#4 Ringtones for Android™

Ringtones for Android™ best ringtones for android
Ringtones for Android™

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Ringtones for Android has a variety of 800+ free ringtones and 750+ wallpapers. Which you can set as a ringtone for your contact ringtone/alarm sound/ SMS sound.

It has several categories like Nature, Vintage, Rock, Hip Hop, Funny, Festivals, and Animals. 

It is free, and there are great ringtones from different categories to choose from. Users can listen to ringtones according to type and save them as favorites to find them.

It isn’t easy to find some ringtones, or you have to mark every ringtone as your favorite to see them again. Some categories of ringtones are not available, like video games.

#5 MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker ringtone apps
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Download Size – 13MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker allow you to merge, mix and trim music whichever way you like it. You can edit the tuneful part and make it your custom ringtone for every phone contact.

It supports volume adjustments to create a high-quality ringtone for your phone. It has fade-in and fade-out effects, millisecond-level perfect cutting, and supports mp3, wav, Ogg, m4a, acc, FLAC, etc.

You can also listen to your favorite custom ringtones offline rather than downloading them. Its crop, merge and trim function is the most likable among all apps on Play Store.

The app has poor extension support and doesn’t support.m4a files.

#6 Audiko: Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarm Sounds

Audiko: Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarm Sounds
Audiko: Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarm Sounds

Download Size – 5.0 MB

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Audiko has a vast database of Audio Tracks, HD wallpapers, and funny stickers. It has a collection of 2,000,000 ringtones and HD wallpapers.

Easy to track and search system for songs/ringtones. You can use this customized ringtone app in the Audio Editor section with basic skills.

It includes the best collection of musicians and singers from different languages and genres. It has the latest charted songs.

After making a few ringtones, it compels you to join the least membership, pay the fees and update the app again and again.

#7 Music Ringtones and Sounds

Music Ringtones and Sounds Verizon ringtone apps
Music Ringtones and Sounds

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Music Ringtones and Sounds gives you the best melodies on your Android phone. It has a different feature to set the timer to play the ringtone for your smartphone. You can select a widget button for your favorite sounds on your smartphone’s home screen.

Easy navigation to all the features makes it easy to use. You can go to the ringtones section and attach it to your contacts as per your wish.

It sometimes shows a blank screen or only advertisements. There is a lack of ringtones and wallpapers available on the app. It must be updated from time to time.

#8 Z Ringtones Premium 2021

Z Ringtones Premium 2021 ringtone apps
Z Ringtones Premium 2021

Download Size – 4.9MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Z Ringtones Premium is a free ringtone app and has a new catalog for fresh ringtones. It has categories like Alternative, Classical, Country, Entertainment, Latin, Pet & Animals, Pop, R&B/Soul, Rock, Holiday Party, and many more.

You could set customized ringtones for your favorite contacts. You can identify without looking at the phone.

It lacks in determining the download location which some users find it a challenge to find the ringtone in their smartphone later. You cannot find the downloaded ringtone in your files.

#9 MTP – Ringtones & Wallpapers

MTP - Ringtones & Wallpapers
MTP – Ringtones & Wallpapers

Download Size – 3.7 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

MTP or MyTinyPhone’s – Ringtones & Wallpapers allows you to listen, download, and share your favorite or customized ringtones with others. 

It has an easy sharing feature by which you can share ringtones without downloading.  You can also set ringtones for your contact, alarm, or notification sounds.

You can also use millions of wallpapers available in the app and share them with your friends and family. It has an excellent selection of songs according to category and genre, worth downloading.

It sometimes does not play the songs or ringtones and shows errors, so you have to reinstall it again to use it.

#10 Loud Phone Ringtones

Loud Phone Ringtones
Loud Phone Ringtones

Download Size – 19MB

Ratings – 3.8 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Loud phone ringtone app has excellent sound effects, which will give you soothing ringtones to set the tone for your mood. You can also try massage app for relaxation and self-care. It offers a collection of cool music ringtones available for free.

You can set these ringtones as your mobile ringtone, notification sound, or alarm tone, which are in trend. Great entertaining ringtones for any age group of children can be used with a low internet connection.

You will face finding your favorite songs in the app, or the app’s update is old. It takes time to load all the ringtones.

#11 MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers

MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers ringtone apps
MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers

Download Size – 34MB

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers come with the most extensive collection of popular ringtones ever, which comes in your pocket.

You can search for any song or ringtone by entering the keyword of that particular song or by the name of the musician or singer. More recommended for latest free wallpapers than ringtones.

You will not see many ads compared to other apps available on Google PlayStore. The quality of songs is outstanding, and high downloading speed for slow internet users.

After setting the ringtone as a favorite change after 2 or 3 days, making it is challenging to find that ringtone again.

Best Ringtone Apps (Quick Recap)

Now, you have seen all the apps with their features, positives, and negatives, it’s time to decide which one to download first.

For YOU, we have created this table with the App name, its ratings and reviews, and its download link, so you can easily select the best ringtone apps for your android phone.

App Name

Download Link



ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones Android4.492
Pi Music Player – MP3 Player & YouTube MusicAndroid4.111
Ringtone Maker – MP3 CutterAndroid4.38
Ringtones for Android™ Android4.65.4
MP3 Cutter and Ringtone MakerAndroid4.64
Audiko: ringtones, notifications and alarm sounds. Android4.42.2
Music Ringtones and Sounds Android4.10.83
Z Ringtones Premium 2021Android4.70.32
MTP – Ringtones & Wallpapers Android3.70.3
Music Ringtones Android4.10.3
Loud Phone RingtonesAndroid3.80.3
MobCup Ringtones & Wallpapers Android4.40.18

Eleggible’s Final Words

I hope you have created your custom ringtone or downloaded the ringtones available on apps for Android and iPhone users. Found what you were looking for, and came here.

We have tried to provide you with all the possible ringtone apps. Which are the best, latest and safe in the Google Play Store or App Store. But, if we missed any, you can also give feedback below by commenting, which will help us to improve. So, next time we can serve you better.

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