23 Best Similar Companies & Stores Like H&M (2024)

H&M is a fantastic brand, as we all know! Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M, is a Swedish global apparel corporation with headquarters in Stockholm. In 1947, H&M built its first store in Vasteras, Sweden. Fast-fashion clothes for men, women, youth, and children are its primary focus. The majority of H&M’s items are under $30. And we are going to discuss some of the similar stores like H&M here.

Almost half of the store is always stocked with discount or clearance products. The other half is relatively inexpensive. It is unquestionably a go-to spot for economical, hip, and quick fashion. H&M’s business strategy is straightforward, essential, and unpretentious, and it states, “fashion and quality at the greatest price.” It is the most popular brand among you, and it is also one of the best fashion retail businesses ever created!

Top 23 Best Brands & Stores Like H&M (2024)

In today’s article, we’ll look at a few retailers that, in terms of pricing, patterns, and assortment, are similar to H&M. Let’s get started since we have a massive list of stores like H&M for you to choose from.

Let’s begin with this fantastic brand, Borderfree.

#1. Border Free


Borderfree is the global leader in international e-commerce, with a technology and services platform that allows brands like J.Crew, Macy’s, Gilt Groupe, Neiman Marcus, and Lands’ End to sell online in more than 200 countries and territories. It functions as a middleman for other brands, with delivery taking 5-7 days from the time of purchase.

Check them out for your branded requirements since they provide discounts and fantastic offers on your favourite brands. They are specialists in customs and worldwide shipping, trusted by millions of customers. You must contact the vendor at the source if you wish to return any product. Visit learn more, go to their website.

#2. Zara


Zara is one of the most well-known stores like H&M worldwide fashion brands. Zara’s success has been primarily attributed to its ability to keep up with fast-shifting fashion trends and incorporate them into its collections with minimal delay. Clothing, accessories, shoes, swimwear, cosmetics, and fragrances are among the Company’s fast fashion offerings.

Zara’s target market is youthful, budget-conscious, and keenly aware of current fashion trends. They have the edge over competing merchants in that they do not segment their target by age or lifestyle, allowing them to reach a far larger audience. Zara’s apparel is reasonably priced for a wide range of customers, so you may try it on for size to see whether it fits your style.

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#3. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is a multibillion-dollar lifestyle retailer with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They want to inspire clients via a unique blend of goods, innovation, and cultural awareness. It focuses on selling garments, clothing accessories, and apartment supplies. It is primarily aimed at teenagers and young adults interested in hipster culture and alternative fashion.

Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular fast-fashion businesses today. It is aimed mainly at teenagers and young adults interested in hipster culture and alternative fashion. In the United States, Canada, and Europe, Urban Outfitters today has over 200 locations. You should definitely check them out for fantastic clothes and accessory offers.

#4. Nasty Gal


Nasty Gal is an American company that specializes in apparel for young women and was started by Sophia Amoruso in 2006. Customers come from more than 60 nations. The headquarters of Nasty Gal is in Los Angeles. Nasty Gal has dresses, shirts, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

They frequently run sales on their website, so keep an eye out for those. Nasty Gal’s heels, shoes, and boots are true to size. So, go check them out and shop for whatever you want; it’s pretty easy to use and has a user-friendly layout as well as excellent customer support.

#5. The Reformation


The Reformation, which was founded in 2009, immediately became a flagship brand for ethical fashion. In 2019, the brand made $150 million in sales. Influential celebrities like Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski have worn it. The Company is paving the path for ethical fashion with clear environmental policies.

Reformation is a ground-breaking lifestyle brand that demonstrates that rapid fashion, sustainability, and local production can all coexist. It is one of the most desirable premium brands for today’s businesswomen. Reformation’s target demographic is millennial women between the ages of 27 and 32, and the Company has a fantastic range. Visit a store near you or look them up online. They provide excellent customer service and have excellent reviews.

#6. Mango


Mango is a well-known multinational that designs, manufactures, and sells apparel and accessories for women and men. The prices are a little more than most other high-street stores, but the quality is also more outstanding. Mango items with higher-quality fabrics and flawless tailoring are well worth the extra money. It is a Spanish clothes design and production firm formed by the Andic brothers in Barcelona, Spain. Visit a store near you or look them up online. They provide excellent customer service and have excellent reviews.

#7. Charlotte Russe


Charlotte Russe is a speciality retail chain focused on providing contemporary apparel and accessories in the United States. The headquarters of the corporation are in San Diego, California. This low-cost shopping centre business caters to ladies aged 15 to 35, with gowns ranging from $20 to $60. You may visit their website by following the link we’ve provided. They have good internet reviews and provide excellent customer service. You will undoubtedly enjoy their inventory, so shop away!

#8. Forever21


Forever21 is a quick fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Women’s dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and rompers are available, as well as men’s jeans, shirts, trousers, footwear, accessories, etc. This Company is a pioneer in the fashion business, making the newest trends accessible to everyone while encouraging individual style and confidence. It is one of the world’s largest and most competitive fast fashion retail companies, competing on low prices, high-quality items, great locations, and quick global shipping. Visit a store near you or look them up online.

#9. Bershka


Bershka is a Spanish apparel shop founded in 1998 that has around 971 shops in 75 countries as of January 2024. Bershka’s women’s apparel offerings are simply too good to pass up. You may save up to -50 per cent on dresses, pants, and other items. Check out the newest fashion trends and goods, including women’s coats, shirts, skirts, blouses, and boots and men’s trousers, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, shoes and accessories, purses, jewellery, and much more, all available online at excellent prices.

#10. ASOS


ASOS is a one-of-a-kind online fashion retailer and one of the best stores like H&M on the list. You may look them up using the hyperlink we mentioned, test them out for yourself, and purchase from here if they fit your taste. It’s a place where you may discover your own personal style and have the courage to be whatever you want to be. ASOS is for As Seen On Screen, and its goal is to provide things that are exactly as they appear on the internet. Check them out if you’re looking for the newest fashion and trends in menswear and womenswear.

#11. Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand has a distinctively American easygoing but put-together aesthetic. Quality shirts, jackets, denim pants, and accessories for men and women may be found here. They produce high-quality denim, but they also provide a wide range of apparel alternatives, including intimate wear, sleepwear, party dresses, proper fitting, and much more. Unwashed, unused, or damaged items may be returned or exchanged with the original sales or gift receipt within 60 days of purchase. Check them out for fantastic deals, bargains, and excellent customer service.

#12. Stories

Stories is a fantastic company for women’s apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products, and they provide free and easy returns. It’s a one-stop shopping experience with collections from three design studios in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. They have positive Google ratings and are known for producing high-quality products. You may look them up using the link we provided, test them out for yourself, and purchase from here if they fit your taste.

#13. MissGuidedUs

Missguidedus is a multi-channel shop located in the United Kingdom that sells clothing to women aged 16 to 35. It is one of the most fast-paced stores like H&M and fashion businesses, with a vast range of colours, sizes, and patterns, delivering up to 1000 new things every week for you. Missguided has over 4 million active clients and is continually expanding. They have everything from shoes to accessories to apparel and everything in between! Check them out for fantastic sales, bargains, and excellent customer service.

#14. Everlane

Everlane is an online-only apparel shop based in the United States. San Francisco, California, is the organization’s headquarters. The firm was established to provide clothing at a fair price. Customers of Everlane are between the ages of 18 and 35. Everlane tries to utilize the most environmentally friendly materials from farm to factory and invests in innovative fabric developments to reduce our environmental effects. They have a range of alternatives for men, women, and children; check them out and see what you think.

#15. Boohoo

Boohoo is a British online clothing brand that caters to young people aged 16 to 30. The Company was created in 2006 and had revenues of £856.9 million in 2019. With over 36,000 goods, it specializes in own-brand trendy clothes. Check them out for fantastic bargains and an outstanding assortment. Their goal is to provide an extraordinary client experience that includes the newest trends at great rates and excellent customer service. As we all know, their apparel is of high quality, especially for the price, so hurry and check them out online or in person.

#16. River Island

Bernard Lewis and his brothers established this Company in London in 1948. The Lewis family owns River Island, which is a private enterprise. River Island has the most up-to-date trendy apparel and styles for ladies, men, and children. River Island has over 350 shops throughout the world, and these mainly operate in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With over 18 nations, River Island has quickly become the designer brand of the high street; check them out for fantastic bargains and an excellent range.

#17. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is also one of the best stores like H&M. It is an international brand with over 1000 outlets worldwide. It is a Japanese casual clothing designer, producer, and retailer. This brand is recognized for offering affordable private-label casual clothes of excellent quality. You may learn more about them by visiting a nearby store or visiting their website. It specializes in primary, informal, and high-quality clothing at low rates, including sportswear, baby and children’s clothing, and workplace attire. Uniqlo offers “designed for everyone” apparel that may be worn anytime and anywhere.

#18. Express

Express is a famous American fashion shop for young men and women. Columbus, Ohio, is the Company’s headquarters. Express has almost 500 sites throughout the world. You’ll discover your favourite jeans, sweaters, skirts, suits, jackets, and more, all of which are of excellent quality. It is a fashion-forward apparel business and style community whose mission is to promote self-expression and build confidence. You may look them up online or go to a store near you to buy whatever you want.

#19. American Eagle

American Eagle is a mall-based clothing retailer specializing in casual, outdoor-inspired attire. It is a prominent global speciality shop that offers cheap, high-quality, on-trend apparel, accessories, and personal care goods. It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at SouthSide Works. The jeggings from American Eagle are amazingly fantastic. If you’re not satisfied with a purchase, just return it for a full refund or get it replaced. Check them out for excellent quality, customer service, and incredible discounts!

#20. Hello Molly

Hello Molly is an online women’s clothes store based in Australia. Sydney, Australia, is the Company’s headquarters. It was established to give modern young ladies an online fashion boutique that is pleasant, elegant, and easily accessible. Hello Molly is a fantastic brand similar to H&M for women looking for stylish and cheap apparel and accessories. There’s always something to compliment your style with over 100 new releases every week. Hello Molly has been the go-to fashion destination for shoppers in over 100 countries since its start in 2012.

#21. Rule21

Rue21 is a women’s and men’s casual clothes and accessories speciality boutique based in the Pittsburgh neighbourhood of Warrendale, Pennsylvania. Its outfits are aimed at those who aspire to, yearn to, or feel like they are 21. It is known for its rapid fashion, high quality, and excellent customer service; visit its website now to learn more! As of January 30, 2010, the Company had 535 locations in 43 states. It is pretty popular, and the name comes from the French term “Rue,” which means “street.”

#22. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a fast-fashion retailer located in the United Kingdom that sells women’s clothes, footwear, accessories, and beauty items. It’s geared at women aged 16 to 42, and you may browse and purchase whatever matches your taste. It’s your one-stop store for stylish, affordable women’s clothes. You can include this in your list of best stores like H&M to buy clothes. PrettyLittleThing has the most up-to-date women’s clothing to let you create your own personal style. Pretty Little Thing is known for its rapid fashion, high quality, and excellent customer service; visit its website right now to see what they have to offer.

#23. Pixie Market

Pixie Market offers women’s attire that is seasonless. On their website, you can find new designs every week, including knit dresses, trendy pants, knitwear, and stylish outfits. They also have excellent sales and bargains. It is a fashionable and affordable ready-to-wear company in the United States and an online fashion brand with attractive and trendy women’s clothing.

Magda Pietrobelli’s cheerful tiny business has been offering customers on-trend goods since 2006. They have the most recent women’s apparel and the season’s top trends, so have a look and purchase whatever matches your taste.

Eleggible’s Final Words

H&M, as we all know, offers a great selection of apparel internationally and is ideal for entire family shopping, with items for men, women, children, and teens. The stores like H&M described above are rather excellent, and they provide a wide range of clothing on their website. If you want to compare and contrast other retailers to H&M, check out the listed stores and pick your favourite.

We hope that this article was helpful to all of you shopping addicts! Please let us know if you enjoy this type of content so that we can continue to provide it in the future. Please leave us your valuable comments and feedback, which we really appreciate.

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