10 Best Free Transcription Software for Mac [2024]

This article is a fortune of facts, findings, and resources on various leading transcription software for Mac. As the article proceeds, the topic of transcription and its needs will be self-explained.

This article will also enlighten you with the ways of transcription and what all companies have to offer you. The companies mentioned below are some recommended ventures with great skill sets and expertise in their fields.

Transcription is the process of converting media files into readable and editable text formats. The media files to transcribe can consist of podcasts, video captions, recorded lectures, academic research, zoom meetings, or whatever.

Transcription allows you to dive into the details of the content without missing essential information. It also opens your content up to a broader audience.

Transcription helps in cleaning and filtering the content written/spoken. It puts qualitative data into a written form while doing research. It helps generate video subtitles which work as a boon for English-learning viewers who try to learn a language by watching videos. Transcription helps find relatable content like a video/audio file using its transcript.

A computer cannot match two videos by watching the videos, thus using the transcripts of the videos to compare and find similar data. It advantages journalists and other note-taking jobs. Thus, eradicating the need to copy notes while listening, which enhances productivity.

The companies using their software make the job of transcription less chaotic. Softwares offers to generate AI-based machine-generated transcripts with the least turnaround time. They also provide human transcription services for the best precision. Some software not giving the option of auto transcription extends the use of software to transcribe the files.

Best Automatic Audio Transcription Software & Tools for Mac [2024]

Speech-to-text API is a type of technology that uses voice-activated assistants. This technology enables enhanced interactions and involvement at mass among consumers and networks. It integrates spoken technology, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML). This unified platform can design and construct apps for various industries.

During the projected period, the worldwide Speech-to-text API market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 19.2 percent, from USD 2.2 billion in 2021 to USD 5.4 billion in 2026. During COVID-19, the increasing demand for speech-based devices, the advent of smartphones, and the growing preference for voice authentication in digital banking will drive the market’s growth.

#1. Descript. (Recommended)

Transcription Software for Mac

Descript is an AI-powered Mac transcription software. It is an all-in-one editing and transcription platform. It allows users to generate transcriptions, screen records, and edit videos and podcasts.

The software is famous for delivering content in a versatile doc form. It promises its customers great accuracy. The software uses Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Speech. This allows users to work collaboratively.

Descript comes with four-tier pricing with a 20% discount on annual plans. The month’s tariff system is as follows:

Free Plan – It offers unlimited screen recording and 3 hours of transcription for its free users.

Creator Plan @ 15$ – It includes all free plan features and 10 hours of transcription. It also gives away the watermark-free transcription feature.

Pro Plan @ 30$ – It consists of all Creator plan features and 30 hours of transcription. This plan also offers unlimited overdub and other attributes.

Enterprise plan @ custom rates for companies – This plan includes all pro plan features. It also offers dedicated account reps with onboarding and training facilities.

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#2. Express Scribe.

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a free professional tool for transcriptional services. It allows fast transcription by offering a text editor window. This software doesn’t transcribe the files for you. Instead, it provides a user-friendly interface to edit the files yourself.

The app runs immaculately with MS Word. It also allows USB foot pedals. It runs finely with Windows and Macintosh, bracing many media file formats. At the same time, it holds a reputation for quick transcription.

The software also offers paid plans for professional transcription. Such transcription is helpful for video, medical, and legal transcription.

The basic plan is free of cost. Yet, there are two paid plans with lifetime validity.

  1. Express Scribe Professional Plan @ 80$(29.99$ after discount).
  2. Express Scribe Pro Plan @ 70$(24.99$ after discount).

It also offers other paid bundled software like Express Dictate and Express Invoice. These add-ons work as a cherry on top of the cake.

#3. Rev.AI.

Rev AI is an American-based company that uses AI and machine learning for audio transcription services. It provides services like closed captioning and transcription of visual and audio files.

It also ensures accuracy with instances of background noises, variable accents, and many audio sources. Transcribing through Rev starts with uploading the audio or video file on the website of Rev.

A professional will respond and do the work for you with the most accuracy. Also, the company offers an automated transcription service. It works on speech recognition. No human participation takes place in this process. This service results in delivering the output result in a few minutes.

The pricing structure for the Rev AI services is as follows.

Human Transcription – 1.50$/min. This plan offers human transcriptional services in this plan.

Machine-Generated Transcriptions – 0.025$/min. The company offers AI-based services to transcribe the files in this plan.

While some paid add-on services like Rush and Verbatim are $1.25/min and $0.5/min, respectively.

#4. Podcastle.

Podcastle is a one-stop shop for audio creation that allows users to record and edit audio, video, and edit your audio with a wide range of AI-powered tools. The platform also has transcription and text-to-speech features. The latter includes a built-in filler-word removal tool.

With Podcastle Pro, users can get AI-generated transcriptions of their audio recordings fairly easily. Their Pro plan also allows you to create automatic summaries of your transcripts. Transcription services are available in French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Podcastle offers four plans. The monthly pricing is as follows:

Free Plan – It includes 1 hour of transcription plus limited use of Podcastle’s advanced tools.

Storyteller Plan @ $14.99 – Users get 10 hours of transcription and unlimited use of Podcastle’s audio editing tools as well as the sound library.

Pro Plan @ $29.99 – With Podcastle Pro there are 25 hours of transcription, everything in the Storyteller Plan, filler word detection and removal, automatic episode summaries, and exclusive access to the Revoice tool which clones your voice for converting text into speech.

Team Plan @ custom rates for companies – This plan includes all Pro plan features. It also offers multiple user accounts, 24/7 support, and a dedicated customer success manager.

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#5. Transcription Panda.

The Transcription Panda is a reliable transcription service founded in 2016. It started with the vision to provide high-quality transcripts with minor errors. It works without using speech-recognition services.

The brand maintains privacy for its consumers’ sensitive and confidential data. This attribute of the company is appreciated among users.

Transcription Panda offers two quality paid plans. The plans vary on the parameter of turnaround times. The plans are as follows: 

Rough Draft Transcription @ 0.79$ per audio minute. This service is devoid of timestamps, speaker labels, and translational services.

Final Draft Transcription – This service includes all the benefits not available in the rough draft transcription service. This plan has further three subcategories based on turnaround time.

  1. The software charges 0.95$ per audio minute for a five-day turnaround time.
  2. It charges 1.20$ per audio minute for a days turnaround time.
  3. It charges 2.40$ per audio minute for 24 hour turnaround time.

#6. Nuance.

Nuance is an American computer software company. The company offers various services, including Nuance Transcription Engine.

It promises to transcribe seminars and conference calls in 43 languages quickly. The company’s primary focus is high precision. It offers multi-speaker recognition; and timestamps additional attributes for distinguished speaker recognition. It comes with an intelligent fault correction feature. These features result in accurate data.

 This software focuses on transcribing office-dominated audio files and corporate-dominated transcriptions. This makes this software unique and gives it an edge over other transcribing apps for Mac.

To become more precise, It is one of the best medical transcription software for Mac available anywhere.

If you are not in the medical transcription field, your transcriptions will not be as accurate as medical transcriptions. This dependency on the area is one of the drawbacks of this software.

The pricing structure of the software is quite simple. Its price starts at $150, which is a one-time buy.

#7. Transcriva.


Transcriva is the best free transcription software for Mac that is well suited for Mac. It offers transcriptional services for almost every media file. It includes interviews, movies, lectures, speeches, and even YouTube videos. 

The software provides a better user interface to its users for easy transcription. It also supports USB-detachable foot pedals.

The software offers a follow-along to check for the most accurate results, thus reducing errors. For a better transcription experience, it also supports many audio sources and full keyboard support. The downside that this software faces is the lack of speech recognition features. 

The mutual users of Transcriva and Express Scribe recommend Transcriva over Express Scribe.

It is a professional yet simple tool for beginners. It offers elite compatibility and excellent recording options. 

Transcriva extends its free services for a limited time, after which it costs 29.99$ to buy the license.

#8. InqScribe.


InqScribe is a free digital media transcription software for Mac and Windows. The software allows users to transcribe recorded lectures and essential conference calls. 

It offers a user-friendly editorial environment with foot pedal access and playback options. Its interface is simple and easy to use. It is helpful for people inclined toward research, journalism, note-making, and subtitle generation.

It also allows you to add timestamps at moments of speaker change. This makes the transcript more effective. 

The software lets the user feed the input files in various file formats.

The software has a straightforward pricing plan. It offers a 14-day trial package to all its new users. To keep using the services further, it provides a one-time license code at $99.

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#9. Transcribe Wreally.

Transcribe is an AI-aided transcription software. It holds its reputation for maintaining the confidentiality of its customers. The company allows transcription for various purposes. It includes recorded lectures, phone calls, conference meetings, talk recordings, and interviews. 

Transcribe allows machine-generated transcriptions. Yet, it also allows you to edit the transcripts using the software manually. The software has an efficient audio-playing interface with foot-pedal integration. 

It guarantees a turnaround time of 1 hour or less. This guarantee of less turnaround time gives the software an edge over others.

Transcribe has two paid plans for its customers.

Self-transcription @ 20$ annually – This plan comes with an integrated editor and media player. Workflow tools such as foot pedal integration and playback loops enhance productivity.

Automatic Transcription – @ 20$ annually + 6$ per hour of audio. This plan comes with AI-generated transcriptions with the best accuracy. This plan also consists of all the features of the above plan.

#10. oTranscribe.

oTranscribe is an entirely free Open source web app. At its start, it has a solid vision to make the job of manual transcription a bit easy and less chaotic. It doesn’t transcribe the files for users. Instead, it allows its users to transcribe the files themselves.  

People find it easy to transcribe files by themselves using its software. The software helps with attributes like pause, rewind, fast forward, and auto-save features. It also allows you to add timestamps to the transcript, distinguishing various speakers.

This software is safe and easy for rookie transcriptionists or even college undergrads. It upholds its reputation for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of its consumers. This is so that the file and transcripts never leave their computer.

 As we move down to its pricing, the web app is free for use as it is an open-source project under MIT. It is an app loved by all.

What is a Good Hourly Rate for Transcription? 

Some software charges according to minutes of transcription. Some costs using monthly and annual plans. Yet, Professional transcriptionists averagely charge between $1.5 and $3 every audio minute or $90 and $180 per audio hour which is considered a good hourly rate. If the project to transcribe has unique requirements, the company may charge an extra fee. Such requirements can be a short turnaround time, high precision, or machine-generated captions.

How to Choose the Best Transcription Software 

The market is brimming with transcription software for Mac, which can make choosing one of them confusing. While some are free to use, others have an excellent interface. To clarify the confusion, here are some attributes one can check to select the best one for them.

#1. Accuracy

The best software has an accuracy of 90%. That said, accuracy depends on software and audio quality. It also depends on background noises, speaker number, and microphone quality. Some software offers high precision using human transcription and AI-based checking software.

#2. Processing Time

The turnaround time will vary depending on the transcribing software for Mac. It also depends on the length of the recording. An hour-long recorded audio input or a live meeting, on average, takes roughly half an hour to transcribe using AI-based automatic transcriptions for Mac. It’s worth noting that if a provider promises a 24-hour turnaround, it’s almost always a human transcribing service.

#3. Usability

Easy accessibility is something one should consider while manually transcribing the files. For the best experience, one should select the transcription software for Mac that gives one a smooth user experience with additional attributes to make your work easy.

It should have a user interface (UI) that is simple to use, even for beginners. There are some attributes that the software generally offers. These attributes are playback options, supporting USB pedals, and timestamp addition features.

#4. Data Privacy & Security

Take a bit of time to review the security measures of the software firm. Policies employed to protect the confidentiality of its customers must stand true. In cases of private business meetings and confidential conference calls to transcribe, the software firm must act to respect the privacy of its customers.

#5. Pricing

Voice recognition is time-consuming and requires many server resources to run. As a result, the finest transcribing tool is generally available on online websites. The process of AI transcribing software necessitates the use of costly server resources. As a result, most transcribing software charges by the hour or has an upper threshold of most free hours.

#6. Customer Review Policy

What makes a brand successful is the customer review system that the company adopts after the sale. To strengthen its roots deep in the market, a company must have solid bilateral bonds with its customers. Generally, companies adopt these with the help of quick customer care teams.

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Eleggible’s Final Words

We honestly aspire that this article proves enough, as promised before, to help you out in clearing your doubts. After much research and findings, we have tried to enhance this article with the tiniest details possible. We poured our hearts out to showcase the options for the best transcription software for Mac for your next project.

This software offers a great set of features for transcribing files. Some of the software offers you an opportunity to transcribe the files, while some of the software does it for you. You can filter out the best deal for yourself by surfing through their websites and other attributes. We have enlisted all the crucial and appropriate information about the software.

The article has a separate part dedicated to comparing the software. The piece also musters the vital parameters to choose the best software for you. The software mentioned above has carved its name onto list boards and has expertise in the field. With millions of users worldwide, companies have excellent knowledge of requirements.

Those requirements are according to technological advancements. Thus, we’ve compiled the best of the best for you in this article!

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