30+ Best Similar Websites & Stores Like Lulus in 2024

In this article, we will talk about some good clothing stores like lulus. Maybe you will find some of these stores more exciting and unique than lulus. But it’s on you. Before we move further, let’s look at what Lulus is.

Lulus is an American brand founded by a daughter-mother duo. It sells women’s clothing which is available in different categories. Lulus operates fully online and is known for unique clothing for women. With an increase in customer base across the United States. Women are more interested in the two categories they offer. One is a wedding and the second is dresses.

They have a large variety of good products that seem too expensive, but almost all are budget-friendly. Discounts and coupons help to get them more customers. They have very active social media handles where people can quickly get a sneak peek of what’s going on or what is about to come.

All offers and new products get updated weekly on every platform they are on. Lulus was started in 1996 and can manage a cool and stylish brand for women. And still filling out the needs of our women. You name it, and they have it for you—shoes, dresses, accessories, etc. Many people think Lulus and Luluemon are identical, but they are not.

Lulus is an affordable luxury brand only for women, whereas Luluemon is known for gym wear and athleticwear. Moreover, Lulus considers itself an affordable luxury brand, not a fast-fashion brand. We often think that if this site is legit, then yes. Lulus is legit. You can read customer reviews for your satisfaction; with days, their customer base increases, which shows how reliable they are.

Top 30 Similar Shops & Stores Like Lulus (2024)

Affordable luxury comes with lousy quality; that’s what people think. But Lulus has changed the game here. You can get the best quality products at very affordable rates. Lulas have so many categories, and all of them are unique in themselves. They have different sizes, colours, and options available for each item listed in their store, suitable for every customer.

So, without further delay let’s start the list of other stores like Lulus.

#1. Express


Express is an American fashion retailer brand. This brand caters mainly to young adults, both men, and women. This brand is also established outside of the United States and does have physical stores. They have a lot of options to offer them. The main categories in which people prefer to express themselves are women’s dresses, Men’s shirts, and women’s and men’s jeans.

They have some unique and excellent products with them. After all this, they always have something for you. It can be a discount and offers and, most importantly, a young adult’s student discount. That’s how they attract their customers and fill their needs successfully. You can also rent clothes on Express. There is no time limit to keep clothes with you. You can return them whenever you want and order new rental garments simultaneously. All of this works at no extra cost.

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#2. Mango


Mango is a Spanish clothing brand. This brand serves the clothing needs of Men, Women, and kids. This brand has both online and offline stores like Lulus located across the world. People have a good amount of interest in this brand because of their unique color grading designs. Even our little buddies and kids prefer this brand for their distinctive color designs on clothes.

Some clothes are too simple but look so good when you wear them then only you can realize it. On Mango, you can get a good blazer with several colors available. They also have a unique section with the name ‘Home.’ In this section, you can find your home, including clothes to wear at home.

#3. Pink Lily


Pink Lily is an American brand started by a husband and wife. This brand has a good amount of clothes for every woman out there. This brand has a good image in the women’s fashion world for extraordinary and cute dresses. Swimwear and Dresses are two categories where people are always searching for more unique and new dresses.

If you want something good for you or your loved ones, maybe this is the site you should visit. They have a wide range of products available in every category they offer. Also, these categories have new plus unique color shades and are available with every size available. You can also read customer reviews on their website to know they serve people with happiness. And how much they satisfy their customer needs.

#4. Asos


Asos is a British online fashion and cosmetic brand. This brand has a good base of young customers around the world. Both Men and Women’s clothing are available with Asos. This brand has some suitable city life outfits. You can create your outfit here by selecting different items and making a set of them, one of its most remarkable features.

You can get some products you see on TV but cannot find anywhere. Asos is giving a good amount of dresses and tops for under 20$ only if you look for things other than dresses and tops. Then you can visit the Sale section, where you’ll find items so cheap that you may not resist getting yourself more than one or two clothes.

#5. Revolve


The 5th website in this list of stores like lulus is Revolve. Revolve has two main parts in it. One is for luxury, and the other one is for daily casuals. But trust products of revolving are try-worthy. They have a vast active customer base and revolve around ensuring their customers get the best for what they have paid for. There are so many sections, but they have good filters which will help you to reach your destiny in Revolve.

They have a wide variety of colours and sizes available in each product. Suppose you are a person who follows trends and wants to be in the direction. Then you can go to the Hot List section of Revolve’s website, and you will find many products from different categories which are currently in trend.

#6. Petal And Pup


If you are looking for women’s dresses, Petal and Pup may be your final destination. Only site for trendy and sharp-looking women’s dresses. Here you can search for dresses according to the occasion. With a wide range of dresses and colors, anyone can easily confuse. So you can always use filters as a savior tool for you. You don’t have a high budget; no worries, Petalandpup got you covered for it. Dresses are starting from where no one can think, and quality is still at its best.

#7. Pretty Little Thing


PrettyLittleThing is a UK-based fast-fashion brand. For the 16 to 45 year age group of women. This website is currently offering the maximum discount on almost everything they have, from 50%-80%. That’s a massive blow for its competitors. But this website sells fast fashion clothing. This website has thousands of options available for the same thing you can search for. Women go Gaga over these deals. You can get 4-5 outfits in less than 100$ quite literally.

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#8. Showpo


Showpo is an Australian online fashion brand. They have similar online stores like Lulus. Its primary aim is young women. More than 35% of its sales are generated from international customers. Showpo has collaborated for some outfits with big brands like Levis and more, making it more famous and reliable. If you want some funky colors or some neon shade clothes, then maybe you are at the right place. Showpo got you covered for your fancy and funky stuff you may wanna try.

#9. HelloMolly


Hello Molly is an Australian women’s clothing brand. Every woman dreams about having a good outfit that they see in movies or on TV. You’re at the right place; take your cameras ready for some good photoshoots. After visiting this site, you may not be closing it without placing at least one order. This website has an excellent collection of dresses at affordable rates. This is what they called Self Love. You can be a part of it too.

#10. & Other Stories


& Other Stories will give you dresses to vibe like you are on a world tour. It has so many dresses with different designs for your world tour trip. From jewelry to dresses, they have your back all the time. Do you think this will be expensive? Hmm, Of course not. They have a good amount of coupons to reduce your money burden. Suppose you are not able to find something alone or find someone to help you. Then go and click on live shopping, where you can shop with anchors, which will help you to choose a good option for you.

#11. Miss Guided Us

Miss guided us has some good options available for its customers. Different categories are present. You can search for clothes on trends too. They have many options for you to find the right pick for you. Summer Fits are currently trending on this website with a great number of offers and discounts. If you want the maximum amount of things on one website only, then this one can be your destination for shopping.

#12. Pixie Market

Looking for suitable aesthetic outfits. You are at the right place for it. Pixiemarket has tons of outfits with bold looks. Many womens prefer this website for outerwear outfits. Jackets and Coats are bestsellers on this website. Now they are increasing their product ranges to other categories, and womens like it so much because they are getting some suitable bold outfits at very affordable prices. Currently, their knit tops and knit dresses are making huge sales. They have very good designs available in knit tops and knit dresses.

#13. The Reformation

If you are a denim fan, you may be at the right place for it. The reformation is now supplying its product to various countries. You can order and feel relaxed about your order. Denim fans prefer this website more because of the wide range of categories available on this website. Unique designs in types of denim make their products look outstanding from others. The response rate on The Reformation is so good that literally, you can ask for help in shopping from them directly. These qualities forces us to include this in our list of best stores like Lulus.

#14. Fashion Nova

Have you ever wondered about a discount that makes things almost equal to free? Fashion Nova offers good products with the best quality they can offer at a 90% discount and buy one get one free offer. After this, the stock out too fast, but still, they are trying their best to maintain their inventory. The Swim section is almost free with great offers. This website has a wide variety of coloured swim outfits, and some of them are unique.

#15. NastyGal

Have you ever wondered about any website full of excellent and unique accessories? Nastygal has a good variety of accessories at affordable prices, from Bags, glasses, hats, and much more. They have everything for every woman who is looking for cool accessories for their outfits. Once you visit this website, you will definitely gonna realize how accessories can change or enhance your new or old outfit. With minor additions, you can make a crazy set of outfits, and people will definitely ask you where did you get them from. 

#16. Zaful

Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms are you looking for in these categories? Then you can make a deal right away. Zaful has a good collection of dresses, tops, and bottoms. Women prefer Zaful for these three categories. They have a unique collection that is exclusive for auction sale only. Right now, Vacation dresses are on-trend on this website with a good amount of discounts, but some are new arrivals with excellent and affordable rates.

#17. Shopakira

Shopakira can make you stand out. Do you want to see how? Just click on the link and visit this website. You will come to know directly. This website has a unique collection of clothes similar to the Lulus. Right now, this website has 50% off on its products. Visit this website to check out a good amount of fabulous clothes. Surely it will make your wardrobe look so cool. They have different sections for plus-size users so that they can easily find their things in one place only. And yes do have a vast collection of clothing in plus size too. So you don’t have to worry about it. Their wide variety and deals force us to include this in our list of stores like lulus.

#18. Nord Strom Rack

Simple outfits are never out of trend. Nord strom rack has vast and good collections of simple clothes. And yes, on this website there is a good collection of handbags too. You will have a wide range of colors available on this website. You can get matching bags for your outfits if you don’t want to spend your money but want to have some new clothes. The clearance section is for you on this website. More than eight thousand items are listed and are ready to sell.

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#19. ThredUp

Thredup has a good amount of bottoms collection. Skirts are one of the top-selling clothing on this website. A normal top and colorful skirts always work out. The trend of skirts never goes down. You will see a good variety of unique skirts here. Head over to the above link to find out. People love bargaining, so they love it too. Head towards their deal section to get the best deals for your new clothes, which are waiting to be yours.

#20. ModCloth

Are you one of those who are not able to find your plus size everywhere? But that’s not your fault. Modcloth has a special section only for plus size. You can almost get everything in this special section. Which will make you feel it’s normal and good to have plus sizes. The second thing on this site has some good dresses, and of course, it covers plus-size users too. We have one more good news for you, which is that you can easily return products you buy within a certain amount of time frame. So it is a win-win situation for us.

#21. Dolls kill

Missing Euphoria outfits? Dolls kill has a good variety of bold and aesthetic outfits. This website has clothes that can literally make you feel like an anime character or like a barbie doll, from skater shoes to funky colorful sneakers. Dolls kill has so much good collection that even you can dress whatever you like quite literally. Don’t believe us? Visit dolls kill (other stores like Lulus) on your own, and you will find a great number of good outfits for you and for your wardrobe.

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#22. Cotton On

Beat the heat with a wide variety of swim outfits, shorts, and summer outfits. Cotton On has a large range of products. Right now, large summer sales are going on. People are going crazy for these offers. It’s the best time to get yourself a good summer look with these beautiful outfits. We have heard the term baggy, which is quite famous in the fashion world, and we have also heard of cargo in a fashion which is also famous as baggy. So, Cotton On has made up a combination of both for its customer, which is on sale right now.

#23. Forever 21

We hope you know this one. If not, then we are here for you. Forever21 is one of the best on these websites. Because of their unique and good collection. Shush! Don’t tell anyone they might have the lowest price. Outfits are a good pick here. Customize and create your own outfit and show off in front of your friends. A great number of collections come on a daily basis on Forever21’s website. Almost every day is a new arrival day on Forever21. Also, each collection is different from the others and always stands out as unique.

#24. Storets

Baggy clothes are one of the top fashion trends right now. Storets has all baggy clothes for you. If you are not a fan of baggy clothes, should you skip this website? Definitely not. You can check their other collections, which may be a perfect fit for your clothing style. There is a section named Special Edit. You can head to the section to find a good pair of clothes. You can get a couple of these outfits and use them as you want. There are also different categories available in the Special Edit section too.

#25. Shein

Fingers crossed!! We hope you know this one. AHH! Thank god you know this one. If not, we are here as your back. Shein has the largest variety of products, and yes, they have almost anything you can think of. Don’t believe us. We are here only. Go and check for yourself only. We can’t exclude shein from this list of best stores like Lulus because of its wide variety of products.

Do you know? Summer Sale is currently on, and it’s not less than a blessing for Shein customers. Grab the best deal for you on Shein.

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#26. Dresslily

Its name says it all. Dress Lily has one of the best collections of dresses. It has dresses for every size, which makes this website more unique and good for its customers. Dresses are becoming part of our normal daily wear. This website proves it. You are thinking of your budget or the expensive nature of dresses not on this website. You have many options to cut out prices with discounts and offers. But without using such offers and discounts, the prices of their products are so affordable. Which literally going to make you wear dresses on a daily basis.

#27. Dorothy Perkins

If you like flowers, this can be your pick. We are not showing flowers to you quite literally, but yes, we got something related to it only. Floral designs are quite famous these days. Dorothy perkins has good floral outfit options to try. Midi’s got the best floral designs. You should look at them at once. Maybe you are not a big fan of midis, but maybe after seeing these floral designs, you want to try it for once. Floral and summer go in one flow. Check out these cool floral designs to beat the heat this summer.

#28. Saboskirt

Are you that athletic person who is waiting or searching for trendy athletic outfits in stores like Lulus? Yes, Saboskirt has a good collection for you in athletic wear. Bold and sharp outfits are the main highlights of this website. Is the sweater your thing? Then also, this website can work for you to find a good sweater. If you are not good at making pairs, then you can go to the collection section where Sabo has already made up for its customers.

#29. ShopBop

Dresses and shorts are your taste in clothing? If yes, then please feel free to go ahead with the Shopbop website because if these two are your things, then maybe you don’t have to go somewhere else. Sandals work out best with most outfits. You can check them out here. Also, there is a good collection of dresses which they call ‘Sun Loving Dresses.’ They have a good amount of floral dresses available too in this section.

#30. Goodnight Macaroon

If you want to try cosy loungewear, then here are some best deals on Goodnight Macron. Boots, sweaters, jumpsuits, more and more. Only you have to name it or just apply a couple of filters, and there you are to your perfect fit. You are getting confused with all these categories. There are particular sections for your help that will make your way more accessible. Knitted clothes are their speciality. Try out different filters, and you will be amazed to see almost they have everything knitted.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Lulus is good and at its best with their products as compared to others. Lulus almost covers your every want, and yes, some websites other than do the same, but they’re expensive compared to lulus, which makes lulus worth it for their quality and prices. If we talk about some of our best stores like Lulus from the above websites, they would be.

Forever21, Shein, Dollskill, Mango, and Express. If you don’t have time to visit all these websites, you can see our best picks to get the best outfit for you or for your loved ones. However, Lulus covers all your needful stuff with great or maybe best prices.

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