SEO Advantages of using HTTPS over HTTP

Google has clear-cut directives that promote a safer internet. To achieve this lofty ideal, it wishes to ensure that any website accessed via its search engine is secure. Google runs a periodic check to confirm if the websites are safe and properly encrypted. They factor these elements into their search rankings. In line with this purpose, Google gives a little push in the search engine optimisation and rankings to the websites with HTTPS encryption.

Nowadays, all websites that use HTTP encryption give a ‘non-secure warning to all visitors, whether they collect user information or not. In the majority of cases, this warning is enough to discourage a visitor from visiting again. Your regular visitors might start leaving your website in droves if you do not begin using HTTPS over HTTP soon.


HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTP is a system used for sending and receiving information via the internet. It is also called application layer protocol. This protocol transfers information to the user’s end, but it has no means to ensure the safety of the transmitted data. HTTP doesn’t store information about the previous sessions either, which means every connection is practically brand new.

Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTPS is an advanced system of transmitting data that emphasizes on the security of the data. It does not allow unauthorized channels access to confidential information. It protects all the channels of transmission with authentication and encryption. HTTPS is paramount to creating a more secure workplace in this age of cybercrimes.

Security Concerns

Google aims to build a safer internet. It runs regular checks to ensure that a website is secure before being accessed through its search engine. This concern for security is one of the biggest factors which help in a website’s rankings. Transferring your website from HTTP over to the HTTPS protocol is essential to achieve a high enough rank.

4 SEO Advantages of Using HTTPS

#1 Increased Rankings

A modest increment in the website rankings is the most obvious benefit of switching your website to HTTPS. Google confirms that it grants a boost to HTTPS websites over HTTP. This protocol is vital to the growth of your website. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how beautiful and well-constructed your website is if it doesn’t have a high-enough ranking. A visible website is the best kind of website. That is why it is essential you use HTTPS. Increase your online visibility and attract more organic traffic to your website with our top-notch SEO services in Hyderabad. Drive more traffic with SEO services.

#2 Removal of the ‘Not Safe’ Warning

For the majority of the users, a ‘not safe’ warning results in an instinctive wariness of a website. Nowadays, all HTTP-based websites display this warning to visitors via Google. Transfer to HTTPS is vital if you wish to relax your customers and bring back their trust.

#3 Referral Data

When looking through Google Analytics data regarding an HTTP website, its traffic passing through the various referral sources may appear as ‘direct’ traffic. On the other hand, the security of the referring domain for an HTTPS website is preserved.

#4 Security & Privacy

HTTPS offers several enhanced safety benefits, like;

  • Avoidance of bugs from third parties
  • Authentication of websites
  • Data encryption

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