The Only Tattoo Design Apps List You Need

Almost all of us keep fantasizing about tattoos, and we try so hard to find the best tattoo design apps. When it comes to tattoos, there are so many designs running in the market that are available for tattoo lovers.

These designs are so huge in numbers that they can cause immense confusion to anyone. This is exactly where a tattoo design app will come to your rescue.

These tattoo designing apps allow you to project the tattoos on any part of your body to get the exact idea of the real-time tattoos. Whether you are entirely new to this subject or already have a few designs of your kind, no matter what the case, a tattoo design app can always help you out.

In this article, we have listed the top 8 tattoo design apps to help you get out of your dilemma. These apps have pretty decent reviews from most of their users.

There are many tattoo artists who use these apps to give their clients a better and more clear picture of what the results will be when they make a real tattoo.

This gives a crystal clear image of what kind of a tattoo they want in the clients’ minds. Any errors are reduced by using these apps. Let’s check them out one by one!

8 Best Tattoo Design Apps to Design Your Own Tattoo (2022)


Download – Android

Inkhunter is a fantastic virtual tattoo design app that will give you a perfect idea of how any tattoo design will look on you. By using this tattoo design app, you will be completely tension free from deciding the perfect design for your tattoo making.

You can also pick an already saved image from your gallery on the app. This way, you can use your friends’ photos on this app. You can choose any design of your choice and then place it on any part of your body to see what the final tattoo will look like.

This app’s fantastic real-time presentation ensures you can get the exact representation of the tattoo in reality. It is super easy to use this app, and even a beginner can easily use Inkhunter.


This app is a remarkable one for any person who is thinking of getting a tattoo. This app is exactly what a tattoo lover would ever need, and it is straightforward to use.


The app’s overall performance is impressive, yet specific issues sometimes pop up. These issues include hanging off the app’s screen and poor performance of the features on the front camera

#2. Tattoodo

Download – Android

Do you want to experience how a tattoo would look on you without even spending a single penny? If yes, then Tattoodo is made for you. This app has humongous tattoo designs for you.

All a user needs to do is upload a picture of him or click a real-time picture. You can pick anyone from them. These designs look so natural in the image that no one can tell that the tattoo isn’t real.

This app is straightforward to use. Tattoodo also gives multiple suggestions to the user to improve their designs further. These suggestions help the users to improve their tattoo designs to even better levels.

The app is considered to be one of the best apps available in the market for tattoo designing. This app charges nothing from its users for using it which is an amazing deal to go for!


This app is everything a newcomer in tattoo design needs. This app has so many design and style options for the users. You will never get bored with this app because there are unlimited options for you to decide from.


This app takes longer than usual while loading and keeps asking for location repeatedly. This is a common complaint registered by most users who have used this app.

#3. Tattoo Maker

Download – Android

Get awesome tattoo designs in your images in just a few clicks. If you were looking for an app that can help you get an idea of how a tattoo would look on you without even feeling the intense pain it gives, then Tattoo maker is the perfect app for you.

This app has a decent number of designs to choose from, and you can adjust the font, color, and pattern of the tattoo-making methods. Not just this, you4 can make your tattoo designs to bring the artist in you out. Try this today and get the painless tattoos of your choice


This app is really fun to use. It cares for its users, and it understands the importance of having decent knowledge about tattoos these days. The results are very realistic, and you will be amazed at the results.


If you are looking for tattoos in a wide variety, you may be slightly disappointed with this app because this app has only a limited variety of tattoos to pick from. The number of tattoos is numerous, but the type is 4less.

#4. Tattoo Design and Name ink Tattoo

Download – Android

This app can help you fulfill your dream of getting the perfect tattoo on your body. Tattoo design and name ink tattoo help the users in getting the creative artist in them to come out.

The designs of various tattoos in this app are classified into various headings such as butterfly, flower, dragon, etc. for the ease of the users.

The app is straightforward to use as the user interface is really amazing and beginner friendly. There are a lot of creative and artistic designs for making tattoos in this app. Hence, you will never get bored of the same pattern for tattoos.


This app is straightforward to use. The tattoo designs that it includes are 44very trendy and they match the current market trends 4in the tattoo 4designing


The app hangs sometimes, and it becomes very tough to undo the work once done. This can be a challenging task to deal with!

#5. Tattoo My Photo

Download – Android

Tattoo my photo is a mind-blowing tattoo designing app that is free to use. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. You don’t have to pay a single buck to use this app.

You have to either click or update a photo of yourself from your gallery and just let the app do its work. In this app, you can pick any of the designs freely available in the app’s stock, and you can further customize them.

You can select the tattoo’s font, style, and color, giving you a realistic image of the tattoo before you can get it done. You can either go for a plain design or pick a name to be used as a tattoo on the image.


This app runs smoothly, and there are numerous tattoo designs available in-app. There are so many options to pick from, and you can modify the selected configuration by adjusting how your tattoo looks.


Most of the users are unable when they try to open the gallery. Without opening the gallery, it is entirely useless to use this app.

#6. Ink Inc.

Download – Android

Ink Inc. makes it possible to get unique tattoo designs without feeling any pain! You can try as many methods as you want at the click of your fingers.

This app has unlimited tattoo designs that look so real on your image that no one can tell that the image is edited. You can easily adjust the size of the tattoo and fit it nicely on any part of your body.

The tattoo blends very smoothly with the skin type that you have on your image.


This is one of the best apps for tattoo designing. This app gives out realistic results, and it is a great way to pass some time and get a great experience making tattoo designs


This app has a severe issue with ads. Many ads pop up while using the app, which cannot be very pleasant to you because of this one reason.

#7. AR Tattoo

Download – Android

AR tattoo is also one of the excellent tattoo design apps with plenty of tattoo designs in its stock. Not just this, it constantly uploads new designs to its gallery, so its users don’t get bored of the limited old designs.

Its regular gallery update also ensures that the latest tattoo trends of the market are not left unseen by its users. The best feature of this app is that it provides tattoo designs in an augmented reality (AR) format.

All AR tattoo’s all designs look supernatural, and if you share the resulting photo with anyone, they will not be able to differentiate between the real and the fake tattoo.


This app is undoubtedly one of its kind. The designs never fail to impress the users, and the augmented reality shows a next-level performance. You will enjoy it while using this app.


There are some bugging issues in the app. The app hangs and freezes at times. It also logs out the users without any prior warning, which can lead to irritation amongst the users.

#8. Tato

Download – Android

Tato is another excellent tattoo designing app primarily created to give tattoo design ideas to men and boys. However, it is not a precondition to using this app.

Even women, girls, and kids can easily use this app. This app has plenty of tattoo designs to pick from, and all the designs 44are carefully chosen per the market’s current trends.

Tato ensures that your tattoos don’t go out of style from the trend market. There are wide varieties of tattoos in this app, 44and every design of small to big-sized tattoos 4is included.

Its tattoos get easily adjusted according to the skin type on the image that you provide. The best part of this app is that its designs look 100% natural.


This app is straightforward to use, and any user will quickly understand the format of the app and will enjoy using it. The designs are stunning and trendy as well, and there are thousands of designs to decide from.


Sometimes, the app logs out the users suddenly, and the user faces unwanted trouble. The current issue is under repair and it may take some time to get fixed.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here, we come to the end of this article. We are sure that all your trouble and second thoughts about getting the perfect tattoo design apps would have gone by now.

These apps are straightforward to use and give a great idea about what kind of tattoo will suit you. Using these apps, your dilemma of getting the perfect tattoo in one go without wasting time will be sorted out.

On the one hand, some apps already have a lovely gallery of existing designs for tattoos; on the other hand, some apps even give you an option to design your own tattoos.

You would not have to think repeatedly before getting a real tattoo. All these tattoo design apps are the best in their category, and we have hand-picked only the finest ones for you.

You can go through all of them one by one and decide which one is the best for you. We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and we would love to see you again!

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