9 Best Tips to Keep Your Office Secure in 2022

Keeping your office safe is one thing that can be a very daunting task given the threats of theft and other collateral damage in the current day and age. It also means that if you manage to handle the security of your office, it goes a long way in avoiding many factors which may lead to the failure of a company. So, it’s necessary to have Tips to Keep Your Office Secure.

According to a recent survey, about 67% of IT and data specialists are not confident about the security of their office, about one-fourth confessed to having suffered a break-in, and almost everyone (more than 90%) had reported adverse business losses due to lack of security in the office.

Therefore, securing your office campus is a task of primary importance and should be given at most priority. Here are the 9 best tips to keep your office secure:

1. Lock all the important data

This sounds like a very basic Tips to Keep Your Office Secure to do, but it is one thing that often slips out of our minds when we leave the desk for some short breaks like a coffee break or a lunch break and leave the desk unattended without locking the drawers. 

Most office break-ins happen during such short breaks when nobody feels the need to lock their drawers for such a short period. This is a habit that people need to develop, which can save lots of important data with just a little bit of awareness and presence of mind.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Lock all the important data

2. ID cards and badges

Introducing ID cards and badges can simplify the task of identifying which person you’re dealing with. Having an employee wear an ID will also improve the efficiency of signing in and out of the office and thus will prevent any unauthorized access. Having different colored badges for visitors will also help in the identification of a particular visitor easily.

One of the other benefits of having IDs is that employees wearing ID-cards tend to perform their duties better than as usual and it also gives them a sense of belonging which enables them to be more loyal and therefore an internal fraud can be avoided to some extent.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
ID cards and badges

3. CCTV coverage to Keep Your Office Secure

Having the entire office perimeter under camera control is probably the best possible method to keep the office secure. They act as a constant eye-watch and with the advancements in current technology; they can be programmed to trigger an alarm as soon as something goes wrong.

The footage is always stored in the database and can be revisited if something suspicious seems to be happening over some time. One thing to ensure while establishing a CCTV system is to not miss out on less obvious areas like corridors outside the main office, back alleys, some areas in the parking lot.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
CCTV coverage

4. Alarm system

Along with the alarm integrated with the CCTV, it is also very important to have an alarm system that can perform functions other than detecting threats in a video.

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One major bonus of having an independent alarm is that if a person manually finds something wrong, he can easily inform others in the office. Although being one of the most ancient safety measures in modern technology, it is still close to the top when it comes to secure tools to protect an area.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Alarm system

5. Multiple levels of security for sensitive information

Most offices these days have varying levels of security, each protected by numerous passwords in the form of alphanumeric or chip. If the information is too sensitive, ensure only the most important and trusted people can access it, i.e., only those people must know all the passwords which lead to that information.

Limit most of the external access to the most basic data and try to avoid anyone getting anywhere close to the sensitive information by keeping the passwords secret. Make it a company policy to keep all the information secure with passwords, and sharing of the passwords should be strictly prohibited.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Multiple levels of security for sensitive information

6. Label all the equipment

Attach labels to all the equipment in the office. The labels should ideally contain the logo of the company and a unique number assigned to that entity so that it becomes easy to keep track of all the equipment in the office.

This will also help to block the particular device (if applicable) in case it goes missing. If possible, install trackers in each laptop to track them in case of theft.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Label all the equipment

7. Invest in a highly advanced safe to Keep Your Office Secure

One of the most important security tools is fire-proof, bullet-proof security rated safe. Important documents, excess cash, and company artifacts must always be preserved inside of it. The handling of safe also becomes essential.

The number of people knowing the combinations to the safe should be the absolute bare minimum, and all of them should be very trustworthy. Before purchasing and installing the safe, make sure it complies with your insurance company’s standards to ensure the quality of the safe.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Invest in a highly advanced safe

8. Quality Personnel Training

It is very important to ensure that all the people working in the office know how to use and handle the various security tools discussed previously. At least people must be able to read data from that particular device like CCTV footage.

If the people working in the office do not know how to operate the security tools, then there is no point in having them in the first place. Therefore, every time a new security update is done, a thorough briefing should give to every employee, which must include information handling, securing the perimeter, and behavior in case of a breach.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Quality personnel training

9. Emergency plan to Keep Your Office Secure

Despite our best efforts, there could be a chance of a break-in even in the most secure places, and hence there must be the well-plan, and clear cut roles must assign to everybody on what they have to do in case of an emergency which will help save valuable time during a break-in.

The most important points to consider during a break-in are emergency protocols for securing important assets, contacting the office security provider, or even the police if necessary and ensuring the safety of every person present on the campus at that point in time.

Tips to Keep Your Office Secure
Emergency plan

Eleggible’s Final Words

Keeping Your Office Secure should be of at most priority for a company, and the men in charge should ensure that the individuals working there do not feel any discomfort or lack of trust among each other.

Also, the confidentiality of the company, as well as employee information, should maintain strictly and that helps in building trust among the people working there. Clients will not hesitate to operate with the company. So those were the nine best Tips to Keep Your Office Secure from most types of threats.

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