How to Transcribe an Interview Easily [Step by Step]

Transcribing an interview after recording it, is the most time-consuming and exhaustive task. Accurate transcription involves careful listening, sharp editing skills, and a lot of patience. A perfect and precise transcription requires much time and efficiency.

To get the most out of an interview that you have conducted, you need to have a written version of it. In this article, you will know how to transcribe an interview.

Manual Transcription

Manual transcription requires you to go through the entire transcription process all by yourself. Playback the audio file, listen to it carefully and then convert the audio to text. Each hour of audio will need around four hours of transcription time.

Manual transcription is carried out mostly when the audio quality is not up to the mark for transcription software to work correctly. 

Manual transcription
Manual transcription

Following Steps Include:-

Step 1: At the very beginning of manual transcription, select your transcription style. There are two styles of transcription – Verbatim and Non-Verbatim Transcription.

Verbatim transcription means that you convert what you hear in its exact form. This is difficult as it needs a strong focus and remarkable attention to detail. In the case of Non-Verbatim transcription, you have the liberty to exclude fillers, irrelevant expressions, etc. in the converted text format.

Step 2: Have a playback method that lets you easily control and cue the audio as per your requirements. Playback the audio file from time to time as you continue to listen and write.

Step 3: Make frequent pauses to ensure that you have not missed out on any portion of the audio. Rewind and listen to dark areas of the audio until you understand every word spoken.

Step 4: As you transcribe, select a tag for each speaker. For the first time, write the full name or title of each speaker and then make subsequent references.

Step 5: If you are not sure about a spoken word, write “unintelligible” within brackets, and continue writing. Also, if you are writing a story that you are not fully confident about, it is recommended that you place them in brackets.

Step 6: After you are done with a rough draft of the transcription, begin editing it. Ensure that your transcription is easily understandable. Remove all confusing elements from your text to enhance its readability.

Step 7: Finally, review the entire transcription. Playback the audio file and read the transcribed text along with it. If you come across any error, pause the playback and rectify it. Format the transcription and continue editing and proofreading until the book is entirely error-free.

Automatic Transcription Using Audext

Several automatic transcription software packages are available to ease your transcription process. By using them, you can get an audio file transcribed in the minimum time without much hassle. Most of the transcription software packages can help you convert English speech to text accurately.

For the software to work correctly, the audio quality needs to be good. You can easily hire a professional service and receive transcriptions in exchange for a nominal fee.

Transcribe an interview
Automatic Transcription Using Audext

Equipped with advanced AI technology, Audext provides the most accurate and superior quality transcription services. Before converting audio to text, Audext recognizes different voices in the audio file, identifies the presence of extra noises, and begins the transcription process.

Audext offers different pricing options to suit your various transcription needs. The charges of the transcriptions depend on the length of the audio files. A smart and economical solution like Audext audio transcription, also provides a free 30-minutes transcription session for beginners.

Audext is compatible with most mobile internet browsers. Just upload your audio files and get them transcribed on the go!

How to Transcribe An Interview Using Audext?

With Audext you can convert different formats of audio files and receive professional transcriptions in a few minutes. Audext supports the most popular and standard formats, including MP3 and WAV. The best feature of this software is that there is no maximum limit of the size of the audio file that you want to upload.

 Audext converts both audio and video files to text. In the case of video files, you need to extract the audio clip from the video interview you are working on. The uploaded audio recording will be analyzed by AI-based smart technology.

It will determine the words spoken second-by-second, convert each word, and save the transcription. Once done, a collection of the stories understood by the machine will be returned to you.

 Follow these steps to convert audio to text using Audext:

Step 1: Sign up or log in to your Audext account. Go to your dashboard.

Sign up or log in

Step 2: Upload the audio or video recording that is to be transcribed.

Transcribe An Interview
Upload the audio or video

Step 3: Send the audio stream to the cloud editor.

Transcribe An Interview
Audio stream to the cloud editor

Step 4: You will see the transcript will upload.On completion of the transcription, go to your dashboard and access it.

Step 5: Review, edit, and format the transcribed text using Audext tools.Export the final file in your preferred format.

Transcribe An Interview
Edit in the tool

Use Cases

The life of an active journalist revolves around breaking news, press conferences, interview, etc. For them, Audext is a must-have. By using voice recognition technology, journalists can get all their audio files transcribed anywhere, everywhere!

Podcasters can use Audext and observe a gradual rise in the SEO of their blogs. The simple and easily operable Audext interface will let them receive quick and accurate transcriptions.

It is difficult for students and researchers to pay attention to classes while struggling to jot down every word uttered by their professors. Aedext is the most comfortable option for them to convert lecture speeches into texts. Aedext has reached the business sector too, where entrepreneurs can use it to transcribe and save business meetings.

It is also helpful for medical experts to create relevant medical records and documents. While interviewing their patients, psychologists can record their speeches and get them transcribe using Aedext. In this way, they can go back to the text repeatedly and interpret them.

People are facing difficulties while writing can record voice memos in their phones and transfer them to laptops. They can easily upload and get their audio files transcribe in no time.

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