23 Best Dress Stores like Windsor to Buy Prom Dresses [2024]

We all want to dress up in the recent trends and stylish, fashionable costumes, and as we all know, dress stores like Windsor Clothing are trendy and exclusive nowadays.

These kinds of garments are available in Windsor. Windsor is America’s most well-known fashion shop, recognized for its unique and fashionable clothing.

The Windsor shop is well known for its Women’s sections, including tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, shoes, and other attractive accessories. Today, we will look at some more shopping possibilities in this piece, namely the top ten stores like Windsor’s rivals.

Top 23 Best Dress Stores & Websites Like Windsor [2024]

Author’s Pick: Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill is a fantastic alternative to Windsor, especially if you’re drawn to Windsor for their bold, colorful party dresses. Their fashion history began with Sherri Hill designing iconic gowns for pageants, like the Miss America pageant, and major red carpet events. Their show-stopping styles still honor those origins, and Sherri Hill strives to make every woman feel runway-ready.

The brand offers a wide range of party and event outfits, including cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and ball gowns, as well as playful suits, rompers, and two-piece looks. Their vibrant, attention-grabbing, and trend-setting dresses have become extremely popular homecoming and prom options, and high school women are one of their major demographics.

But, like Windsor, Sherri Hill doesn’t cater only to this clientele. With high-end couture pieces, breathtaking wedding gowns, and sophisticated formal dresses, Sherri Hill appeals to women of all ages – especially when it’s time to dress for a major life event.

Some of the prices are a bit higher than Windsor’s; however, these breathtaking pieces can last for years, and they’re far more reasonable than many other designer dresses. Plus, knowing you’re wearing a brand that’s worn by Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Bella Thorne, and the Kardashians can help you feel like a fashion icon yourself.

#1. Forever 21

Forever 21 dress stores like windsor

Forever 21, based in Los Angeles, California, is a fashion shop selling women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel and accessories noted for providing consumers with the latest fashion trends at a significant discount.

As the name implies, the clothing is basically designed for folks who wish to seem 21 forever and youthful while still getting a decent deal.

Having a Forever 21 label in your closet is essential since it allows you to pack away its treasure at a meagre price, provides you with essentials apparels, and is one of the most frequented stores like Windsor.

Mr. Chang called the store Forever 21 because he thought 21 was “the most enviable age.”

#2. TOBI


Tobi is one of the shop’s stores like Windsor that has gained the title of most successful internet shopping brand due to its availability in more than 100 countries worldwide.

TOBI may be your answer for both party attire and casual wear, with high-quality goods in various categories. The business also provides excellent shipping timing, which is ideal if you need garments right away.

Fashionistas may get the outfit of their dreams for every occasion at the Los Angeles online shopping business.

From 50% off your first order to incredible specials and offers, Tobi is among the top retailers in entertainment that can compete and challenge companies like Windsor.

#3. Lulus

Lulus dress stores like windsor

Lulus, which is constantly trending in the coveted online buying sites list, is a highly vibrant shopping site that may match stores like Windsor. Thanks to their incredibly user-friendly website, you can simply access their categories comprising new collections, dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and many more.

The site sells intimate clothing and eye-catching garments; young ladies flock to Lulus to locate something that will help them create a fashion statement.

Girls in their twenties are their target demographic. Debra Cannon and Colleen Winter, a mother-daughter partnership, founded Lulus in 1996.

It includes a unique women’s wedding wardrobe where you can get a prom dress at a decent cost and of high quality. Lulus includes coupons, steep discounts, and various shipping options that are difficult to come across on online buying sites these days.

Their pricing may be higher than in stores like Windsor, but the substance and trendy style provided by Lulus are worth it. So go ahead and try it.

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#4. Bebe Stores

Bebe Stores

Bebe is a women’s fashion store where you can buy clothing and accessories. It is a women’s clothes specialized firm that was established in 1976.

Bebe is an excellent option to stores like Windsor for purchasing gowns and accessories for practically any occasion. Bebe has been a popular shopping location for almost four decades.

And if you’re looking for the season’s biggest trends, Bebe should be one of your first stops. Bebe, headquartered in California, runs over 300 retail locations around the US.

Whether it’s a ball party, a night out with friends, a workplace party, or a date, Bebe has attire for you. Bebe Stores produced over a billion dollars in yearly sales in 2015, and after 35 years, the company has cemented itself as one of the world’s top fashion shops.

The clothing is of high-quality fabrics and is well-liked by its customers. You can also obtain discounts and current coupons to help you save money, so we recommend that you check out Bebe.

#5. Nordstrom

Nordstrom dress stores like windsor

Nordstrom, Inc. is a renowned fashion shop that sells fashionable apparel, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. They’ve been devoted to giving the most excellent possible service to our clients and to enhancing it every day since 1901.

With free shipping and returns, you won’t have to worry about wasting money if you dislike the Dress and want to return it. It features a high-touch service, a roomy appearance and feel, high-quality items, and individualized online and offline customer service.

Nordstrom’s brand is at No. 97 among the Global Top 100 Brands and holds excellent goodwill in the market. You can check them out for sure!

#6. Zara


Zara is a fast-fashion brand from Spain. Zara’s success is dependent on its capacity to adapt swiftly. Unlike many clothing firms, Zara is continually analyzing and adjusting to the surroundings in a matter of weeks, unlike many clothing companies, whose designs are static for the season.

The brand creates new styles and releases them to retailers while the trend is still hot. Its primary ideals may be summarized in four words: beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability.

With its enormous wardrobe of apparel, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty goods, and fragrances, the fast-fashion business has quickly earned its reputation in the fashion bazaar. Zara also provides free shipping and profits on any orders above $50.

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#7. PromGirl

PromGirl dress stores like windsor

There aren’t many places on the market that have suitable prom gowns for plus-size figures, but PromGirl is one of them, with a wardrobe full of adorable frilly and sophisticated prom dresses that any size may try on.

Compared to stores like Windsor, PromGirl focuses on long gowns, which are perfect for prom, graduation parties, and wedding events. And what appears to be the most excellent feature about PromGirl is that they provide all types of adjustments to your item at no additional cost.

Also, you won’t have to pay everything all at once; instead, you’ll be able to make four equal payments over time, which is fantastic.

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#8. A’gaci


It is one of the more reasonably priced businesses that offer a similar style to Windsor. It’s practically hard to keep one’s cool after viewing A’gaci’s clothes.

Their fashion designs are chosen for females who aren’t scared to show off their seductive side. A’gaci fashion is frequently featured in prominent fashion magazines such as Cosmo Girl, People Style Watch, Teen Vogue, and Lucky.

They sell clothing for a variety of unique events and casual attire, accessories, and shoes. The type of merchandise and the value offered in A’gaci shops is nearly equal to that of stores like Windsor.

Getting 30% off your first purchase is an unbeatable value, and you can get it only and only on A’gaci.

#9. Francesca’s Fashion Stores

Francesca's dress stores like windsor

Francesca’s is a Texas-based company operating a network of more than 600 stores across the United States. It was founded in 1999, with its first location in Houston.

For over 20 years, Francesca is famous for delivering distinctive, free-spirited fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle goods. Her purpose is to promote exploration and celebrate individuality.

Francesca’s is a bohemian-style clothing boutique. Francesca’s typical target demographic of women from 18 to 35, but the company is also looking to reach younger girls.

Francesca is a prom dress company similar to stores like Windsor, and their boutiques provide an excellent blend of finely created apparel, vibrant colours, and fun gowns with curated selections.

#10. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe was founded in 1975 by Daniel Lawrence and is named after a well-known French confection. Charlotte Russe is an American fashion shop that is highly good for high school girls and women in their twenties.

The Charlotte Russe store sells dresses, shoes, pants, hoodies, sweaters, jumpsuits, rompers, and a variety of other youth accessories. Charlotte Russe is equally as well-known as Windsor, with over 560 retail locations.

Shoes, jeans, and accessories are among their best-selling items. There are substantial discounts ranging from 50 to 70 per cent and various coupons to decrease the price further.

#11. Simply Dresses

Simply Dresses stores like windsor

Simply Dresses is just like a dressmaker who is available to you at any moment. Some gowns start at $20, but that does not mean that the quality is compromised.

Simply Dress should be your first consideration if your budget requires a tight hold. Simply Dress has you covered for any occasion, whether it’s a party or an interview.

You can even get same-day shipping for select things; it’s quick, inexpensive, and straightforward. It is a store that sells everything from long formal gowns to short semi-formal dresses, cocktail dresses to wedding guest dresses, and simple casual classic dresses.

Your size will not matter because they offer a high-fashion wardrobe for larger sizes.

#12. GoJane


GoJane.com is an online supplier of fashionable clothing for forward-thinking young ladies. GoJane, a branch of Aeropostale, was founded in 1999 and is an online fashion boutique that caters to trendsetting females.

Crop shirts cost USD 12, pants cost USD 23, and special occasion outfits cost USD 24. Swimwear, shoes, and accessories are also available. It is really simple to explore their website and search for stylish items.

Customers can choose from essential clothing, casual wear, special occasion outfits, and evening attire. They can also select the type of silhouette they want. They are a devoted team of fashion enthusiasts who connect clients with their own distinct fashion sense.

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#13. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters dress stores like windsor

Urban Outfitters is a leisure company to inspire customers via a distinctive blend of product, innovation, and cultural knowledge.

This app is among the most significant American retailers specializing in low-cost apparel, shoes, and a variety of trendy accessories for men and women.

Urban Outfitters also sells vintage-inspired home furnishings, beds, carpets, curtains, bathroom items, and kitchenware. Richard Hayne and his college classmate Scott Belair established Urban Outfitters in 1970.

Urban Outfitters today has over 200 locations across the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. It generally appeals to adolescent and young adult consumers who have an interest in subculture and alternative fashion.

Urban Outfitters has also earned a name among these young people, who are culturally savvy, self-expressive, and concerned with acceptability by their social group through its unusual retail mix and captivating shop experience.

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#14. Macy’s


Macy’s, the largest retail brand, is one of the country’s largest e-commerce systems and a countrywide network of shops. It not only sells unique women’s stuff, but it also sells beauty products, home furnishings, and other items in addition to clothes and shoes.

Macy’s is the most prominent fashion chain in the United States, with over 775 locations. It has good quality fashion with accessories that offer women’s and men’s apparel.

You would not have to search another store for your children’s closet as well as nightwear, footwear, cosmetics, fragrances, home decors, and various items for you to find out, making it one of the best stores like Windsor.

#15. House of CBHouse of CB dress stores like windsor

House of CB is a famous British womenswear brand famous for its feminine, luxurious, and flexible designs. The House of CB emphasizes basic yet gorgeous garments with no dead angles.

If you need to scale the Dress, don’t bother; House of CB makes it appear tailor-made, and the gowns are all ideal in sizes. Diversifying does not always mean adding additional hues; just stocking your closet with some sleek and on-trend pieces might also be an option.

Conna Walker, a British woman, founded the company in 2010 and is noted for her figure-hugging apparel. Although the House of CB is not a direct rival of stores like Windsor, you may choose to purchase several things from it if you really want to feel feminine.

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#16. Torrid


The Torrid apparel company is well-known for its trendy party dresses, denim, and undergarments for the Torrid curvaceous lady. Torrid clothing stores create beautiful, comfy, and contemporary apparel for ladies who want to dress for their style and body type.

Sycamore Partners owns it, and it is domiciled in Industry, California. It has approximately 400 locations in the United States and Canada.

Basic shirts cost USD 20, slim jeans cost USD 45, swimwear cost USD 20, and special occasion outfits cost USD 78. Torrid follows fashion trends closely and offers stylish things at excellent prices based on the newest designs.

Torrid was founded in April 2001 and specialized in plus-size women’s clothing ranging in size from 10 to 30.

#17. Hello Molly

Hello Molly dress stores like windsor

Hello Molly symbolizes cute and functional fashion apparel. You can always discover clothes that precisely imitate brand labels; an influencer-lookalike feel is absolutely attainable.

This site is fantastic if you want to buy the products in instalments and offers free delivery on purchases over $AUD50. The closet may not contain as many garments as Windsor’s, but the selection is diverse.

It is a site where you can get bodycon dresses, stylish formal dresses, long-flowing maxi dresses, classy backless dresses, and any other occasion wear dresses.

Hello Molly app is a famous visit for many models, celebrities, and fashionistas all around the world. It gives students a terrific offer since they get 10% off their purchase and an additional 10% off if they buy from them for the first time after joining up.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the order and get shop credit.

#18. Oh Polly

Oh Polly

Oh Polly is a British women’s fashion internet company that sells hundreds of different types of dresses, shirts, bodysuits, and other clothing.

They are a formidable store like Windsor in terms of quality and pricing. The clothes quality is comparable to that of any luxury brand. But the best part is that you can easily find those gorgeous outfits for $30 – $50.

This fast-fashion multi-channel brand targets females aged 16 to 30. Since its inception in 2015, the company has prioritized innovation in its growth strategy, establishing a significant online following on Instagram, which delivers the majority of visitors to its website.

Aside from the great offers, there are always gift cards, student discounts, and free delivery alternatives available.

#19. ModCloth

ModCloth dress stores like windsor

Modcloth, based in California, is an online supplier of vintage-inspired clothing and frills for women. Modcloth was founded in 2002 by Eric Koger.

It has a staff of designers and stylists, and it has broadened its reach to include plus-sized women. They encourage customers to share their own images and even utilize their own employees to display swimwear.

In 2015, Modcloth generated more than $200 million in annual sales. If you’re looking for a clothing shop that provides unique designs, look into Modcloth’s collection.

They also pledged never to manipulate pictures, therefore supporting the Truth in Advertising Act. Shirts start at USD 6, slim jeans at USD 24, and formal outfits at USD 28, among other prices.

#20. PrettyLittleThing


PrettyLittleThing is among the fashion bazaar’s first fashion store shops. The closet is brimming with items that scream fashion, trend, and dopeness.

It is undeniably a fashion mall for the majority of the divas. The item turnover rate here is fast enough to keep up with the speed of trends. The Pretty Little Thing’s website has received several accolades for its “shop by figure” option.

Even tiny and curvaceous females will find something to their liking. It features stylish earrings, necklaces, chokers, rings, body jewellery, bags and handbags, belts, sunglasses, and hair items.

Pretty Little Thing is a fantastic shop where you may find any fashion answer. The site offers steep discounts almost every week that might reach up to 60% off.

There is also an exceptional Pretty Little Thing beauty blog for those interested in trends and wardrobe hacks that are not available on Windsor’s website. As a result, you might choose Pretty Little Thing to Windsor for this add-on.

#21. Peaches Boutique

Peaches Boutique dress stores like windsorPeaches Boutique is one of the world’s largest dress stores, with over 20,000 gowns in stock, so you’re sure to discover your ideal gown. The costs may be out of reach for most people, but the clothing is worth every cent.

Every decoration element for your prom is available at Peaches Boutiques, from shoes to accessories. Earrings, necklace pieces, bracelets, tiaras, headbands, etc.

It is pretty simple to make adjustments to your gowns, making it a worthy rival to retailers like Windsor. Peaches Boutique is a great place to buy beautiful dresses that can keep up with Windsor fashion.

#22. H&M


H&M is a retailer that sells stylish garments at a low price. It has a good reputation in the market and it for both men and women.

People love the brand because it features a broad range of people that follow their own fashion norms. H&M wants to demonstrate to clients that they can follow fashion norms or invent their own.

H&M is a well-known name in the fast fashion market, and its closet contains blazers, coats, jackets, a wide range of dresses, lingerie, loungewear, and nightwear, to mention a few items.

It allows its customers to choose clothing that matches their fashion sense in their own time, all at a meagre price, and it also offers fantastic membership deals and quick returns.

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#23. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova dress stores like windsor

Fashion Nova, established in the United States, is a fast-fashion shop with five locations that is noted for setting trends in fashion bazaars. The firm, which was founded in 2006, is well-known for its use of social media marketing, notably on Instagram.

Fashion Nova also features a large selection of lovely clothing. Their Luxe Collection contains a wide range of glittery maxis, stunning mermaid dresses, and other items.

Furthermore, all of their gowns range in price from $50 to $300. Fashion Nova is the world’s top quick-to-market fashion and lifestyle company and a favourite of many billionaires and multi-stars.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In the preceding talk, you went over all of the best online clothing stores like Windsor; now, you may explore, try out, and select your preferred site based on your wardrobe requirements.

These brands are reliable, legal, and risk-free. Many of these businesses provide fast fashion and keep up with current market trends. They are fashionable while reasonably priced, so they will not break the bank.

Please let us know if you would like to see more of these review-based pieces, as we would be delighted to publish them for you. Please also supply us with your essential comments, which will keep us going strong.

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