Sheppard Software Review: Is This Software Useful for Kids?

It is rightly stated that while telephones were chained, a man was free, now as telephone (mobile) is unchained, man is chained to it.

The growing amount of exposure to mobiles has not only caused severe health problems to Children but has made a severe impact on their Psychology.

One of the path-breaking software is completely safe and sound for your child’s indulgence.

To grow with technology is one thing but to outgrow with technology is the worst thing ever.

You don’t have to worry anymore now.

We have posted about, right here for your consideration, the SHEPPARD SOFTWARE to ease out your worries over your child’s effective learning.

The question arises that in this scenario of ‘WFH’ with an Online Education facility, how can you regulate the content and duration of the exposure to your child?

So keep moving on with this post as we have listed out all information you need to know about this amazing alternative.

Let’s take Mrs. Kristein Stewart.

Who is a teacher by profession and a parent by love?

The Covid crisis had urged not only her but her children to get their eyes glued to the phone or laptop screens for hours.

She understands that while classes were going on, her children had to be stuck with phones, but even when they are free, they were busy meddling with useless sites, tutorials with the worst accent ever to cover up their syllabus or mostly to pass out their time.

For all the parents out there!

The most common issue faced by all of you in this era is the amount of time your children spend over phones.

All we want for your children is non deteriorating, rich in good content software.

What Is Sheppard Software?

Talking about Sheppard software.

By realizing the comparatively safe and sound features of this software, which we have mentioned in the post, you can ensure a safe exposure to your child.

So just keep reading, and we will show you how.

Primarily an Online Learning Site, loaded with hundreds of GAMES and rich EDUCATIONAL CONTENT.

You may think a thousand sites are available like these, so why go for this?

But let me tell you, it’s one in a thousand sites!

You can consider it as being equivalent to an Online School. A school where you have classes for students of all ages and abilities. You have rich in-built content for the students. This interface is highly interactive.

Hence you and your child can easily get started with the site in no time.

Moreover, it is too easy to grasp that your child can handle it without your presence.

The working parents much require this. You do not have to worry about the content as it’s safe for your child.

Learning With FUN!

This site ensures that it is not imparting Education under heavy loads of Books or knowledge.

The Courses and syllabus have been developed, keeping in view the concepts’ access and clarity.

The Comprehensive Program Involves :

  • Selecting the Age.
  • Range of subjects of interest.
  • Choose the Topics you will study.
  • Test your Knowledge through the leveling up games.

Yes, that’s true!

This is how learning has been made fun of.

The children are requested to tick in the correct or wrong answers, and they receive their results. Based on the points they collect, they either have to revise or upgrade.

Isn’t this motivating and playful enough?

A light-medium optimistic atmosphere, with an absence of any sort of pressure. Pure enhanced and involved learning.

Once your child starts taking up the challenges and even excels at them, then he/she is benefitted from the following points:

  • Better Understanding.
  • Improved Self-Confidence.
  • No more ‘NO’ to Studies.
  • Developing New Skills.
  • Learning to be Tech-Savvy.

Well, we sure by now you would have at least searched for this site.

We guess you must also be overwhelmed by the array of options right and left on the page.

Don’t worry. These are several of the options for children of all ages. You can watch videos on the page and YouTube as you would have seen what a fantastic range of games is available for the children.

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All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

This reciprocal software provides an opportunity for your child to play and learn things. To develop skills to analyze the problem.

Under a study, it has been proved that mobile games sharpen the Logical Skills of the mind. They increase the sense of decision-making.

To be a precise, quick decision, there exists an expansion in thought processing.

Now you may ask that many leading online-based, well-established classes provide such a feature, then how it is better?

Well, you don’t have to pay for this one!

It’s free of cost.

While other platforms may provide you only with a free trial with a necessary subscription at the stipulated end, this software is free of such commitments.

sheppard software

Benefits Of Using Sheppard Software For Children’s

Make sure that your child is being given the right exposure.

This software is hassle-free. Contains a wide range of options.

Turn your child into an avid reader.

You can help in developing their Reading Skills. Many book options are available.

To keep them engrossed, video alternatives are also available.

You and your child can watch it together. You even don’t have to worry about the content.

Enhance your child’s skill set.

It’s the age of technology that makes him well get well handy with it.

Make them love comprehending and not only memorizing.

Content For Different Age Groups

1. Preschool And Kindergarten

Some really attractive animals and flowers show up if you visit this section.

There exist games and activities to let your young ones remain indulged. Activities primarily involve- coloring.

It is also equipped with Animal habitat movies, Accessible on YouTube.

The subjects include animals, colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. One of the most interactive and colorful sections.

sheppard software preschool kindergarten

2. Elementary School

For the early Middle School students, a variety of options are available.

For kids to improve their linguistic skills can opt for – Easy Spanish and grammar games.

Those interested in art and craft can take the Create Zone and Season for Kids.

Politically moved children can opt for USA 4 Kids.

In contrast, student’s involvement in strengthening their academic background can go for- Geography, Animals, Science, Health, Math Games, etc.

Other options include Animal kids Corner, Preschool Animals, Earth tips, etc.

3. Middle-School

For a bit of grown-up – Middle School to High school focus is made on – skill-building.

It even depends on a comprehensive approach.

One can choose the Animals section for Puzzles, articles, and Quizzes.

The Science section helps in developing the scientific background. Math Games involve games to develop skills.

Other options include Animals, Earth tips, etc.

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4. College

Well, not a wide variety is available for College grown-ups.

The focus is laid on testing your knowledge. The range and support from details are impressive.

The Math Games help in sharpening the skills. Geography helps to elevate the levels while Health provides Medical Terminology Quizzes.

5. Adult Learners

Those adults who still adore learning have a treasure laid out for them.

They are provided with a wide spectrum of acquiring Facts.

They can still enhance their skill set.

Expertise is what is enhanced.

You can even go for relearning. Subjects include- Geography, Science, Math Games, etc.

Content Breakdown by Category:

Sheppard Software USA Geography

Welcome to the arena of the World Games.

These games have access to tablets and phones.

Popular games being- US State Level 1, US State Level 2, etc.

You will benefit from the acquaintance of the place all around the world. A sort of map will get imprinted on your brain. Browse for any country, flag, city, etc.

The games just level up your brain’s atlas. They involve getting to know the name of the US States. Picking the correct continent or water body is one of the games.

Sheppard Software Animals

It is one of the most interesting and informative sections of the software.

The most striking feature is the distinction between the different forms of animal life. This is implemented using characterization into branches.

For example, Birds, Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Invertebrates, and Amphibians.

A special mention to the kid’s section is also available.

You can browse through the sub-branches of each branch, based on your choice.

It has an impressive section of A-Z listing of animals’ names based on categories. Renders’ special topics’ feature.

Sheppard Software Language Arts

It is widely covered under the Create Zone section. One-stop for all creative activities.

Once you click on it, a sliding array of options is available to you. You can paint on the Platform. Even create and make.

The options include -Animals, Environment, Seasons, etc.

The list of Amazing Games allures the most.

They include duck shots, mountain climbers, bubble shoots, etc. Hence ideal for the leisure period and game skills development.

Sheppard Software Health

Biology lovers alert!

It is completely accessible on laptops, phones, desktops, and tablets, etc.

Insanely ideal for challenging your Medical Knowledge.

It includes tutorials on the human body. It’s functioning and related process.

A simplified yet effective layout is placed for you.

The section comprises quizzes to strengthen your memory regarding various medical terminologies.

Has a section for games. These games help to build up the understanding level.

Sheppard Software Science

To the budding scientists..!

This single section is well organized to cater to your comprehension needs.

You can study and develop your Grasping and Memorizing Power.

Fun games over a wide range are available.

They enhance your thought-building process.

Accessible on mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

The theory is converted to challenges. In the form of food-chain, digestion, etc., games. Highly interactive.

sheppard software college

Sheppard Software Math

Maths lovers alert!

You just have to choose an option, and your screen fills up with plenty of icons.

An impressive range of options to practice on.

The striking feature is the – division of the syllabus to – Early Maths, basic operations, fraction and decimals, place value, money time, and Geometry.

This promises a categorized and comprehensive approach to the syllabus.

You just have to choose your level.

There exists a skill builder and popular math game set classification to enhance your skills accordingly.

These games teach most of the topics very well.

The overall topics range from – addition to Algebra.

Sheppard Software Brain Games

They involve the entire leveling of the thought processes.

They include all the brain-developing skills. Majorly as interactive games.

All the linguistic skills up-gradation fall under this category.

As anytime you learn something new, your brain grows.

The healthiest exercise to grow the brain is to read.

Apart from others, the decision-making skills are enhanced. A new dimension is provided to think from. Hence it is one of the appreciated gifts from the software.

Sheppard Software

As evident from the wide spectrum of hues this software covers, it is highly recommended.

The safe content ensures safe exposure. You can regulate your child’s indulgence.

Easy accessible.

Moreover, it is easy to use. Maybe a bit overwhelming, but you can’t blame the amazing array of options.

Unlimited games don’t let your children get monotonous. Helps in Skill-Building. It is a rich learning experience.

Pros of Sheppard Software:

  • Free of cost.
  • Highly interactive.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Wide range of games.
  • Skill builder.

Cons of Sheppard Software:

  • Screen exposure for too long may cause harm to the eyes.
  • Limited subjects for higher age students.
  • The basic free version has a lot of ads.
  • Needs a stable net connection.
  • A huge number of options may puzzle.

Sheppard Software Pricing

To go ad-free, Sheppard Software offers different subscription plans.

For the school, it’s $3000 per year. This ensures unlimited login in the classroom and labs.

For the classroom, it accounts for $70 per year.

The family can access it for $36.

The membership lasts for a year.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now it’s your turn!

In this guide, we tried to cover all the best features tangible for you and your child.

From handling, learning to implement, the best tool has been laid at your service.

Now you tell me which course and subject you would like your child to enjoy.

Leave a comment below to let me know.

Happy Learning!

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