5 Useful Applications For Students to Try (2022)

We all purchase the latest smartphones with powerful hardware and never make the most of them. It’s particularly true for students who purchase expensive devices and completely forget that they can use them for something besides scrolling the newsfeed on social media. But nowadays, a smartphone is a powerful studying tool.

Despite the controversial opinions of certain experts, the use of technologies in studying has more benefits than drawbacks. We understand that it’s easy to get lost in plenty of educational apps, so we decided to identify the five best applications each student must download and try. 

You may be a successful student, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use apps. The majority of learners just don’t think about the numerous opportunities to make their lives easier. If school and college students have difficulties with writing papers, they’d better find an essay writing service and order the paper there.

But it’s not the only way to make a student’s life easier. We understand that you entered the college not without reason, but the motivation to study can run out, and it’s okay. Install the following apps, and you’ll notice how your life changes.

1. Sleep Cycle

You didn’t expect to see this app here, and it’s not surprising because those who create similar compilations rarely focus on students’ health. We don’t want to follow their lead because we understand that the health condition of the person has a big influence on the learning abilities and the level of productivity.

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm any person needs to install to see how much time they sleep and wake up full of the desire and energy to conquer new heights. If you have difficulties with waking up early in the morning and it prevents you from being productive in classes. Moreover, it’s a perfect app for those who oversleep classes because it’s not so easy to turn this alarm off.

2. Google Drive

No matter where and what you study, you certainly have lots of textbooks, notes, and other educational material. Phone and computer memory may not be enough to store all this data, so cloud storage is a perfect solution for this problem. Google Drive is available for all devices and operational systems. The good thing is that you can synchronize the uploaded materials through all devices and access them from your smartphone and computer.

Some people like using Google Drive because of the opportunity to find the necessary book or document faster than you find it on the smartphone. If you need to share a document with someone from your group, give this person access to the document.

3. GoConqr

This social learning platform has no alternatives. GoConqr is rather popular not only among students but also among teachers, tutors, and institutions. Here you can get access to the educational content uploaded by thousands of other users or create your own. GoConqr library is huge — it contains about 25 million resources.

Mind maps, flashcards, slides, quizzes, notes, and courses are available for all people who want to obtain new knowledge or master existing skills. If you don’t want to study the materials alone, invite your friends, form a group, and dive into the world of new knowledge. Unfortunately, you may use only a basic membership plan for free. To get access to all functions, you have to pay money. 

4. Evernote

It’s time to forget about spending all your free time taking notes by hand. There’s no point in wasting your precious time on it when it’s possible to take your smartphone or laptop, install Evernote and create convenient notes. Of course, you may think that it’s possible to write notes in an inbuilt notes app, but you probably haven’t tried Evernote if you think so.

This app has plenty of opportunities, such as adding photos and audio files to your notes, scanning written or printed documents, integrating with other apps you use, and also the way to find the necessary notes fast. 

5. The Circle of 6

Students completely forget about the risks of violence and other dangers that may await them. The Circle of 6 is a mobile app that is supposed to keep people connected. Life in college is always accompanied by visiting parties and staying there till late at night. And even if you’re living in a safe area, no one guarantees that it’s safe to go home alone.

The Circle of 6 lets users add 6 close friends and stay informed about the location of each one. In case someone needs help, he or she just opens the app and presses on a corresponding icon. The good thing is that the offender may not even understand what you’re doing. It can save your life. 

Our aim was to touch all spheres of students’ lives and choose apps that’ll help each student to get rid of the difficulties that may face him or her. Let it be the basic set of apps on students’ smartphones. If you’re preparing for the next term in college, consider installing these apps first.

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