10 Best Tips to Spy on Someone’s Android Phone (2022)

Are you looking for the best way to spy on someone’s Android phone? In this post, we’ll share the best ten tips that you can explore to spy your target phone. Do you have a cheating spouse? Do you want to monitor your child’s online activities?

This post is for you. The best part is you won’t get caught. This is because it will be impossible for your target to know that you’re spying their device. Don’t give up on your parental role or your right as a spouse. You can keep a tab on your loved ones.

Top 10 Ways to Spy on Someone’s Android Phone in 2022

Let’s check them out!

1. Spyzie: Best Mobile Spy Apps in the Market

First on our list is the Spyzie spy app. Spyzie has been developed with cutting-edge technology that makes spying a seamless activity. It works with Android OS4 and higher, and it gives full access to a target device. 

Tips to Spy Android

When you activate the software on your target device, it starts transmitting data to your dashboard from the Android phone. It comes with a plethora of advanced spying features that make it one of the leaders in the mobile spyware in the market.

These include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, and so more. You’ll be able to view all activities on these platforms, including private chats, posts, sent and received photos, and videos. Check out here to spy on someone’s Android phone.

How to use Spyzie to Spy on someone’s Android Phone

To use Spyzie to spy an Android, you must install an app. This is a less than 3MB spyware that is virus-free. It is safe and doesn’t affect the smooth running of your target device. Note that it’s a must to install a spy app on an Android to spy on it.

Any spyware that claims to offer spying features without installing an app is a fake. Therefore, don’t fall for the scam. One great thing about Spyzie is that you don’t need to root the target device. All you need is to install the app, and you can start spying the phone remotely.

Tips to Spy Android
Use Spyzie to Spy

2. Spyier: The Stealth Agent of All Times

If you’re worried that your spouse is cheating on you, check out the relief that Spyier brings. Spyier is reputable spyware that gives you direct access to the mobile activities of your spouse. Thanks to its numerous features, you can view everything your spouse does on their phone.

Spyier comes with expansive features, including Keylogger that lets you view keystrokes used on the device. With this app, you can see the details of your target’s call logs, text messages, and multimedia files.

If you want to see their posts, private chats, and exchanged media on social media, Spyier will give you access. You can view your target’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat activities remotely and without getting caught.

Tips to Spy Android

3. Spyic: The Reputable Android Spyware Solution

Spyic is another reliable software designed to spy on someone’s Android phone remotely. It uses advanced technology to give you a complete view of your target phone without getting detected. You don’t need to root your target Android to use this app to spy on it.

With Spyic, you can view your target’s text messages, call logs, social media accounts, website history, and GPS location. It also has the keylogging feature, which lets you see all key presses on the target device. You don’t need any experience to use Spyic for Android devices.

Tips to Spy Android

4. Spyine: The Private Detective You Can Trust

Spyine is another reliable spyware that you can trust. When you need to keep a tab on someone, you can trust Spyine to do the job well. It’s the perfect secret detective that lets you view the mobile activities of a device. You can see both their online and offline activities.

These include their call logs, web browser history, installed apps, and text messages, including deleted and draft letters. You can access your Spyine dashboard through any web browser on any device. This means you don’t need to install an app on your device.

Tips to Spy Android

5. Minspy: The All-inclusive Spyware

When you need to protect your child from online danger, Minspy is the enabler of choice. This app works in stealth mode and gives you the data you need to know about your child’s online activities. It lets you see their social media activities on Facebook, Instagram, and others.

It also allows you to see the contacts they’re talking about and chatting with through phone calls and text messages. Minspy also gives you access to your target Android’s web browser history, GPS location, events and calendars, and more.

Tips to Spy Android

6. Neatspy: The Reliable Spy App for Android

Neatspy is another leading spyware for Android and iOS. Like other spy apps for Android, you have to install an app on your target device to make it functional. It doesn’t drain a phone’s battery or interfere with the storage space. You also don’t have to worry about its safety.

Neatspy is one of the safest spyware out there. It doesn’t require that you root the target Android to access all its features. With the app, you can view everything your target does on their phone, both online and offline.


7. ClickFree: Exceptional Spy Tool

Irrespective of your tech experience, ClickFree will work for you. It works on Android OS 4 and higher, and it’s also compatible with iOS devices. ClickFree is a well-respected spy app that lets you monitor the phone activities of your target device.

When installed on Android, you can view the real-time location of the target as well as the location history. You can also see their call logs, web browser history, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.


8. FoneMonitor: Feature-Rich Spy App for Android

FoneMonitor has all the features you need for your spying experience. The app works with the latest Android, and you can trust it to be discreet. It doesn’t require that you root the target device and it’s highly effective.

With FoneMonitor, you can explore a variety of spying features. This means when installed on your target device, you can spy the text messages, call logs, and GPS location tracking. That’s not all! It also gives complete access to all installed apps on the device.


9. TeenSafe: The Discreet Spy App

If you have a teenager, you’ll agree that it’s easy for them to get into trouble. TeenSafe is a discreet spy app that you can use to monitor your phone activities. With this app, you can see their online connections. You’ll see who they share posts and pictures with, among others.

Tips to Spy Android

10. CocoSpy

Cocospy is another cool spy app with a variety of features. It comes in three different subscription plans: basic, pro, and business. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but you can be sure to get your money’s worth. It has an excellent user interface that makes spying fun.

CocoSpy lets you view your target’s online and offline activities remotely. The only downside to this app is that it requires that you root the target Android device.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are the ten best spy apps to help you spy on someone’s Android phone. Whether it’s your child, spouse, or employee, any of these spy apps will work correctly. If you want to go for the best of the best, we’ll recommend Spyzie.

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